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What is best question related to GST , that everyone don’t know
December 27, 2019 Education, Finance, Jobs & Education Priya Saha

On the off chance that you have an understanding of handling GST Compliance and searching for work in Goods and Services Tax at that point, get ready well with our inquiries questions page. Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a total irregular tax. GST is required at each progression in the production procedure; however, it

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An Easy Guide to Watercolor Portrait Painting
November 25, 2020 Art, Blogs, Business, Other Priya Saha

Painting faces can be quite intimidating if you are new to it. And if you plan to use watercolor for your portrait, it can become more challenging and difficult. Unforgiving and highly unpredictable, this is a little difficult medium to master. Its fluid nature makes it extremely tough to control, also correcting the mistakes is

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Contemporary Art Paintings Worth Exploring
November 25, 2020 Art, Blogs, Business, Information Technology, Other Priya Saha

Produced in the globally influenced, culturally diverse and technological advanced times of the 21st century, contemporary art paintings are diverse and eclectic in every sense. Challenging the established boundaries of the past, the artworks of this genre lack any uniformity or principle instead are imbued with dynamic concepts, methods, themes, materials and subjects. Unquestionably, these

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A Guide to Get your Drawings into a Sketch Art Gallery
November 25, 2020 Art, Blogs, Business, Information Technology, Life, Other Priya Saha

Securing the representation for your drawings in a sketch art gallery may seem like an unattainable goal, particularly for young artists. Obviously, you cannot expect to be discovered while striding into a gallery wielding your sketch portfolio, you need to land tactfully on the radar of sketch art galleries you already admire. Unquestionably, the road

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Contemporary Artists Redefining Still Life Paintings
November 25, 2020 Art, Blogs, Business, Information Technology, Life, Other Priya Saha

Depicting an arrangement of mundane inanimate objects, still life art is often a celebration of worldly material pleasures or a forewarning of their transitoriness and sometimes highlighting the brevity of human life. Though the roots of still life art date back to ancient times, it was during the early 17th century that it gained recognition

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Best Online Art Galleries to Explore From Home
November 24, 2020 Art, Blogs, Business, Information Technology, Other Priya Saha

With our much-loved museums and galleries around the world temporarily closing their doors due to the coronavirus outbreak, online art galleries have become the cultural saviors. Allowing you to step inside and explore their finest collections of paintings, ceramics, drawings, sculptures, installations, and new artworks – focus on minute detail, they let you experience their

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Golden Rules for Selling Art Online on Instagram
November 24, 2020 Art, Blogs, Business, Information Technology, Other, Social Media Priya Saha

Optimized for images, Instagram is undoubtedly the perfect social media platform for artists. Unlike Twitter (where words are king) or Facebook (where mostly videos get the most traction), this is the place where images draw attention and acclaim. This is what makes Instagram a pretty great place to sell art online! Also, eliminating the need for

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12 Tips to Start Your Art Collection on a Budget
November 24, 2020 Art, Blogs, Business, City, Information Technology, International, Other Priya Saha

Starting an art collection is undoubtedly an opportunity to be surrounded by joy every day. But for beginners, the art world would seem like a cold and intimidating space. With the abundance of options and platforms available to buy Indian art and works of almost every established as well as emerging artists, thanks to the

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Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 Smooth and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner Review
November 24, 2020 Beauty, Blogs, Business, Finance, Other Priya Saha

Review, Price, Buy Online Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 Smooth and Silky Shampoo + Conditioner I am a light packer..whaatt?! Most people assume that if you are a girl, you carry a suitcase each for clothing, makeup and shoes. They couldn’t be more wrong. I only take essential and multi-purpose products with me when I

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Kesh King: Care for your Hair, King for your Kesh
November 24, 2020 Beauty, Blogs, Business, Fashion, Medical, Other Priya Saha

The other day, I went to my salon for my weekly hair styling appointment, which is something that I can’t avoid because I shoot quite a lot and that means having perfect-looking hair and makeup every day. No kidding! However, I hadn’t realized the extent of hair damage until my hairstylist asked, “Don’t you oil

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Head & Shoulders Active Protect Anti Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner
November 24, 2020 Beauty, Blogs, Business, Fashion, Other Priya Saha

Head & Shoulders Active Protect 2 in 1 Anti Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner Review, Price, Buy Online Oh, the lengths I had to go for this shampoo! When I read about this new launch from Head and Shoulders randomly, I knew I had to try it. My hair has become so oily and itchy in

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