Largest co-working companies in New Jersey

Largest co-working companies in New Jersey
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As of my last update in September 2022, the co-working industry in New Jersey was growing, and several co-working companies were expanding their presence in the state. While I don’t have access to real-time data, here are some of the largest co-working companies in New Jersey based on their prominence and growth at that time:

  1. Regus (now IWG – International Workplace Group): Regus, now part of IWG, is a well-established co-working company with a global presence, including locations in New Jersey. They offer flexible workspaces and business services.
  2. WeWork: WeWork, as mentioned earlier, is a major player in the co-working industry worldwide, and they have locations in various parts of New Jersey.
  3. Industrious: Industrious, known for its upscale and hospitality-driven workspaces, was expanding its presence in major metropolitan areas, including New Jersey.
  4. Spaces: Spaces is an international co-working brand that was also expanding its reach in the United States, including New Jersey.
  5. WorkSocial: WorkSocial is a New Jersey-based co-working company that offers flexible workspaces and community-oriented services.
  6. Regus Express: Regus Express provides co-working spaces in airports, including Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, catering to business travelers and remote workers.
  7. Office Evolution: Office Evolution is a co-working franchise that offers shared workspaces and virtual office solutions, with locations in several states, including New Jersey.
  8. Venture X: Venture X provides flexible workspaces and shared offices in various locations, including potential expansion in New Jersey.

It’s important to note that the co-working industry is continually evolving, and new companies may have entered the market or existing ones may have expanded their presence since my last update. For the most current and comprehensive information, I recommend checking with local directories, real estate platforms, and recent news articles about co-working companies in New Jersey.

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