Category: Digital Marketing

Category: Digital Marketing

Best Tricks Used By Experts To Get Free Instagram Followers
September 1, 2020 Business, City, Digital Marketing, International, Social Media Priya Saha

Instagram feeds our self-centeredness hand in hand with the number of “Likes and Followers” that we are able to accumulate. Ordinary people use it but also companies and VIPs from the world of fashion, music and entertainment. Everyone wants to have their own digital stage but it is often not easy to emerge with their

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Understanding the Importance of Promotion and Marketing Strategies in Business
September 1, 2020 Business, Digital Marketing, Education, Entrepreneurship, International Priya Saha

The Business Promotion is the process of presenting the company and the services they are offering or selling goods to its targeted customers by using the various marketing and communication tools. Promotional activities are important for building and maintaining the brand awareness. The business promotion includes all the following activities related to Marketing – Advertising

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Five Tips for Marketing Your Crowdfunding Campaign
September 1, 2020 Business, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Finance, Information Technology, International Priya Saha

Every year, slightly over $17 billion is generated via crowdfunding. Today, crowdfunding has become one of the most effective ways for new businesses to reach their target market and raise funds for their products and services. Traditionally, these budding companies would be forced to rely on loans or tough investment strategies—and getting in touch with

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A Glance at Preeminent Seo Tools For Website
August 25, 2020 Digital Marketing, Social Media, Technology Ajay Dalal

The practice of increasing traffic to your website through search results is termed as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. SEO Services is gaining top search results by the search engine to make your websites more relevant than others. Keywords play a dominant role as pages are created focusing on keywords. The search engine shows the results of

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5 of the Most Innovative Chatbots on the Web
August 7, 2020 Business, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, International, Other Priya Saha

If you’ve at any point acquainted with customer support live chat administration, you’ve presumably encountered that unclear, sneaking doubt that the “individual” you’re chatting with might really be a robot. Like the endearingly hardened robots, we’ve seen in innumerable motion pictures – heartbreaking, pathetic machines tormented by their horrendously confined enthusiastic range, needlessly planning to

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How to use SEO in your Web Design
May 21, 2020 Digital Marketing John

How to use SEO in your Web Design The term SEO holds a lot of weight. We understand how important it is to the success of our website but many make the mistake of leaving it until the end. Or, even worse, it’s left out of our website design all together. SEO should be the

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An overview of architecture and modeling in Cassandra
April 16, 2020 Business, City, Digital Marketing, Education, Entertainment, International, Jobs & Education, Other, Programming, Social Media, Technology Priya Saha

assandra uses a peer-to-peer architecture, unlike a master-slave architecture, which is prone to single point of failure (SPOF) problems. Cassandra is deployed on multiple machines with each machine acting as a node in a cluster. Data is autosharded, that is, automatically distributed across nodes using key-based sharding, which means that the keys are used to distribute the

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Implementing Common Design Patterns in JavaScript (ES8)
April 10, 2020 Business, City, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, International, Life, Other, Programming, Social Media, Technology Priya Saha

In this tutorial, we’ll see how common design patterns can be used as blueprints for organizing larger structures. Defining steps with template functions A template is a design pattern that details the order a given set of operations are to be executed in; however, a template does not outline the steps themselves. This pattern is useful when

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Introducing Android 9 Pie, filled with machine learning and baked-in UI features
April 10, 2020 Business, City, Digital Marketing, Education, Jobs & Education, Other, Programming, Social Media, Technology Priya Saha

Google has launched Android 9, the next in line Android Operating system. Named Android Pie, after Android’s convention of naming their OS on sweet treats, Android 9 comes with machine learning based interactive UI, security and privacy features, updates to connectivity and location, and more. With the filling of Machine Learning With Machine learning as its core, Android 9 helps a phone learn,

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Ways Your Ecommerce Website Development Can Help You Get More Business
April 5, 2020 Business, City, Digital Marketing, Education, International, Other, Technology Priya Saha

Online stores need to boost traffic and conversions. Putting together a stratagem that is effective can be quite tough. In the second quarter of 2015, U.S. retail online sales smashed $83.9 billion (which includes 6.6% of total sales in the country). With 110,000 eCommerce websites in America, running a virtual store looks like one easy option. However,

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