Top Technology Influencers in India in 2020

Top Technology Influencers in India in 2020
November 4, 2020 No Comments Business, Finance, Other Priya Saha

Are you passionate about the latest technology? Are you a tech freak? Is your browser history filled with technology-based websites? Then, here is the list of top technology influencers, who you should be following if you aren’t already.

We have handpicked each of these technology bloggers in India based on their frequency in blogging, quality of content, web ranking,  Domain Authority and their expertise in their niche of blogging.

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1) Shradha Sharma – YourStory

The only female blogger to be one of the top technology bloggers in India, Shradha Sharma is known for her globally recognized website, India’s largest media-tech company which was earlier started as in 2008. YourStory is a leading Internet startup house with the aim of bringing out the untold stories of entrepreneurship in India. Not just entrepreneurs but also investors, innovators, leaders, success stories, and change-makers thus inspiring readers. 

2) Amit Agarwal – Labnol

Started his journey as a blogger in 2004, Amit Agarwal personifies passion in technology and is known as the first Professional Technology blogger in India. A former IIT graduate and later quit his job at Goldman Sachs is the founder of Labnol, a blog that focuses on How-to- Guides and gives solutions for issues related to technology. He runs the India Blog School, a non-profit initiative that aims to spread the blogging culture in India. Microsoft awarded Amit the “Most Valuable Professional” for five years in a row while The Straits Time of Singapore mentions him as one of Asia’s Blog stars.

3) Raju PP – TechPP

An Electronic and communication Engineer graduate from Bangalore, Raju PP quit his job as a Technical Specialist at Infosys to follow his passion for blogging in 2009. He is the founder of TechPP, one of India’s top tech blogs focusing on all tech aspects ranging from SEO, Rank Tracking, and Web Hosting also sharing tips and guides on how to make technology more user friendly. TechPP is listed amongst the top web entrepreneurs and the most influential Indian in the field of Technology.

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4) Abhijeet Mukherjee – GuidingTech

Founder and CEO of Guiding Media, Abijetth Mukherjee is also the founder of GuidingTech, a premium tech content destination in India enabling readers to make purchase decisions, provide solutions to computer problems, Introduce new apps and tools to readers and publishing in-depth articles and insights on all kind of consumer tech topics.  Not just tech blogs, Abhijeet also has two successful YouTube channels – GuidingTech and GT Hindi. He’s definitely one technology influencer who should be on your radar.

5) Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud

With close to 1 million subscribers, ShoutMeLoud launched in 2008 is mainly for bloggers focusing on innovation in technology, SEO, and world-changing design creating an impact on businesses. What started out of passion is now an established career for Harsh Agrawal, the founder of ShoutMeLoud who is an engineering graduate by education, and a technology influencer and blogger by profession. The blog shares insights and news, and tips, tools, and tactics for new bloggers to improve content marketing and corporate storytelling.

6) Sandeep Jain – GeeksForGeeks

An IIT Roorkee alumnus, Sandeep Jain is passionate about solving problems related to systems programming, His portal was developed to provide informative, comprehensive and well-explained solutions for a variety of select questions related to programming, algorithm, and interview. Apart from having founded and successfully running GeeksforGeeks, this technology influencer has worked as an assistant professor with JIIT Noida and DE Shaw and Co. as a software developer.

7) Prabhudesai – is one of the leading Indian telecom blogs. Started in 2007 and founded by Arun Prabhudesai, an internet geek talks about telecom, internet, and mobile in his tech blog covering all aspects of business and modern culture making it a go-to place for valuable content. The ideal reason behind this is to keep readers in touch with the latest Indian Business and startups.

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8) Ashish Sinha – Next Big What

An IIT & IIM graduate, Ashish Sinha has varied work for more than 7 years and later decided to follow his passion which is the consumer industry focusing on product management. His love for technology had led to the development of NextBigWhat, one of the best tech blogs supporting Indian start-ups and businesses and also updates on every technology under the sun. From news to reviews, tips to tricks, hacks to updates, this tech blog has it all. 

9) Geetesh Bajaj  – 

Indezine, Founded in 2000 by Geetesh Bajaj, is a PowerPoint focused studio and content development organization that specializes in presentations, templates, storytelling, and design for Microsoft Powerpoint and other presentation software. Geetesh, a technology influencer in India, is an awarded Microsoft PowerPoint MVP. He has been designing and training with PowerPoint for more than two decades. The aim is to improve users’ presentation slides by adding abstract and slide elements like consistency, graphics, etc.

10) Imran Uddin – All Tech Buzz

Imran started blogging just to pen his thoughts on different topics; however, gradually, he understood and learned the crux and key elements of blogging, and is now a sought-after technology blogger in India. He writes on the latest consumer technology breakthrough, consumer electronics, and mobile technologies highlighting tech and human interaction on a daily basis. An entrepreneur by profession, he owns All Tech Media Pvt. Ltd, which offers Web Development, Blogging, and other SEO related services.

11) Jashpal Singh – Save Delete

Found in 2009, this blog shares new and unique Internet tips and tricks. Jaspal Singh, a leading technology influencer in India, is skilled in design and coding. Apart from the basic internet tips, he also shares advice on what software is worthy and what is not.

12) Srinivas Tamada – 9lessons

9 lessons is a must-follow blog for anyone passionate about programming. Srinivas is known for his comprehensive tutorials on various aspects of programming, web designing, and online coding be it CSS, Ajax, Jquery, etc. Blogger and entrepreneur, Mr. Tamada is a self-taught programmer and is a popular technology blogger in India who invented WallScript, a social networking service built using PHP, JQuery, REStful, Oembed, PDO, and OAuth helping understand the network better.

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13) Pradeep Kumar – HellBound Bloggers

Chennai-based Pradeep Kumar started HellBound Bloggers blog when he was 17 updating articles on SEO, WordPress, Social Media, useful technological tools, business tips, and eCommerce, among many others. HellBound Bloggers is one of the well-aligned and UX-friendly blogs giving insights and information to technology influencers, bloggers, as well as tech freaks.

14) Rajesh Namse – TechLila

Founded in 2012, TechLila is an encyclopedia for the latest technological news providing a lot of How-to guides, tips, tricks, hacks, and insights. Passionate about SEO and blogging, Rajesh Namse has 5 other people contributing to the blog primarily in various roles. This blog also accepts relevant blog posts to guest authors.

15) Ankit Kumar Singla – Blogger Tips Tricks

A full-time blogger, an SEO guru, technology influencer, and a part-time web designer, Ankit Kumar Singla is one of the youngest professional bloggers. His blog mostly contains technical tips and tricks for other technology bloggers to read and follow. His tool recommendation blog posts are quite useful and widely shared.

16) Ankit Prakash – Sprout24

Founder Easy Sendy and Co-founder of Aritic, a marketing automation platform with artificial intelligence, Ankit Prakash, who blogs at Sprout24 is an entrepreneur and a full-time digital marketer. His blog contains posts about anything and everything you need to know about digital marketing. With a simple and elegant look, his blog covers major aspects of digital marketing like Google Adwords, Email marketing, and so much more.

Do you follow these technology influencers? Share with us some of your favourite technology bloggers in India in the comments section. Also, check out our list of the top automobile and sports bloggers in India.

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