How To Pack and Ship Your Toner Cartridges for Buyback

How To Pack and Ship Your Toner Cartridges for Buyback
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There are many websites available in the market that will buy your access toner cartridges and you can be paid with cash money for your access cartridges that you are not going to use. If you don’t know how to pack your cartridge to ship, here we are going to explain.

You need to learn only once how to ship toner cartridges and next time you will feel it easy. We will explain here how to ship products.

Take It Easy, Dude

There are four basic steps to packing and shipping the cartridges. Here we have explained the steps:

  1. Get a thin but strong box
  2. Pak it and keep no space
  3. Add some pad for safety
  4. Seal the box properly

Keep These in Mind before Packaging

  1. You should not anything on the toner box and not even make any the most important thing is the condition of the packaging or original toner when you are going to resale it.
  2. Another thing to take care of is not to remove any of the stickers or labels from the If you do so, you may lose some value on your toner buy-back. You should keep the stickers as it is and give chance to the buyer to remove the stickers if they want to.

Get the Right Box

If we focus on the box, it’s a great one to protect your cartridges so if you want your package to reach safely at the destination get a good box that doesn’t get damaged easily.

You may also double the number of boxes in a single parcel like you add cartridges in one box and put that box in another box. You need to make sure the moisture and the toner shouldn’t mix. If you cannot make your box waterproof then you need to make sure it is double boxed and sealed nicely with the two-inch tape.

Normally toner cartridges are already well-packed in a protected package inside. The cartridges are usually covered over smooth support that has air inside the box. The toner cartridges are made with good plastic and covered with thermocol or air bubble wrap or some other smooth packing. These toner cartridges are easy to pack and ship because it is packed well in default packing.

If you want to sell your extra toner cartridges to the company that buybacks them, a box of cartridges is an important piece of the product. If your box is dirty or may be dented or it is torn from somewhere, it doesn’t get a good resale price in comparison with the like-new box condition.

You may pack your packed box of toner in one thick box to make sure it arrives safely.

There is one question that always runs in one’s mind can we pack and ship a toner cartridge in an envelope with padding or in a plastic mailer? You may do so but don’t take a chance because if your original box of cartridges gets damaged then it will give you a quite remarkable loss. The better way is to pack your cartridges in double boxes.

You need to choose a big box that can include your padding or bubble wrap and your cartridges as well at the same time keep your weight of the box below 40lbs to reduce shipping charges.

Boxing Day

Just imagine your parcel getting bad treatment by the courier guy or might get a truck where it bounces continuously. Pack your parcel of cartridges in such a way it sustains such worst conditions.

Use a good condition box, you don’t need to use a new box compulsory but don’t use tear boxes. There should be no tear corners also.

Many companies who offer buy-back officially say they get so many cartridges with reused boxes. Most people in the country buy from amazon and reusing those boxes are a good thing as long as the final package is well padded from the inside and tape seals it nicely from the outside.

Weighing In

Different shipping companies offer different prices for the limit of packages. For example, the United States Postal Service offers a limit of 70 pounds on packages while FedEx UPS has a cap of limits to 150 pounds.

Most probably, your packed box of canon cartridges shall be quite less than the limits provided by the courier company. We always recommend that package of toner below 40 pounds, so you can avoid damage to the shipment.

Need to Pack It Tight

You should have focused on the condition of the products and reported accurately to the toner buyback company including photographs. Also, make sure the buyer gets the cartridges in the same condition as you mention in the photographs. You must understand the best way to pack cartridges and ship them to the company and reach safely.

You should try to get a box that fits tightly for your toner cartridges and no empty space is left. If you get a stand size box for 20” x 24” x 12” that should work well.

Get Click of Cartridge!

It is a perfect idea to click some pictures of the toner cartridges boxes when you ship them. This is the way to prove that the condition of your cartridge boxes was good at the time of shipping. Photo as a proof is a great way to prove your point when any dispute occurs.

Padding is much needed

Even if you pack your cartridges tightly in the package boxes, we need to put some good padding around the top, bottom, and sideways of the boxes. You don’t need to be too careful and don’t add too much padding when you are pacing to resale the cartridges.

Seal It up Good

This is time to finish sealing and ship the parcel.

You need to add padding properly in the packing of your toner cartridges. You must add an invoice or packing slip before completing the packaging.

You will not get the payment if you do not put a proper packaging slip inside the price, this depends on the company you are selling ink cartridges to. There will be an online record of your transaction always, still get a physical copy included in the packaging box also keep one copy in your records as a backup.

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