Category: Health

Category: Health

Living with OCD and anxiety disorder is nightmare during Coronavirus
April 1, 2020 Health Dr. Radesh Suri

Amita first showed signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder during her adolescent. It initially took the shape of harmless quirks, like organizing dolls & dinosaur toys by shape, number and color. As she grew symptoms crept in, such as being afraid of public doorknobs or worrying that she’d use a bad egg when baking and cause someone

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CORONAVIRUS का डॉक्टर आपके अंदर ही बैठा है —- Boost Your Immunity At Home With AYURVEDA
March 21, 2020 Health Ammy Gill

CORONAVIRUS ?? —- Boost Your Immunity At Home With Home Remedies … ???? ??? ????? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ? ????? diet ???? ???? ?????? ??? lifestyle ??? ???? change ???? ??? ?? ??? ? ????? ??????? ????? ????? Immunity ???? strong ?? ???? ?? coronavirus ??? ??? ?

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Do We Have an Instinctive Urge to Be Kind?
March 19, 2020 Business, City, Culture, Education, Health, Home & Garden, Medical, Nature, Other, Relationship, Science Priya Saha

This is one of the implications that John M. Darley and C. Daniel Batson considered in their famous 1973 “Good Samaritan” study. In an ironic turn of events, some theology students on their way to deliver a lecture on the Good Samaritan—about how spiritually important it is to be helpful—did not stop to assist someone slumped

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How to Stop Your Smartphone from Hurting Your Health
March 19, 2020 Business, City, Health, Information Technology, International, Medical, Other, Technology Priya Saha

As psychologist Chris Willard often says, our phones can be our greatest enemy or greatest friend. While they can save us time and energy, educate and entertain us, and keep us safe in emergencies, they can also distract us from the things we need in life to stay happy and healthy.  And that distraction is often more

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How a Little Humor Can Improve Your Work Life
March 13, 2020 City, Culture, Education, Environment, Family & Community, Health, Hobbies & Leisure, International, Life, Nature, Other Priya Saha

Why do we laugh at movies like Office Space or shows like The Office? What’s so funny about work? For one student in the GGSC’s online Foundations of Happiness at Work course, humor is found in everyday faux pas. Steve from California shared, “During a meeting, my boss complimented our colleague…saying how handsome he is. The team felt awkwardly

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What You Can Learn About Changing Your Habits from Our Podcast
March 13, 2020 Business, City, Culture, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Health, International, Jobs & Education, Life, Other, Relationship Priya Saha

On almost every episode of the GGSC’s Science of Happiness podcast, we invite a guest to try out a different research-tested happiness practice, drawn from another GGSC site, Greater Good in Action. Our guests have discovered that choosing the right goals—not to mention sticking with them—is a challenge. Over the years, they’ve stumbled upon obstacles and insights

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How to Go Through Life with Love in Your Heart
March 13, 2020 City, Education, Health, Life, Medical, Other, Relationship Priya Saha

How do you react to difficult emotions like anxiety, guilt, or anger? Many of us have the habit of judging ourselves and others harshly, drawing lines of blame that separate us from each other. But there’s another way, writes internationally recognized meditation teacher Tara Brach in her new book. Radical Compassion is a way of practicing acceptance

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Want to Change Your Life? Try Self-Compassion
March 12, 2020 Beauty, City, Family & Community, Health, Hobbies & Leisure, Life, Medical, Other, Relationship Priya Saha

So often we feel stuck in our lives. Maybe we’re in a dead-end job, or we can’t seem to find a healthy romantic relationship, or we keep procrastinating on starting to exercise. As we struggle to improve our lives, we may become dispirited, feeling as if we’ve missed our chance and it’s just too late.

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How Cosleeping Can Help You and Your Baby
March 12, 2020 City, Education, Health, International, Life, Medical, Other, Relationship Priya Saha

Few parenting conversations in early childhood elicit as much angst and judgment as the one about our children’s sleep: Where should they sleep, and how do we get them to sleep through the night? We label newborn babies as “good,” or not, depending on how much they disturb us in the nighttime, or we believe babies’

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Building a Passion for Lifelong Learning
February 28, 2020 Business, City, Education, Environment, Family & Community, Health, Home & Garden, International, Life, Nature, Relationship, Travel Priya Saha

If there is one thing that can help you reach your full potential, it’s this: a passion for lifelong learning. This one thing can make the difference between reaching your full potential and just living an average life. Unfortunately, many people equate education with formal education. They think they only need to learn while they are in academic

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