Category: Information Technology

Category: Information Technology

Top Appointment Booking Apps Doctors Can Use in Healthcare Settings
June 23, 2022 Health, Information Technology, International, Medical, Technology, Trends Ritika Ghost Content Writer

The healthcare sector has always been challenging for doctors and IT developers, who keep working on developing the healthcare sector with their innovative ideas. The last 5 years have been very difficult for healthcare professionals. Including covid-19 year, which has become the root of healthcare problems.  This was a huge problem for doctors as well

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Sales Strategies To Increase Sales
April 20, 2022 Blogs, Business, City, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Information Technology Sarthi Lam

Whether that’s a service, a product, or a piece of valuable information — everyone has something they can sell. But the only way a business succeeds is by earning customers and growing sales from that service, product, or information. You can’t just hope someone will stumble upon your product and purchase it, though. An increase

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The Role of New AI in Typing Services for Businesses
April 18, 2022 Business, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Programming Sarthi Lam

AI or Artificial Intelligence is in the limelight. Its presence has made our life easier. Most businesses are drawing benefits from embracing this incredible technology. Why? It’s really hard to imagine a life without navigation apps when you’re traveling. Your going becomes way easier with ride-share apps, which have this amazing technology backing them unprecedentedly.

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How can nursing homes implement a telemedicine program to help seniors receive care at any time?
April 14, 2022 Health, Information Technology, International, Medical Parth Patel

How Can Nursing Homes Implement a Telemedicine Program to Help Seniors Receive Care at Any Time?  Telemedicine is a radical e-health tool, in today’s COVID-19 self-distancing this technology has eased life out from the pandemic challenges. The remote provision of medical treatment and medical expertise has made telemedicine a most acceptable tool. Advanced technology in

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Marketing trends to implement for a successful business
April 8, 2022 Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, International, Technology Aman Jain

The new advances in artificial intelligence and the rapid improvements in technology are prime examples of the revs with which game-changing AI tech is reshaping the business landscape. AI’s influence on business decisions has grown to the point that construing data in order to retrieve crucial input has been extremely valuable to small and large

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Key benefits of react js for front-end development
March 18, 2022 Information Technology, International, Programming, Technology Michael Smit

ReactJS is the most popular front-end JavaScript framework these days. It is used by developers to build beautiful, interactive, and user-friendly web and mobile applications. The way it makes your work easy to understand and debug is just amazing. The concepts of ReactJS have been derived from the React library which was developed by Jordan

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7 Incredible Benefits of Flutter For App Development You Might Not Realize
February 28, 2022 Information Technology, International, Programming Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Flutter is already known as one of the leading cross-platform frameworks for app projects. But there are still others with equal popularity and capabilities. Why should you choose Flutter among all these Android and iPhone app development frameworks? The decision to embrace technology is not easy considering that it can have a disastrous or blessing

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What Do You Need To Know About Cybersecurity and Their Types?
January 8, 2022 Information Technology, Other, Programming, Technology, Trends Maxwell

What do you need to know about cyber security? Cybersecurity has become a major concern for businesses around the globe. The threat from hackers and malicious software continues to increase. What should you know about cybersecurity? Cybersecurity refers to the protection of information systems against unauthorized access, destruction or modification. This includes protecting data, networks,

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