Ways to Improve Business Productivity with Office 365

Ways to Improve Business Productivity with Office 365
March 5, 2021 No Comments Business, Information Technology, Other, Technology Priya Saha

There’s always a scope of improvement in every business. Whether it’s efficiency, revenue or productivity, you can always improve something. And this is what this blog is all about. Here you’ll find what office 365 is and how it can improve business productivity for you.

If you want to learn more and are curious, read along.

What is Office 365

You can think of Office 365 as a paid service that gives you access to different office applications. You need not buy every office application separately if you have Office 365 subscription. Here’s what you’ll typically get with an Office 365 subscription: –

  • Access to office Apps
  • Skype Minutes
  • One Drive Storage
  • Exchange Online hosted email for business
  • Lync Web Conferencing
  • & more

5 ways to Increase Business Productivity with Office 365

Here are the five most common yet effective ways of increasing productivity with office 365: –

1.     Office 365 can improve your availability 

The more time you’re available for, the more is the productivity. And office 365 perfectly ensures this. A user can sync the Office 365 apps on 5 different devices. It can be your smartphone, tablet, computer or even laptop. This enables your team and management to respond to or check emails on the go.

Some applications are platform-specific. However, office 365 breaks this barrier. You can access all the office 365 apps from your computer browser and your mobile browser. This way, you can be available all the time and respond better. And all this amounts to better business productivity.

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2.     Office 365 can boost team collaboration and reduce communication gaps.

Businesses usually face productivity loss when either the team is not involved or there’s a communication gap. However, this won’t be a problem with Office 365 in place. It comes with a ton of tools that foster teamwork and collaboration.

These tools can help your organization connect better and reduce communication gaps. Here are some tools and their significances: –

  • Shared calendars: With shared calendars, you can plan your day better. You can Sync Exchange calendars with your team. This way, you can set up meetings and update your schedule on the calendar. It’ll be visible to your entire team.

This will save you the effort of going back and forth for scheduling a meeting. And when you save time, business productivity increases.

  • SharePoint:  You can connect to and create coauthoring with SharePoint. It’ll help multiple users edit one document. Also, you can track what changes were made by whom.
  • Yammer: Yammer is like a mini social media network for your organization. You can engage with your team by sharing polls, images, graphs, etc. It boosts project collaborations.
  • Skype for Business: It’s an application for internal communication. You can do video conferencing, send text messages, share screens with this application. All in all, when the teams are large, skype for business keeps them connected.

All these tools are foundational for all kinds of organizations. So, make sure to opt for office 365 to boost business productivity.

3.     Office 365 can boost mobility. 

Office 365, as you know, is based on a cloud-based server. So, everything you see at the office, you can see that at your home as well through your mobile. It’s because the applications are not platform-specific, which boosts mobility. And if you’re mobile, you’re automatically productive.

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4.     Office 365 can help you interact with your team virtually.

Meetings never necessarily require your physical presence. According to a report, companies lose around $37 billion because of unproductive meetings. However, you can change this with Office 365. When you have tools like Skype for business, why do you need physical meetings, right?

You can look at the participants, share their screens, listen to them, and even address them using Skype for business. All in all, you can do everything you would in a physical meeting on skype for business and be more productive.

If you ever used Skype for business or a similar tool, you would have known the importance of virtual meetings in this pandemic. So, save time and money, and opt for virtual and productive meetings.

5.     Office 365 can help you store more data on the cloud.

Storing, managing, and retrieving data is always a hassle. One has to maintain storage devices and make sure to take a backup of the same. It’s both time and resource-consuming. However, with office 365, you can manage this quite well.

Every user of Office 365 gets 1TB of personal storage and 50GBs of mail storage. And this is around 17,000 hours of music and 200,000 photos. The best part is all this doesn’t require a physical hard drive. As Office 365 deals with cloud storage, everything goes all the way to the cloud.

Also, this storage is accessible 24/7/365. Whether you have a phone, laptop, or computer, you can access the info anytime, anywhere. This reduces the hassle of managing tons of data and boosts business productivity.

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Is Office 365 meant for large organizations?

Nope. If you think like that, you’re mistaken. Office 365 offers good flexibility to its users. There are different plans suited to different organizations. Here are the plans: –

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 Apps

All of the above plans have different features and different pricing options. So, you can select the one that fits best with your organization. Office 365 is for everyone. It depends on how you make the best of it.


Some of you might think,” Is Office 365 worth the investment”. And it’s quite justified. After all, you’ll always want your money to go into the right channel. But fortunately, Office 365 is completely worth your time and money.

The kind of applications, features, and benefits It brings along is amazing. The service is paid, but the plans are quite affordable. Also, there are numerous options to choose from. Office 365 is for every company, big and small, that wants to improve business productivity.

If you fall in the above vertical, go for Office 365 now!

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