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Category: Food

Insect Feeds Are High-Protein Meals For Animals
June 3, 2022 Food Krutika Bhoot

It is probably the source of panic if insects are spotted at home. However, in the wild, insects are natural parts of the poultry’s diet. Thus, commercial insect feed is the most sought-after feed in the agriculture industry. Currently, the agriculture industry is facing challenges in feeding the world’s ever-increasing populations and the issue of

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How Long It Takes to Bake Haddock at 400 Degrees
May 26, 2022 Food, International, Other Prasun Rai

Know about the Baked Haddock Recipe In the last few years, there’s been a steep incline in demand for processed seafood across the world, which in turn has given way to increasing production of haddock. Haddock certainly tops the list as one of the most consumed fish species in Ireland and the United Kingdom. According

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Benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut oil
February 28, 2022 Food Patankar_Farm_Products

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil Cold pressed groundnut oil is a vegetable oil derived from rich groundnuts, which is commonly used for cooking. Cold pressed oils, also known as cold-drawn oils, have a better flavour than refined oils in general. These nuts are crushed to extract oil from them. No heat is required in this process,

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World’s most delicious dishes you’ll want to try
December 16, 2021 City, Entertainment, Food, Hobbies & Leisure, Home & Garden, International, Other, Shopping, Trends Sarthi Lam

One of the best things about travel is being introduced to new delicious dishes. But when there are so many foods to try, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To make eating your way across the world a little easier, we’ve rounded up the 50 most delicious “must-eat” foods across the globe. 

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Most Famous Foods Around the World: Best National Dishes
December 16, 2021 Food, Hobbies & Leisure, Shopping, Travel, Trends Sarthi Lam

Although we may not be able to travel to every country in the world, especially these days, we can still experience different food cultures by tasting the most popular signature dishes and staple ingredients of each country. The popularity of food changes over the years: from fondue in the 1960s and quiche in the 1970s,

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The Best Cheap Food Around the World
December 16, 2021 City, Culture, Food, Hobbies & Leisure, International, Nature, Social Media, Travel, Trends Niraj Kumar

The first tip to having a great local dining experience is to embrace street food. On city streets and rural farm stands, you will find tasty and cheap food that you will remember for years. Here are some of the best places in the world to find cheap, authentic, delicious food! 1. Guatemala Visitors to

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Tips on Making Healthier Desserts for Your Diet
April 7, 2021 Food, Health, Life, Other Priya Saha

Did you know that the average person consumes over 70 grams, or about a third of a cup, of sugar per day? To put that into perspective, 70 grams of sugar is 2-3 times the recommended limit, depending on your age and gender. Most of us could stand to cut back on our consumption of added

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Few Tips For Picking Out New Kitchen Cabinets
April 1, 2021 Food, Home & Garden Ritika Ghost Content Writer

The kitchen is one of the most crucial places in a house as this is where food is prepared for the entire family. Hence, it is important to ensure that the kitchen is properly organized and high-functional. You must plan the kitchen design beforehand so that you can easily accommodate all the necessary kitchen appliances

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What is CBD Chocolate and Why You Need It
February 24, 2021 Food, Life, Other Priya Saha

A substantial number of people prefer to eat chocolate as a quick snack due to its amazing taste. Now imagine how awesome it could be to eat a chocolate snack and get health benefits from it. Awesome right? Given that marijuana has been legalized in many parts of the US and beyond, you can now

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10 Best FoodDelivery App Development Companies in India
February 19, 2021 Business, Family & Community, Food, Information Technology, International, Programming, Technology Shibi

It doesn’t matter much to have a restaurant nowadays, but the restaurant owner’s top priority is still to connect with customers from nearby locations. Both, shopping online and ordering food, is now simple for consumers; every restaurant is keen on listing to retain customers and earn a better income for their restaurant. In the centre

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