Marketing Tips: How to Make Your Astrology Business Grow

Marketing Tips: How to Make Your Astrology Business Grow
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Growing an astrology business requires many of the same techniques people use to grow most home-based businesses that provide personalized services to clients. As with growing any business, if you look to the tactics used by other successful astrologers — and business owners more generally — you can gain valuable insights for increasing your customer base.

Astrology as business along with Marketing

Astrology has seen tremendous growth in recent years and is only growing with the advent of scientific tools and a better understanding of people. Online Astrology is also one of the fastest-growing markets (especially in India) growing close to 100% YoY and is expected to grow to 3 billion dollars by 2020 in India alone. People, especially youth, are realizing that astrology can come in handy and can really help them shape their future in an organized and informed manner. On the other hand more and more educated and passionate people are taking up astrology as a profession and guiding people through practical, modern, and radical consultations.

Finding a Niche

Astrology businesses are numerous and competitive. The American Federation of Astrologers, founded in 1938, is now a global organization. Astrologers intent on thriving in a crowded field frequently select a narrow niche and mine it for clients. One example is the field of business astrology, which specializes in helping a business choose good astrological days to begin new projects and take other crucial actions, treating the business as if it were a person, and using a natal chart based on the day the business was started.

Studying Successful Astrologers

To draw potential customers, successful astrologers often develop an online presence, give interviews and write articles about the systems they use. Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone website attracts an estimated 6 million visitors each month. Miller recommends writing e-books on astrological topics as a good promotional tool. Another successful astrologer, Rob Brezsny, noticed that many astrological forecasts were somewhat depressing and deterministic. His well-known “Free Will Astrology” website and email newsletter have attracted many clients, because Brezsny specializes in finding the most optimistic spin on weekly astrological trends, encouraging clients to view themselves as free agents in the universe.

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Free Services

Some astrologers suggest providing a modest amount of free astrological services to draw clients into exploring more complex paid options. Fei Cochrane, founder of an astrology teaching program and an astrology software company, suggests in an online essay, “How to Run an Astrological Business,” that astrologers offer a free reading to their friends and free lectures to community groups. Cochrane notes that new astrologers are sometimes obsessively afraid of donating any services, but she has found that giving a few free services is one reliable way to expand her paid customer base through word-of-mouth referrals.

Spin-off Projects

The spread of the Internet has enabled astrologers to find more clients by branching out into spin-off projects. Prior to the growth of the Internet in the late 1990s, many astrologers could interpret charts, write astrology books, produce astrological software, design sun sign jewelry and create other products, but few attempted to do more than one thing because of the burdens imposed by expensive computer technology and costly print media advertising. The Internet has made it much easier for astrologers create spin-off products and market them from a central website. Astrologers who lack the skills to produce a particular product can partner with other astrologers to offer it through affiliate links on their respective websites. For example, Llewellyn, one of the oldest metaphysical publishing companies in the United States, now provides an affiliate program which gives astrologers commissions in exchange for links to Llewellyn products placed on their websites.

Summery of marketing Strategies for the Virtual World for Astrology Business

  • Setup blogging and publish weekly 2-3 blogs or daily 1 specific for days prediction according to each horoscope sign & business-specific.
  • Make social pages to share great astrology articles, insights, tips, remedies and to build a community of prospective clients and interested people.
  • Make Horoscope post for famous public figures and get the inquiries of others.
  • Blog post your insights and knowledge. You can also post free generalized predictions every month on your blog.
  • You can dress of your blog to subscribe to the newsletter then send predictions on collected mails.
  • Affiliate a program on your website so that your existing & clients and others can receive a commission for referring clients to you.
  • Network with people in allied sciences like numerology, palmistry, tarot reading etc. and you can request them for referrals. You can return the favor by doing the same for them.
  • Write an eBook/ PDF on astrology which you can offer for free on your blog or site, accordingly collect user data.
  • Offer your services trial basis and discount on a group buy websites like Group on or sell your services through fiver or other communities platforms. You may get a few clients through these sites.
  • Offer a free reading to a popular blogger in lieu of a review on their blog if they like it. You can also offer a free reading as a giveaway on some popular blogs.
  • Approach guest blogging on popular sites.
  • Publish user reviews (Text/Videos), whatever the found on your services.
  • Publish prediction on YouTube channel where you can share videos of some astrology tips, your client’s testimonials, and general predictions, etc. Almost all renowned astrologers run their own successful channels with a massive audience.
  • Announce special astrology readings for special occasions of the year like a Love Reading for Valentine’s Day or a New Year special for the start of the year. ‘The same can be done during the major transits of the year.
  • Perform SEO practice according to Digital trends.
  • Viral content (Videos, Blog, Article, Prediction) through the authentic way.
  • Build authentic back-links from referred businesses and perform classified.
  • Prefer some display advertising for well-disserved traffic.
  • Run a camp to collect free consultation queries also share timing and answers ways for specific issues then publish their answers queries incomplete 1 weekly session through videos & blogs.
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Note:  These strategies not enough for the Astrological business, after that you have to pay attention, monthly analysis, customer satisfaction, on-demand services, and many more, accordingly move forward to the next.

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