Best Lead Generation Strategies for Startups

Best Lead Generation Strategies for Startups
March 23, 2021 No Comments Blogs, Business, Other, Startup Priya Saha

Before jumping into the topic, it is necessary to first discuss what lead really is. Lead, in the simpler of words, is basically someone who just showed interest in your business in any way. This person might have signed up for your web class or filled a form to contact you or even shared his contact details.

This person will be considered as a lead because they have shown that they are willing to engage. This is considered as a lead and they are now somewhere in your sales funnel. You have a chance to convert them into actual customers.

Lead generation, on the other hand, is a process of getting people to engage with your website or business through various ways and getting them to enter your sales funnel. In other words, filling your sales funnel with people who are interested in doing business with you is called lead generation.

Now that we are on the same page in terms of definitions, lets now talk about some key strategies that you can use to get clients for your start-up. These strategies are market-tested by experts and have yielded value for people using them.

You do not need to follow every strategy and there is nothing that works for all and you might have to tailor these strategies according to your objectives, however, these will surely give you enough insights and basic knowledge of how lead generation is being done by experts.

1. Create irresistible opt-in options

These pop-ins are the opportunities for visitors to get value by giving you their details such as email address, etc. Add value by giving away free pdfs of your blogs, webinar links, worksheets, and whatnot. Use these pop in on not just one page but multiple pages.

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Remove the opt-in option from the side bar. The reason is that when the opt-in is just sitting there, saying no is much easier and visitors tend to ignore it. Make it harder for them to say no by making it a pop-up. Ask visitors if they want to opt-in or not. It’s much harder to say no this way. This has seen to increase conversion by 30%.

2. Test different things but the right way

It is important for you to keep testing. Do not try one thing and stop. The reason is that there is no single strategy that works for all as I have mentioned earlier. That is why you should always be on the lookout for newer strategies. It doesn’t have to be major changes. You can try changing little things.

As little as changing the wording and tone of your content for example replacing ‘my’ from ‘your’. You might think that this won’t do much. However, this has seen to change the whole perception and change the conversion rate significantly.

A/B testing images, bottom copy, headlines will give you drastic results and that is why should not follow a stagnant approach. Try out different things and see the magic.

3. Simple and Clear Landing Pages

What you need to understand is that people are experiencing an information overload and they do not always want to consume huge chunks of info. Sometimes, a few lines of effective writing or a few engaging infographics do the magic.

This is the reason why you should not add a lot of information to your landing pages. Your landing pages should rather be clear, concise, simple, and directly calling to action. This is how you can make people decide without making them confused. Try creating a direct landing page and see how it works.

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4. Write captivating ads

You can increase your CTR just by simply writing better ads. It is a fact that most of the ads are the same and there is literally nothing different. Two things can happen from here. Either you write a similar ad and just don’t do anything. Or you can come in with a different punch line and get ahead of the competition. Don’t take ads for granted and try to come up with compelling calls to action. It makes a lot of difference.

5. Offer better

There is a huge room for improvement for offers if you are not a top advertiser. The reason is that most of the landing pages have less conversion rates. Now, how do you create the difference? Of course, by adding value. Now everyone adds value. Every digital marketer gives away free trials and every instructor offers some free courses.

So, how can you be different? Try thinking about it. Offer something that others are not offering. It might not be beneficial at first but it will surely benefit you in long term. It will help you get valuable clients that might stick with you for years. That is why it is important to give away something and add value to people’s lives.

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