Growing Adoption of Pets and Increased Demand for Innovation Spur the Pet Furniture Industry

Growing Adoption of Pets and Increased Demand for Innovation Spur the Pet Furniture Industry
February 6, 2023 Comments Off on Growing Adoption of Pets and Increased Demand for Innovation Spur the Pet Furniture Industry Business Sonali Sharma

Today’s fast pace world tends to keep people on their toes always. People don’t have much time to spend time with family members and resort to adopting pets since they offer great emotional support to humans. More and more people regard pets as family members. Thus, the increasing adoption of pets led to a boom in the pet furniture sector. Pet furniture refers to any piece of specialized furniture that is designed to ensure that the specific needs and requirements of different types of pets are met. Different types of pet furniture include beds, sofas, lounges, feeding tables, houses, trees and condos.

Recent Trends

Multifunctional Designs – Multifunctional designs in pet furniture is a recent trend that manufacturers invest in. For instance, multifunctional beds are made so that they can serve as a comfortable bed for the animal, and simultaneously, act as a modern piece of furniture such as a bedside table, coffee table, chair, and so on. They witness huge demand from modern pet owners who want to pamper their pets and also want a chic piece for their homes. These pet bed designs are suitable for compact spaces as they allow owners to save on space.

Going Green – Many pet beds are designed using cheap materials that wear down with time. Some of them are even made of foams that include dangerous chemicals, which are unsafe for humans. This is why more pet owners are opting for sustainable or eco-friendly pet furniture. A growing number of companies are introducing sustainability to pet furniture using eco-friendly wood, recycled cotton and fabrics, and nonpoisonous foams. Many pet furniture pieces are also made with natural raw materials such as jute and banana leaves.

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Cat Tree Towers – With the popularity of cats as pets growing worldwide, the need and demand for cat products are also on the rise. Cat tree towers are a great way to make a home more inviting and exciting for the cat. They allow cats to climb and observe what’s going on around them, offer them a safe place to spend time, scratch as much as they wish, and make them feel like the space is entirely theirs. Cat trees are available in various types, giving pet owners a wide range of choices to select from. They come in a wide range of heights and levels, various choices of tops, and great designs. Mostly, cat trees are built using materials such as plywood or corrugated cardboard and covered in a textured fabric such as carpet or sisal.

Orthopedic Products – The emergence of orthopedic beds which offer additional support to pets’ bones and joints, precisely to the hips and elbows is also gaining attention. For instance, orthopedic dog beds have benefits for dogs suffering from arthritis, tissue injuries, those at risk of hip problems, and senior dogs as well. Many orthopedic beds are made with memory foam technology which helps distribute the weight evenly across the bed to relieve pressure on the joints.

Market Insights

The growing trend of keeping pets for emotional assistance, humanization of pets, and increase in consumer disposable income are the prime drivers of the pet furniture industry. Moreover, the rise in concern toward pet health and fitness and the surge in demand for innovative products are other reasons propelling the growth of the industry. A report by Allied Market Research predicts that the global pet furniture market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period, 2021 to 2027.
Recent Launches
Players in the market are introducing innovative products and focusing on multi-functional, eco-friendly, fashionable, and customizable products, which cater to the needs of pet owners. In August 2021, Clear Home Design, a platform that offers lucite and acrylic furniture, introduced a new pet furniture collection under the name Hiddin. The range makes use of BPA-free materials and lucite acrylic resin which add a contemporary aesthetic touch to them. The furniture line includes dog beds and other accessories, and a special collection of feline products. The designs are for pet owners who want their pets to be safe and also appreciate an elegant aesthetic.

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In the same month and year, Dinos, a Japanese-based mail order and e-commerce company developed a spectacular piece of a cat-friendly table that allows the owner and the pet to join together at the table and enjoy time in proximity to one another. The oak table has a partially concealed perch at the center, which allows the cat to climb up and pop its head up. The table also has a comfortable shelf that sits right below the table and a lid to cover the perch when the whole tabletop is needed.

Avocado Mattress, LLC, a U.S-based provider of organic and natural mattresses, pillows, and bedding introduced a line of pet products including sustainable pet beds, pillows, and bed frame. Made of organic and sustainable materials, the new products help keep toxic and environmentally unfriendly products away from home. The pet frame features an FSC-certified reclaimed wood and Douglas fir and is coated with a non-toxic, zero-VOC stain and varnish. The pet pillow comprises vegan buckwheat hulls and the mattress features 100% GOLS organic certified latex.

The pet furniture market is still in its initial stage and needs more attention and research to make a name for itself. The market has a huge scope for growth given the growing consumers’ demand for sophisticated pieces for their pets to serve various functional requirements.


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