Shopping Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022

Shopping Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022
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We all struggle a lot whenever we are asked to buy something for our parents, friends or even for ourselves. And this becomes embarrassing for a lot of us when we are one of those who are constantly stuck on our mobile screens. But don’t worry! We at have solved this up for you! Here are Top 20 Shopping Blogs in India for you!

1. Heart Bows & Makeup

This blog is the dream destination of every girl who loves makeup, beauty, shopping, fashion, hearts, pink, bows, especially bows. The look of the blog will make you feel like a princess in a place where you get everything that you love. Here you will find reviews, swatches, latest trends, new product launches, different fashion looks, tips and tricks, tutorials, DIY and more. You also get to know about various spa and salon reviews and information about different events happenings. All the major brands are reviews so you will find all that you are looking for here.

2. Best Shopping Site List

If you are a person that spends money wisely and does not buy a product without full research beforehand then this site is for you. It provides you articles on different types of products, and services so that you do not have to spend hours going through different sites. They have already done the research and everything is provided to you at your figure tips. The blog makes it easier to compare similar products and services and that helps you a lot. Through this site you can become the person who knows everything and people come and ask you for advice.

3. Style Delight

This blog is for every girl next door who loves fashion but finds it difficult to pull of the Lady Gaga style dresses that all the other fashion blogs show as trendy. They may look good in picture but lets face the truth, they are not at all practical. This blog breaks down all the looks and finds practical ways to substitute the complex style into wearable cloths. Through the tips and tricks in the blog you will become a fashion icon and able to make heads turn. The blog gives you full outfits so that there is nothing left to guess and you can go on a shopping spree without worrying about a thing.

4. Time Please Life

You will be able to connect with the blog as the blogger, Soujanya, is just like any other  girl, shopping to escape the world and helping everyone in making good shopping choices. Here you will find information about all types of shopping, street, high end shops and online. She understands that everyone has different taste and shop different ways so she has everything covered. She will also take you to places all over India so that you do not feel secluded if you do not have the stuff she is talking about, in the area that you live. She also has great décor ideas that you can copy to make your home stylish and reflecting your personality.

5. Zoooni’s View

Fashion, cosmetics, style, shopping etc is the blogger, Zooni’s passion and she expresses it all in this blog. She shares all the ways you can save money by using coupons, discounts, sale etc buy letting you know about any amazing offer she comes across so that you do not break the bank buying things you love. Don’t worry if you are technologically challenged or are finding it difficult to apply your coupon and getting a discount because she breaks down everything in simple steps that you can follow and save money easily. This is the best blog for you if you love shopping online.

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6. Dress and Makeup

This blogger is a self confessed shopoholic and loves cosmetics, jewellery, makeup, dresses and any excuse to shop. You can always find her in a market looking through stuff and buying everything within her reach. So she becomes the perfect person you can get shopping tips from. She covers everything from fashion to makeup so that you can go out looking stunning and flawless from every angle. Her reviews are honest and truthful and are based on her personal experience to they can be trusted a 100%. There is nothing better than getting free stuff. There are regular giveaways so everyone is sure to fall in love with the blog.

7. Change The Style Now

Anuja Bhatt, the blogger, is passionate about shopping, style and fashion. She loves what she does and that reflects from the blog. Her free spirit can not be caged and so she presents her unique take on fashion. She also gives you first hand information on discounts and coupons that you can use so that you shop freely without running out of cash. If you are a little doubtful about trying out products from new site for the first time then you need not worry. The blogger provides to you genuine shopping experience from various sites and gives out detailed experience. Her reviews can be trusted as they are real and true.

8. Nishita’s Rants and Raves

This blog is the world of Nishita and you can find over here everything that she loves. Some on the things that she loves is books, food, travel, her family and shopping, lots of shopping. you can find shopping tips and experiences about products like, shoes, jewellery, clothes, bags, books, meat grinder and anything that she comes across. You can also find movie reviews, book reviews, food reviews, travel experiences and lots of cute moments from her family in the blog. The blog gets traffic from all over the world and and rightly so because the quality of her blog is first class.

9. MillionDollarLook

This blog is all about beauty and makeup. It connects with every Indian woman and gives you product that suit our skin type. Apart from beauty products you will also find skincare, fashion, nailart etc over here. Shipra, the blogger, reviews about the known brands as well as the not so known brands so that your choice does not remain limited and you explore all you options to find the product that best compliments you. The blog also takes you on a trip to looking just like your favourite movie start by giving you step by step video tutorials so that you can actually see how to apply the products and bring them to full use.

10. Bling Sparkle

If you are bored with your same old style that has been going on from stone age and want to renew your wardrobe then this is the perfect blog for you. They know how to take a normal looking outfit and transform it into something right out of a fashion runway outfit. They always manage to add a little wit of sparkle to everything so that you feel like a shining star and a fashionista. They bring to you all the latest shopping related news. Be it a new ambassador of a brand or a new outlet of your favourite store, you will hear about it first over here.

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11. Vstyle

this blog talks about stuff that you have been looking for all your life but are not able to find it. along with your everyday shopping items, it talks about things like cheap wedding dresses and shoes, custom made dresses, wigs, bridesmaid dresses, hair extensions etc. all the reviews are in detail and with pictures so that along with the words you get to see the stuff the blogger is talking about. the blogger shares the pros and cons of all the sites so that nothing is hidden from you and you get the full truthful experience.

12. Stay Gorgeous

If you are the type of person that is always short on cash but wants to buy everything in sight then this is the site for you. They have beauty products that will not cost your entire life’s savings and is budget friendly. They also have DIYs so that you can make what you can’t buy. They will make your life easier by giving out simple tricks to make things yourself and turn your old non used products into the best thing you ever bought. They also have your back and tell you about home remedies that than magically cure skin problems.

13. Shopping Style And Us

This blog is all about shoping. the blogger loves shopping and that is what this blog is about. Most of the shopping blogs only cater to women but this blog also has stuff for men and kids. It has information on men’s style, grooming, fashion magazines and much more. it tells you about fashion and beauty so that everything is covered. This blog explores more than online shopping and also tells you about products from stores. It makes you beautiful from outside as well as the inside with health tips, DIY and more.

14. I M Tarun Singh

If you are a guy and you are sick of woman and their shopping and want something that you can actually relate with then you wont have to worry. This blog is by Tarun Sharma and he talks about his shopping experience. Here you will find shopping experiences and product reviews of goods like electronics, software’s, beard trimmers etc. You can also find movie reviews and book reviews over here. In the blog, the blogger talks about anything and everything like babies, breakfast, change, coca cola etc. Because of his unique style and amazing content he has won many awards too.

15. Crazy For Cosmetics

Her love affair with cosmetics started at the age of three and it has grown ever since. Here you will find reviews about beauty products so that you can compare different products easily and pick the perfect product for you without any difficulty. The blogger also tells you how to achieve the exact look that you saw your favourite actress in. From party looks to casual looks, You have it all over here. If you need a break from all the shopping and go on a vacation then the blogger also has tips for that. Visit this site for a complete shopping experience and a place where you can find everything.

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16. Wear Your Opinion

Wear Your Opinion

When it comes to wearing something that has a custom element linked to it, we have got some really selected choices. But at least we have some decent number of choices that give us the quality that stays for years. Wear Your Opinion (WYO) is one of them. WYO is a website that makes custom printed Shirts, T-Shirts and lowers for both men and women. They have couple collection, kid’s collection, family collection and more. If you’re looking for a platform on which you can find latest internet trends printed on a top or lower, then WYO should be something you must check out.

17. Fashion Oomph

Fashion oomph

The face behind Fashion Oomph is Tanya Mahendra who is well known for her knowledge and wit about Fashion industry. She has been following latest and classic fashion trends in and out whether they are from India or from any outside country. She shares some amazing knowledge when it comes to small tips, tricks and how to-s when it comes to improvising your fashion statement. She shares some deep insights on how you can improve your overall outlook by just doing some simple changes in your current closet. Surely, Fashion Oomph is a must go through website for Shopping lovers.

18. DForDelhi

D For Delhi

When it comes to shopping in Delhi, DForDelhi is one of the blogs that you can’t afford to miss. Their team is so dedicated at making content for their website and social media that they literally put out content every hour. So, a wide fleet of their content ranges from shopping in Delhi, Fashion accessories that you must own, new store openings and food stores near you that you must see. Therefore, they almost complete all the essential things that today’s youngsters look forward to. This is why DForDelhi made it to this list of Top Shopping Blogs in India.

19. Corallista


So, this one blog is something that a lot of girls would admire. Corallista is a fashion blog that helps women and girls keep a check on their next shopping goals. The blog was started by Ankita who is a graduate from IIT Bombay and is following her passion by writing amazing fashion oriented content for girls and women around the corner. At Corallista, you will find a lot of content revolving around makeup, skincare, hair products and body products. She also does a special series on her website where she breaks down celebrity makeup tour along with the recommendations from where women can buy all such makeup that’s being used in the tutorial. Thus, Corallista made it to this spot in this list of Top Shopping Blogs in India.

20. The Unstitched

The Unstitched

So, finally, there’s one shopping blog that we have added in this list and this one is The Unstitched. Their entire expertise of content ranges from fashion, accessories, footwear, grooming, top 10 categories, and more. There’s nothing better than someone telling you what to wear and giving you tips and tricks on how to you can improve your daily lifestyle by buying the small things that would matter a lot in the long run.

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