Category: Health

Category: Health

Common Indian Misconceptions Standing In The Way Of Our Mental Wellbeing
January 8, 2021 Health, International, Other Priya Saha

1. Misconception: Mental illness is not a real illness. Mental disorders are real illnesses—just like physical disorders. They are genuine health problems and need effective treatment just like any other physical illness. 2. Misconception: Mental illness is God’s way of punishing us for our past sins. NO! Mental illness is not a result of sin and

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Staying Emotionally Healthy During the Holidays 
December 31, 2020 Entertainment, Health, Religious, Spiritual PLI Leadership

Staying Emotionally Healthy During the Holidays  Every year during the Christmas holidays we are bombarded with all the facets of gift-giving and socializing, of abundance and celebration. Even in the best of times, pressures can mount as we try to navigate expectations of the ideal. We all know that this year is different. A global

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Few Steps to Overcome Your FEAR of CONFLICT & Get COMFY w/ CONFRONTATION
December 25, 2020 Education, Family & Community, Health, Life Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Modern society trains us from a very early age to avoid conflict. Your parents, your teachers, your boss — everybody has an easier time raising you if you sit down, shut up, and happily follow their rules… Overall, this is likely a winning strategy. Human conflict is the cause of some pretty serious atrocities in

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Know the Top Significant Reasons to Buy Health Insurance
December 2, 2020 Business, Finance, Health, International, Other Priya Saha

Medical insurance policy safeguards you from unforeseen and high medical expenses. Here are the top reasons why it is crucial. Having a health insurance plan that shields you and your family during a medical crisis is vital as healthcare is becoming expensive, especially in private hospitals. Hospitalization and treatment expenses can deplete your finances. The significance

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No Insurance? Don’t Be Caught Unprepared!
December 2, 2020 Business, Finance, Health, International, Life, Other Priya Saha

It’s not easy to be prepared to face every challenge that is thrown at you. If you’ve ever been in an auto accident while having no insurance plan, you know what we mean. When you have auto insurance, you will still need to come out of pocket to cover your deductible. What is a deductible?

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Tips for Achieving your Family Goals
December 1, 2020 Family & Community, Health, International, Life, Other Priya Saha

Babies are a blessing to you as a mother as they bring joy and laughter. The excitement is even more when your partner is ready to help you take care of your bundle of joy. Women’s Care in Trinity understands that family planning is a sensitive but essential matter for you and your partner. The use

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Secure Your Health Insurance with These Tips
December 1, 2020 Finance, Health, International, Other Priya Saha

You must have heard that the famous slogan ‘health is wealth’. If you have good health, then you will have all the energy to do things all day. The most important thing which is peace of mind also depends on your health condition. But sometimes situations don’t favor and unfortunately, bad things happen. In these

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Famous Healthcare Professionals You Should Know
December 1, 2020 Health, International, Medical, Other Priya Saha

Medicine and healthcare are two of the world’s most important fields of study and despite being incredibly dense and competitive industries, there are several healthcare professionals whose contributions to the field have led the world towards a brighter future. This article profiles some of the most famous healthcare practitioners; from western medicine doctors to alternative

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A Great Fat Burner is Worth every Penny Spent.
December 1, 2020 Food, Health, Other Priya Saha

The kitchen has all the essential things you need for you to stay active, healthy, and fit. However, discipline always counts. What you have in your kitchen can perhaps make you stay healthy or make you go fat.  Have you been using different kinds of fat burners for women just to achieve your body shape? Or have

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What are the main vitamins in Cauliflower and Broccoli?
December 1, 2020 Food, Health, Life, Other Priya Saha

In the world of sports, we can get used to a tribal nature – a means of looking at anyone on “your” team with a halo, and anyone on “their” team with a set of devil horns. This is common; we become used to seeing one as good and one as bad. However, this tribalism

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