5 Health Risks of Drinking Hard Water

5 Health Risks of Drinking Hard Water
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Water makes up 57-60% of the human body, without it our life would literally be non-existent. Almost every biochemical process that takes place in our body, either requires or relies on water. Water keeps our body energized, nourishes our skin and, softens our hair. The human body is engineered in a way that when you need to hydrate, the body sends a signal immediately and you start feeling thirsty. Drinking water needs to be safe, disinfected, and clear of all toxins and contaminants. Skipping it all leaves us with the planet’s two dominant forms of water, soft water, and hard water. You’ve certainly heard the words “hard water” and “soft water” many times. You might think which form of water is better or safer to drink than the other and what defines the hardness or softness of water. Many people also use a hard water softener for home, so that they can consume good quality of water and maintain their health risks.

What is Hard Water and Its Indicators?

Hard water is water containing high amounts of molecules of dissolved calcium and magnesium. It can contain small amounts of other minerals as well. If it contains more than 60 milligrams of mineral particles per liter, water is considered ‘hard’. Hard water is very widely available because water is a very effective solvent for calcium and magnesium, naturally. Due to changes in temperature, water sometimes forms salt deposits along its course. Scale formation in households is linked with issues such as increased energy consumption, higher energy bills, and limited lifespan of appliances. Hard water also does not lather with soap quickly, making washing laundry a difficult job. A few of the ways you can indicate hard water are:

  • Clothes get stains of minerals after wash. They wear out quickly and lose their shine due to the hardness of the water.
  • The inner diameter of the pipe decreases due to the mineral deposits. It shrinks the effective diameter of the pipe that eventually decreasing the flow of water.
  • When the water is hard, you would need to wash your hands longer. A slippery layer is felt due to the soap scum formed with calcium ions present in hard water.
  • Spots can occur on glasses that come out of the dishwasher and on silverware. These are usually calcium carbonate deposited on the utensils by hard water.
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What are the Health Risks of Hard Water?

Regular exposure and consumption of high concentrations of minerals in hard water affect health severly, according to the International Journal of Preventative Medicine. Multiple organs in the body may be impacted by high levels of calcium and magnesium and lead to health problems. Many people also prefer to get the best RO purifiers and water softener for the bathrooms and home to eliminate the health risks caused by hard water. It also improves the quality of water and makes it better-tasting and more refreshing. A few of the health risk of drinking hard water are:

1) Kidneys Problems:

Several studies show that hard water and kidney stones are strongly associated, therefore it is not suitable for your kidney health, particularly if hard water is consumed over a long time. So, it’s better suggested to use a RO purifier or hard water softeners for the home.

2) Effect on Skin:

Major minerals constituent of hard water is left behind when it comes into contact with your skin. It absorbs the natural moisture and oils from your skin. This lack of moisture and high levels of minerals can mess with your skin’s hydration and pH balance, which could potentially cause breakouts. To keep skin healthy, people tend to use the best RO purifiers and hard water softeners for homes and bathrooms.

3) Effect on Hair:

Taking bath from hard water makes your hair feel dry along with an itchy scalp. It reduces the moisture and leaves behind a layer due to the composition of minerals present in hard water. This results in dandruff and a change in the pH level of the scalp. Because of this reason, it’s best to have a water softener for the bathroom installed at home to maintain the quality of your hair and prevent hair loss.

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4) Abdominal Problems:

The structure and balance of your intestinal microbiota, which is part of your immune defense system, may be influenced by the long-term intake of hard water. The chances of health issues, including digestive problems and GIT infections increases, by consuming hard water.

5) Causes Cognitive Diseases:

While cognition is boosted by high calcium levels, too much dietary calcium can also result in cognitive decline. Cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, for example, have been shown to be more common in hard water areas where the concentration of dissolved aluminum in water is high.

Because of the health risks involved with drinking or using hard water, many people prefer to have water softeners at home for all purposes. Water softeners are the best solution to all hard water-related problems. Basically, it is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and other kinds of ions that are present in hard water. Having water softeners installed at your home will improve the quality and taste of your water. Hard water softeners for the bathroom and home can provide many benefits like healthier and softer skin, shiny and strong hair, reduced scale-related problems, and eventually, a water softener can actually end up saving your money.

Potential Health Impacts of Hard Water

If you are facing some issues caused due to hard water, it’s time for you to get water softeners for your home. With Zero B Pure Water Solution’s hard water softener for home, you get complete protection against all the health risks from water-borne diseases and hard water. Their products deliver the highest level of soft water solutions and offer one-stop water treatment solution for your home in Mumbai, India. So, if you are planning on getting one for your home or bathrooms in Mumbai, contact them right away!

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