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Category: Gaming

What are Multiplayer Games
July 17, 2022 Entertainment, Gaming, Sports Nida Nawaz

Sponsored Post WHAT ARE MULTIPLAYER GAMES Back in early industry when gaming was introduced to the world. There were only single player games and people were only socialized until  then. There was no concept of social networking. As the time passed and technology enhanced itself. Day-by-Day technology is getting upgraded. The games that are developed

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Kid’s, Be in Love with how you play games
January 23, 2022 Education, Gaming Kids Piano

Whenever someone ask kids about an activity they like to do the most, the majority of the answers with a long smile on their face is ‘Playing games’. Isn’t it? It’s because playing games is the only thing where a child does not need to use their mind, playing is the easiest activity for them.

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Is It Possible To Upgrade To A Pre-Built Gaming PC?
January 19, 2022 Gaming Gregdiantesmith

 There’s no denying that PC technology advances at a quicker speed than almost any other consumer sector. One of the numerous advantages of purchasing a Titan Tech IT pre-built gaming PC is that it may be upgraded. Most of our gaming PCs begin with a low-cost base configuration. Numerous components, including processors, motherboards, cases, graphics

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Best Fighter Plane Games for Android
December 30, 2021 City, Entertainment, Gaming, Trends funhivegames

Best Fighter Plane Games for Android Nowadays, games have taken on a new look, for example, console, touch, and VR games. These kinds of games have become a part of our lives. They fulfill our amusing desires in our free time. But in modern gaming, we see more than enough different categories of online games

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Watch live IPL 2022- Best Apps To Watch IPL 2022 LIVE On Mobile For Free
September 25, 2021 Finance, Gaming, Hobbies & Leisure, International, Shopping, Sports Sarthi Lam

After the unfortunate end to the first leg of the Indian Premier League(IPL) 2022, the second leg has started with equal action in UAE. The second leg of the IPL 14 will be played in UAE, and if you are living in UAE, you can enjoy the game by going to the stadium. If not,

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What is the market of skill-based real money games in India?
August 18, 2021 Gaming Dinesh Kumar

Skill-based real money games are a great way to win money. However, in years when thousands of gamers were winning money with these games, there were only a few in India. However, it is not the case anymore. Today the Indian market is well aware of the fun of online earning via skill-based games and

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How to Start Your Online Sports Business with a Well-known Online Sportsbook Software Provider?
August 5, 2021 Gaming, Sports, Startup, Technology Fantasy Sports Tech

The world is running behind technology and changes many industries to the next level. The sports industry is not an exception. Nowadays, people started playing games online. Everyone likes sports. If it is like earn money through playing sports and that will be a great one. Sportsbook software is one of the prominent billion-dollar industries

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How Do You Get Started With Unity for 2D?
August 2, 2021 Gaming, Technology Glownight Games

Jumping right into game design is sometimes the best way to get started. It’s thrilling to see your own work come to life on the screen, and that creative zeal is the best fuel for getting started in game design. Unity is one of the most widely used free game engines. It also has a

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