Do Women need a Reason to Wear Makeup?

Do Women need a Reason to Wear Makeup?
June 9, 2022 1 Comment Art, Beauty, Fashion, Other, Trends Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Almost 50% of women in the world do not prefer to leave home without applying makeup. Many save the maquillage for special occasions, such as a night out or a daytime social event. There are also women who are completely satisfied with a bare face, or simply do not have the time for formalities. The application of makeup can take anywhere between a few minutes to several hours, depending upon how detailed or fancy you want it to be. Every woman has a unique personality, which implies that their purpose or reasons for wearing makeup are often poles apart.

Wearing Makeup is a Choice and a Privilege

There is nothing wrong in accentuating one’s physical features or covering up imperfections; men do it too. Beards, moustaches, and hair transplants do wonders for males, totally changing up their look. When a woman wears foundation or concealer to hide her skin blemishes, it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s up to a lady if she chooses to flaunt her freckles, or cover up acne that she considers unsightly. If a rosy tint to the cheeks or red tinge on the lips makes a woman feel beautiful, so be it. If she’s proud of her natural eyelashes and jawline, that’s equally awesome.

Many young men use more hair and skincare products than women, which is absolutely justified. Every human being has the right to look their best, regardless of gender and age. In ancient times, makeup and cosmetics were strictly made for women, but today you can find several varieties formulated particularly for men. The real question is: are you doing makeup for yourself?

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The Media Influence is Strong

The growing obsession with makeup can partially be blamed upon the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed by media. Nobody is born with perfectly symmetrical facial features, flawless skin, thick long lashes, or plump blood-red lips. The stunning faces we see on website catalogues and magazines are often heavily photo-shopped as well. The vast array of makeup products available today has turned this venture into an art; there is something for everybody to stand out or blend in. Makeup gives one the opportunity to embody someone (or something) they want to be, or unleash the true colors of their obscure soul.

Doing make up is great if you enjoy it and it makes you happy. However, if a women views it as a burdensome necessity, it raises concerns. Is she doing it because everybody else is? Does she feel uncomfortable in her own skin? Does she possess the fear of being singled out if she doesn’t look like the women on screen? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, make up could be her way to disguise insecurities.

It’s about making an Impression

Makeup helps women look more poised and presentable. It grants them the boost of confidence they need to survive or excel in different environments and situations. The levels of makeup range from natural to glamorous. Natural looking makeup (also called the no-makeup look) is an optimum choice for working women; it helps them maintain a professional demeanor whilst looking sharp. Concealing dark circles, blemishes, pimples, and blackheads prevents a woman from appearing run-down and haggard. Contouring can make a puffy face look chiseled and blush-on makes a pale face look healthy.

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In the business world, women who wear bold makeup are perceived as powerful and dominant. A criminal defense lawyer wearing a sleek haircut, French manicure, dark shade of lipstick, and thick layer of eyeliner among other makeup essentials will definitely look a lot more accomplished and influential, as compared to one with a messy bun and bare freckled face. While young women wear makeup to look mature and refined, older women deem it useful to appear fresh and youthful. The type and extent of makeup a woman puts on her face affects how spectators judge her personality.

It’s a form of Art &Self-Expression

Last but not least, makeup is a popular tool for making yourself heard or sending a message to others. It’s a way to unleash your creativity or display your artistic sense, where your own face is the canvas. The shades or patterns of makeup you wear can reveal a lot about the way you think or feel. For example, the so-called ‘Goth chicks’ make their skin exaggeratedly pale, and paint everything else black, including their lips and nails. The theme of their makeup compromises a darkness and edge. Goths (both boys and girls) immerse themselves into a world of punk colored in black and white, somehow relating to death.

Makeup is also an effective means for enhancing one’s sexuality, enticing the opposite gender, or impressing a love interest. Women regularly use make up to attract a potential partner, as well as nurture or improve their love life. Loud makeup may indicate that a lady is ready to go out and have a night full of fun. In contrast, subtle makeup may imply that she is looking forward to hang out around the house and enjoy a relaxing night. Individuals from the LGBTQ community parade rainbow colors to symbolize their diversity, and hope for recognition and acceptance. 

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For the occasional Disguise or Impersonation

Intricate or complex makeup that transforms a woman into someone/something else is reserved for special occasions, such as Halloween. Thanks to makeup, you can look like a real-life zombie or embody the ‘Mother of Dragons’ for a day. People who frequent costume parties understand the power of a skilled makeup artist; the gory details and theatrical effects is what they live for. Impersonating a fictional or legendary character for a while is fun and enlightening. Pretending to be in someone else’s shoes or body grants us a better understanding of their character – actors do it all the time.

As a Social Experiment

My friend and I conducted a Tinder experiment to see the reaction of men towards different levels of makeup worn by a woman. We made her three separate Tinder profiles; the first one featured her bare face, the second featured her with a moderate amount of makeup (close to a natural look), and for the third we went all glam. The first profile received the least number of responses, which were mostly friendly. The second profile was the most popular, as many men left flirtatious comments and requested for a date. The replies to the third profile showed that too much makeup gave men the impression that my friend was promiscuous and looking for random hookups.

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