Category: Technology

Category: Technology

CRM Software Benefits That You Can’t Ignore In Small Business
September 7, 2022 Technology Prem Shanker

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a tool, strategy, or process that helps businesses to better organize and access customer data. The best CRM system is a platform that links your different departments, from marketing to sales, to customer service, and organizes their notes, their activities, and metrics into one unified system. It is a

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How to create your own NFT marketplace-indulge your way into the NFT space
September 7, 2022 Business, Finance, Technology Linda John

NFTs hold the key to the future that people around the globe are awaiting. This is the way you can make it to the top and give endless opportunities for them to survive. But, a marketplace of your own could do the trick in bringing people in large numbers. But, do you know how to

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Harnessing The Power of AI-Enabled Networks to Drive Productivity Efficiencies in Businesses
August 5, 2022 Technology Dhaval Rathod

Nowadays, the transformation in business networks is driving changes in business IT infrastructure and making enterprises more intelligent & digital. Indeed, the journey from on-premises data centers to distributed infrastructure while ensuring absolute optimization is quite challenging. However, the blessing of technologies like AI and ML has made it possible to drive cutting-edge innovation with

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5 Reasons Why You Should Include Closed Captioning in Virtual Events
August 5, 2022 International, Technology isaacmary

Virtual and remote team collaboration is going to grow as organizations look for better ways to work with their employees. Virtual meetings have become more popular, with video software like Zoom and other web conferencing services making it easy for people to communicate with others across the world. Today, there are also many companies that

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Things to Know Before Your Mobile App Development
July 30, 2022 Business, Programming, Technology ITBS

There are a wide variety of businesses, but we only know about the ones that are simple to find on our mobile devices. Why? because they use websites and applications to take their business global by making it available online. This is a fantastic strategy for reaching your target market and expanding the market for

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Top Appointment Booking Apps Doctors Can Use in Healthcare Settings
June 23, 2022 Health, Information Technology, International, Medical, Technology, Trends Ritika Ghost Content Writer

The healthcare sector has always been challenging for doctors and IT developers, who keep working on developing the healthcare sector with their innovative ideas. The last 5 years have been very difficult for healthcare professionals. Including covid-19 year, which has become the root of healthcare problems.  This was a huge problem for doctors as well

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Marketing trends to implement for a successful business
April 8, 2022 Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, International, Technology Aman Jain

The new advances in artificial intelligence and the rapid improvements in technology are prime examples of the revs with which game-changing AI tech is reshaping the business landscape. AI’s influence on business decisions has grown to the point that construing data in order to retrieve crucial input has been extremely valuable to small and large

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