Category: Culture

Category: Culture

The Life Of Tibetan Monks
May 6, 2022 Art, City, Culture, International Catherine zhang

Tibet is a holy land of Buddhism that attracted hundreds of tourists to travel to explore its profound Buddhist culture. In the past, the ratio was that 1 in 6 Tibetan men were Buddhist monks. Do you wanna know about the life-like of the mysterious Tibetan monks or have you ever imagined the inside picture

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The Best Cheap Food Around the World
December 16, 2021 City, Culture, Food, Hobbies & Leisure, International, Nature, Social Media, Travel, Trends Niraj Kumar

The first tip to having a great local dining experience is to embrace street food. On city streets and rural farm stands, you will find tasty and cheap food that you will remember for years. Here are some of the best places in the world to find cheap, authentic, delicious food! 1. Guatemala Visitors to

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Guitars for beginners: Affordable choices for your initial lessons
December 10, 2021 Art, City, Comics, Culture, Education, Entertainment, Hobbies & Leisure, International, Music Sarthi Lam

You must be buying for the very first time. Learning the guitar as well as trying to buy a good one, both put the users in this dilemma. It’s very much recommended that you buy a good guitar in the first place that would last longer and be worth the money. Whether you are going to buy with

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How to make money by Guest Posting?
February 3, 2021 Animal & Creatures, Art, Beauty, Blogs, Books, Business, City, Comics, Culture, Digital Marketing, Education, Electrical and Electronics, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Family & Community, Fashion, Finance, Food, Gaming, Health, History, Hobbies & Leisure, Home & Garden, Information Technology, International, Jobs & Education, Law & Government, Life, Medical, Movie, Music, Nature, Other, Politics, Programming, Real Estate, Relationship, Religious, Science, SEO, Shopping, Social Media, Spiritual, Sports, Startup, Technology, Travel, Trends Andrea Micheal

Guest posting is a great way to easily make money as a writer by writing online guest posts. Many people need talented writers who help them to write and publish guest posts on their blog site. There are many reasons people may need to post a guest for you. Some of them require traffic to

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Long-Distance Partner
January 29, 2021 Art, Beauty, Culture, Family & Community, Fashion, Life, Other, Trends Priya Saha

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I realized that it’s the first Valentine’s Day I have had with my boyfriend that we’re more than 6,000 miles apart. Despite the distance though, my mind has been reeling over what to get him, as one of my main love languages is gift-giving. So here are some ideas that I’ve

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DCeased Finally Reveals How a Justice League Powerhouse Got Infected
October 23, 2020 Art, Business, City, Culture, Entertainment, Environment, Family & Community, Fashion, Gaming, History, Hobbies & Leisure, Life, Movie, Music, Other, Relationship, Trends Priya Saha

DCeased: Hope at World’s End finally reveals how a powerhouse Justice League hero became a zombified Blighted One who ended up killing the Flash. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DCeased: Hope at World’s End #12 by Tom Taylor, Marcos Failla, Rex Lokus, and Saida Temonfonte, on sale now. In the first DCeased series, a zombified Martian Manhunter came to

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Trends Covid-19 has brought on in the real estate industry
October 19, 2020 Art, Business, City, Culture, Digital Marketing, Education, Finance, International, Jobs & Education, Law & Government, Life, Other, Real Estate, Religious, Social Media, Startup, Trends Priya Saha

It is clear by now that Covid-19 pandemic has forever altered the way we live and work. Our offices, our homes, our outdoor spaces, every place has been impacted by the virus. Each and every sector of the economy, including the previously healthy realty sector, has been hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic. As new

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The digital highways to India’s post-Covid-19 economic recovery!
October 19, 2020 Business, City, Culture, Digital Marketing, Education, Environment, Finance, Health, International, Life, Medical, Nature, Other, Social Media, Trends Priya Saha

As COVID19 coursed through countries, governments responded with lockdowns and digital marketplaces thrived as interactions moved online. Globally, digital adoption has catapulted 5 years in merely 2 months (McKinsey). In India, retail, healthcare, digital payments (amongst others) are witnessing this change in consumption patterns.  Conversely, this unforeseen shift led to a communication gap between buyers

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Free Guide to Understanding the True Cost of Your Fine Art Collection
October 16, 2020 Art, Business, City, Culture, Digital Marketing, Education, Finance, Information Technology, International, Jobs & Education, Law & Government, Other, Trends Priya Saha

What you will find in the guide. Your investment in your art goes beyond the purchase price. In this short guide, you will get an overview of the various costs associated with maintaining the integrity of your precious art collection.   Appraisals & Insurance Appraisals should be obtained prior to making financial decisions related to the

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