Security Measures Your Small Business Needs to Have

Security Measures Your Small Business Needs to Have
February 13, 2021 Comments Off on Security Measures Your Small Business Needs to Have Business, Finance, International, Other Priya Saha

Small businesses are surprisingly vulnerable to crime. While some owners think their businesses aren’t big enough to be targeted, it’s quite the opposite. The threats your business faces from theft – whether that theft is of property, cash, or data – may depend on the nature of your business, but as a general rule, these security measures can help protect your SMB.

Magnetic ID Card Access

You need to be able to control physical access to certain parts of your business. It may be as simple as keeping cash and other valuables in a safe or locking the office door, or it may entail blocking access to certain rooms except for certain individuals or during certain times.

Magnetic locks with security ID cards help you control for human error and limit access to all but the appropriate employees. Check out ID and security products that help you automate access to buildings or areas of your business. With an ID card printer, you can quickly create new IDs for new employees and implement a more robust security system.

Monitoring Equipment

Sometimes you can’t prevent theft, but you can find out who perpetrated it. CCTV cameras are an essential security tool, but one that’s often overlooked by small businesses. They can be deployed to catch criminals in the act or to deter crime altogether by making them clearly visible.

CCTV security systems also help protect employees, especially in retail environments. Monitoring equipment can deter violence from customers and other staff, as well as protect them from false accusations about their conduct.

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If you’re worried about issues like retail shrinkage, theft, or protecting sensitive areas of your business, CCTV cameras can help you monitor or deter movement through the premises.


Cybercrime is one of the leading threats to your business. Yes, even if you’re small. SMBs are the most frequent target of cybercrime, with over 70% of cyberattacks striking companies with fewer than a hundred employees.

Small businesses are often targeted because cybercriminals expect them to have weaker security measures. Don’t let your data get held for ransom. Take these cybersecurity measures:

  • Protect your data with a firewall,
  • Train employees so that they can recognize phishing scams,
  • Create a cybersecurity procedure that all employees should follow,
  • Include mobile devices in any cybersecurity plan you implement.

Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

Don’t forget about protecting your business’s intellectual property. Make sure you control the copyright of creative materials like ad campaigns, videos, written products, etc.

You can also be at risk of having copyrighted materials used without your permission. If you find materials that belong to your business have been copied online, take screenshots of the offending materials and find out where the site is hosted. If it’s U.S.-based, you can make a DMCA claim to have it taken down. Most other Western countries like Canada and the EU have their own copyright laws and mechanisms to help you take down infringing materials.

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