How to Find the Best Office Design Company for You

How to Find the Best Office Design Company for You
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After finding an office design company that works well with your business needs, it can be easy to decide how your space will look. You can choose from several different options – from hiring someone who will provide designs or mockups of what their ideas could look like up to hiring an interior designer who can work with your existing furniture and other pieces to get it exactly right.

Quality over quantity

A design company may have worked on a large number of jobs but they may not meet the standard you’re looking for, for your office space design needs. Check some of their previous sites and the quality of those jobs.

Right on the money and time

Nothing would be worse than if your office space design goes over budget and continuously extends the timeframe for completion. You need to make sure that the design company you choose does not have a reputation for being untimely and overspending on budget. In the same breath, don’t go with a design company just based on cheaper quotes. You want the best for your company and that may come with a higher quote.

Planning for the unexpected

It is understandable that the design company may run into snags, but the design company you choose needs to have a contingency fee on their quote to cover any unforeseen updates. Be sure to follow up and be sure the snags are completed properly before making the final payment to the company.

Experience is everything

Choosing a trusted design company is always a good starting point. You want to know that the design company you’re looking into has a certain number of years experiences, and good client references. Look at track record, and who their previous clients are. If you’re able to, speak to their other clients and get references. Try speak to companies similar in size to your office about who they chose for their office design and why.

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Having a shared vision

You won’t be able to tell if the office design company you’re considering is right for you and your company if you don’t sit down and have a consultation with them. In this time, you need to explain all your office space design needs and make sure that the design company understand what you need. We also recommend you make sure that they explain their process and that this process includes an in-depth needs analysis.

Fitting out your own office

Designing an office can be a long process – especially when you’re starting from scratch – and ensuring that all employees have a comfortable workspace environment in which they feel able to work as happily, healthily, and productively as possible is rather a tall order. That’s why sometimes, it’s best to hand over to the experts; the whole process gets a whole lot easier if you hire an office design company to do the work for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss when and why designing your own office might be the best option for you, who the best office design companies are, and how to brief a design company once you’ve chosen one.

When deciding on your office design, the most important thing is to make sure you have a vision for the space – what it should look like, how much of the space it should take up, and what types of office furniture you want. You can use pictures or drawings to help you figure this out, or ask your interior designer to provide them for you.

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You may also want to consider having an open-plan office design. This means that the whole space will be open as one big room with no walls or desks separating the different areas of work that people do. This will give everyone in your business a chance to see and talk with each other without having any walls in between them – and make it easier for everyone to collaborate on projects together.

Benefits of designing your own office 

  • The space will be your own

One of the reasons some teams don’t want a serviced office is that they feel that they’ll lose their identity. This is understandable – working in a space owned by a serviced office provider can mean that you’re limited as to how much you can make the space your own.

That’s one of the benefits of fitting out your own space. You can use your own branded mugs, adhere to your colour scheme, and welcome clients into a space dedicated to your business alone.

  • Create a positive brand image

If you have a cramped and untidy workspace, full of mismatched furniture, it says a lot about your brand – and not in a good way. The way that your company functions internally can have a huge impact on how it appears externally… so start from within and build your brand from there.

  • Boost employee satisfaction

Office design can have an enormous effect on employee satisfaction. Poor lighting conditions, bad ventilation, and too little space can make employees lethargic and demotivated. All of these things can be fixed easily by taking the office design into your own hands, and the knowledge that you want to do so can improve employee morale in itself.

  • Attract new talent
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A recent report on behalf of Glassdoor found that over a third of people believe that perks are their most important consideration before accepting a job at a company, and one such perk can be a thoughtful and well-designed office. When you think about it, your office will often be an individual’s first impression of your company; an attractive workspace can be a good indicator to them that you value your employees wellbeing, meaning they’ll be desperate to join your team.


Once you have decided on the kind of design your office will have, you can move forward and start to look for an office design company that will help you with the rest of the process. Keep in mind that the company you choose should give you a detailed estimate of how much it will cost and how long it will take them to do the job so that you know exactly what to expect.

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