A well-structured guide on NFT marketplace development

A well-structured guide on NFT marketplace development
October 19, 2021 2 Comments Business, Entrepreneurship, Programming, Technology Clara Fernandas

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In recent years, one of the hottest investment topics is the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These tokens have the potentiality of enchanting investors due to the amazing number of attributes they hold. Many business investors are gaining sheer awareness regarding the scope of NFTs or digital collectibles and aiming to launch an NFT marketplace that connects creators and buyers. 

Well, the content of this blog includes the definition for NFTs, the type of digital collectibles, the features of the platform, and other technical operations involved.

What is exactly an NFT?

Before going to the actual definition, let me take you through a simple example. In usual stock markets, people invest in an asset, which can be later sold or bought. Similarly, if one owns a property, then the property document will contain mandatory information about the property and the owner. NFTs share a similar concept but they are stored on a virtual network called the blockchain network.

You may doubt the security of the asset once it is added to the blockchain network. Blockchain technology offers really high security to the assets stored in it. Also, the platforms offer security features, which will ensure the safety of the digital collectibles on the blockchain.

Types of digital collectibles in existence

  • Digital artwork
  • Tweets
  • Games
  • Images
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Music
  • Licenses, etc.

Technical units/operations on an NFT marketplace

  • Digital wallet

A digital wallet is the main unit without which a buyer or seller can trade digital collectibles on the platform. Some platforms provide an in-app wallet, where they can easily store their cryptocurrencies. If the platform doesn’t have a wallet facility, then users have to sign up for any wallet available in the marketplace and sync that with the marketplace they use.

  • Smart contract
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Pre-programmed software that has a set of conditions regarding the trading of digital collectibles is called a smart contract. It is a self-executing algorithm that will be initiated the very moment a trade happens on the platform.

  • Auction

Auction takes place on the platform, where the digital collectibles created and posted on the platform get exposure. Buyers will take part in auctions, bid a price, and stand a chance to win.

  • Gas fees

Storing the digital asset or file on the blockchain along with its properties is called minting. The blockchain network requires gas fees for performing the minting process. This gas fee has to be paid by the creator of the asset in the form of Ethereum token ETH.

Top Features of the NFT marketplace

  • Storefront

The storefront feature can be described as a place on the platform where all the digital collectibles belonging to the platform are stored.

An NFT marketplace is similar to an ecommerce site. It requires a front-end storefront that is attractive and intuitive. The administrator must decide how much information to display for each file. Like physical art collectors, NFT buyers will want to know the provenance and authenticity of their files.

They also want a listing of the rarity of their NFTs. While you cannot copy an individual NFT, artists can release multiple NFTs of the same image. Marketplaces will give these a label like “Number 2 of 10.” As with physical trading cards, collectors are looking for NFTs that are one-of-a-kind. 

  • Search bar and filters

The search bar with the filter option enhances the users’ in-app experience as they can find a collectible listed on the platform quickly. When you develop your own NFT marketplace, you must decide the scope of the files you will trade. Some of the earliest marketplaces like OpenSea are general markets that handle any NFT. Newer marketplaces often focus on a specific niche. Whatever you list on your site, you will need a search function to make the buying process faster.

  • Listing
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Listing is a process when the creator decides to exhibit the digital collectibles to the buyers.  The NFT marketplace must provide a positive experience for both buyers and sellers. When someone wants to list a file, well-designed NFT development provides a step-by-step path that makes it simple. The marketplace should provide clear uploading instructions as well as forms that provide selling information.

  • Filters

Search filters are another way to improve a buyer’s experience. People who view NFTs as an investment have different criteria than collectors. Users should be able to sort items by categories such as price, rarity and artist.

  • Buying and Auction

NFT developers can provide your site with several selling mechanisms. Popular artists often get the best prices through timed auctions because the competition can raise the cost quickly. However, the back-end work for an auction is more challenging than for basic sales. Especially toward the end of the auction, bidding can be intense, and the site must provide real-time information about the process.

Direct buying and selling is a less complicated process. However, using smart contracts on the blockchain requires more development than the payment gateways of traditional ecommerce sites.

  • Wallet

Tech-savvy consumers are as concerned about the security of their crypto wallets as they are any other piece of financial information. A new NFT marketplace should allow users to work with their current crypto wallet solutions.

  • Ratings

Ratings are a helpful tool for both buyers and sellers. People are more likely to do business with those who have strong reputations. A rating system can also prevent negative behaviors like false representation or backing out of a transaction before the smart contract goes into effect.

  • Status of listing
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Both parties in an NFT transaction need information about the process. For sellers, the marketplace can list data about how many people have viewed the file and bids during an auction. The site can also alert them when someone makes an offer. Buyers want to know that a file has gone through an authentication process before they make a purchase. Verified items are more attractive to collectors.

Professional NFT Marketplace Development

The NFT marketplace development specialists at Chetu can help you create a thriving NFT marketplace. We will work with you through the entire process of NFT development. Once you understand the project’s scope, we can develop a user-friendly front-end that works for buyers and artists alike. Our development team will also construct effective back-end resources like databases, APIs and all the pieces necessary to work with NFTs and blockchain technology. If you hope to develop your own NFT marketplace, our experienced developers will make it a reality.


These days, the number of NFT marketplace developers is increasing. You can choose to create an NFT marketplace development company that has vast experience in delivering ready-made platform development solutions.

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