Top Guest posts Sites | High Authority Guest Blogging Sites | The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

Top Guest posts Sites | High Authority Guest Blogging Sites | The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging
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Guest posts let website owners show their expertise, improve their search engine results, and boost their marketing. We’re building a growing list of places that accept guest posts below, so check them out. When you’re done, scroll down to read why and how you should be spreading your guest posts around the Web.

Top Guest Posting Sites


One of the leading sources for news, entertainment, personal stories, wellness, style, technology and the trendiest topics Guest blogs. It’s the perfect place for those writing in multiple areas. LoogleBiz website where hundreds of Expert writers publish articles and videos for over 1,094+ topics. If you’re confident about what you know, this might be a good place for you to write. Check their content guidelines once.

A List Apart

A List Apart is aimed at people who make websites. It’s also aimed at people who want to write for the website, with an open submission policy. 

Accounting Web

Accounting Web is mostly about taxes and reporting and auditing. But it also runs posts about business life and company management.

Addictive Tips

Addictive Tips is all about how-tos. You can learn how to transcribe audio with Office, enable low power mode on a Mac, and so on. It’s a place for specialist tips.


Adweek is an important source of information about advertising and brand marketing. It’s pre-digital and reaches more than 6 million professionals across platforms.

All Business

All Business provides information for small businesses, covering finance, staffing, ops, and more. It provides plenty of information for would-be contributors.

Basic Blog Tips

Basic Blog Tips is about blogging and article writing. It has an unusual pitch approach. You’ll need to call and leave a voice message.


Benzinga covers topics ranging from investing and stock markets to ideas and cannabis. It has guidelines for guest posts.


BizSugar covers sales, marketing, operations, finance and staffing, and they claim to make it fun. It’s also a sharing site, so anyone can contribute.

Blog Dash

Blog Dash covers content creation and content marketing. It’s written by bloggers and accepts guests post… but unusually, Blog Dash demands payment for accepting posts.

Blog Engage

Blog Engage is like a cross between a forum and what Huffington Post used to be. Open an account, and you can create your own post and benefit from the site’s audience.


Blogher describes itself as a community whose members support and celebrate each other. It’s aimed at women, and provides a place for women to share their expertise. You can join their content network here.

Born Digital

Born Digital covers a range of e-commerce topics with a focus on digital enhancements to online service.


Bplans helps entrepreneurs gets their businesses up and running. They’re looking for guest posts on topics from inspiration to pitching to funding. See their guidelines here.

Business Insider

Business Insider has always been about more than business. It has a range of verticals but don’t expect an easy ride to a guest post. accepts guest posts about business and entrepreneurialism which it shares with its 190,000-plus members. 


Business2Community is mostly about marketing, both B2B and B2C.

Business opportunities come in a range of forms, from franchises to freelancing. This site covers them all, and accepts guest posts.


BuzzFeed is a strange mixture of clickbait headlines for young audiences and serious journalism for serious readers. The place to start is BuzzFeed Community.

Career Metis

Career Metis provides information for job-seekers and freelancers. It has more than 1,400 contributors who reach 30,000 visitors each month. There’s room for more contributors.


Clickfire covers entrepreneurial topics and online marketing. It also carries listicles and clickbait, and it accepts contributions.


Clickz provides content about digital marketing and advertising, with information about branding, video, data, and more. You can become a contributor or submit an article.

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute teaches content marketing. It also runs a blog that lets contributors pitch guest posts. Check out their guidelines.


Contently helps brands connect with people through great stories, while helping freelance creatives grow their careers. It talks about content and matches content writers with brands. It also has a couple of blogs: one for content strategists, and one for freelancers.

Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert’s blog is written by social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and customer experience professionals.


Copyblogger provides expertise on content marketing and content production. It even has courses and certifications for content writers. It’s one way to spread your words.

Crazy Egg

The blog on Neil Patel’s Crazy Egg provides a range of business-oriented content from marketing and conversion to branding and copywriting.

Customer Think

Customer Think calls itself “the world’s largest online community dedicated to customer-centric business strategy.” That it’s a community means that it takes contributions.

Dazzling Point

Dazzling Point is a blog about fashion. Posts cover outfit ideas, advice to dress children, and ways to stay warm and look good in winter. It has an Indian outlook, with plenty of information about kurti and sarees, and it takes guest posts.


DragDropr is a tool that lets designers drag and drop elements to build their websites. It also provides tips and guides for website builders and is looking for 1,000-word guest posts.

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing is a marketing consultancy and speaker service. But it also has a blog covering marketing topics from tools to strategy and SEO.

Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man provides tips for life. They include money advice, lifehacks, and relationship help. They’re looking for contributors.


Entrepreneur magazine is all about business-building, and it has a “leadership network” that takes guest posts.

Famous Bloggers

Famous Bloggers is all about guest posting. Right from its home page, it invites contributors to write for them to get noticed by others.

Fashion Insiders

Fashion Insiders aims to help start ups and small brands to build fashion businesses. It explains the entire fashion process, from design to delivery. It’s looking for guest posts of at least 700 words.

Fast Company

Fast Company focuses on tech and is best known for its print magazine. Bring some expertise.


Feedster is a business-oriented site with topics that range from Accounting to YouTube. Guest posts have covered marketing, fitness, insurance, and more.


Forbes might be best known for its print magazine, but its website also has space for contributors and guest posts. You’ll need to meet their requirements and maintain their standards.

Geek Estate Blog

The Geek Estate Blog focuses on real estate technology and online marketing. Its audience consists of real estate agents and brokers, but also founders, vendors, and consultants. It has pitch guidelines.


Gigaom isn’t just about technology, it’s also pretty technical. Think cloud infrastructure, devops, and AI. If that’s your thing, it has a blog.

Grow Map

Grow Map’s blog offers proven ways to generate traffic. It also warns readers about methods that don’t work. Check the blog’s style then offer to contribute.

GSM Arena

GSM Arena covers just about every kind of mobile phone. It’s packed with reviews but it’s also willing to take suggestions.

Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review usually publishes articles from business school teachers and researchers. Expect to pitch something academic or a case study.

HellBound Bloggers

Hellbound Bloggers provides information about blogging and online business-building. They have more than 600 guest authors and are looking for guest posts on blogging, social media, technology, and WordPress.

HR Zone

HR Zone runs posts about human resources, recruitment, and employment. It’s run by the same media company as Accounting Web and Training Zone. You can see the guest post submission guidelines here.

Huffington Post

The Granddaddy of guest posting, Huffington Post isn’t as open as it used to be but you can still submit ideas on topics ranging from news to innovation and lifestyle.

Income Diary

Income Diary has published hundreds of articles in the decade-plus that it has been telling people how to make money online. It sometimes even pays for posts.

Intense Blog

Intense Blog offers to give its readers “tools and resources to run a kickass blog.” It’s all about how to create content, publish posts, and improve online marketing. It wants contributors.

I Love Free Software

I Love Free Software doesn’t actually give away software. But it does tell you where you can find it and how you can make the most of it.


iamwire stands for Internet and Mobile Wire. It’s aimed at entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers at early-stage technology businesses. It takes contributions with expertise and views.

iBlog Zone

iBlogZone discusses marketing, social media, SEO, marketing, money, and more. It has detailed guidelines that explain exactly what it’s looking for in a guest post.


Like Entrepreneur, Inc. is all about entrepreneurialism and business. It covers a broad range of topics, from start-ups to leadership.


Inc42 is aimed at the Indian start-up ecosystem, covering the stories of entrepreneurs, and writing about innovation and businesses. It’s looking for guest posts.


Inspirationfeed is a design magazine for creative entrepreneurs, designers, and freelancers who can enjoy its case studies, guidelines and tips. Some topics are a little clickbait-y and it occasionally closes its guest posts so check before you pitch.

Intense Blog

Intense Blog provides information about blogging and content creation. It’s looking for tips about blogging, online moneymaking, and web design and tutorials. is a big site. It generates about 3 billion monthly pageviews from more than 46 million uniques interested in investment news and advice. It takes contributions.


Kikolani is all about online business, community-building, and writing. Categories include marketing, strategy, and reviews. Ask if you can help.

Killer Startups

Killer Startups tells the stories of small businesses trying to become big businesses. They’re looking for your story.


Lifehacker offers quick cheats for a better life. Lifehack is about productivity and coaching. It’s a place for experts. It also welcomes guest posts.


Lifehacker is all about better, smarter living. They also have open submissions.

Live Write Thrive

Live Write Thrive is all about the art of writing. So your posts are going to need to be well-written and about writing itself. It’s not for everyone but you can see the site’s requirements here.


Another site that’s all about showing your skills, this time in hacking and crafting. The way in is through the community hub.

Marketing Land

Marketing Land discusses digital marketing, providing daily news coverage, trends, feature announcements and product changes. It also takes guests posts from experts.

Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs is filled with insights from marketing professionals. It provides information about B2B marketing, digital marketing, and so much more. You can ask to write a guest post but expect a 3-4 month wait!

Media Contribute

Media Contribute covers the world of marketing and media. Some of its content is technical but it also accepts insider pieces and op-ed commentaries of 500-700 words.


Mirasee is all about online teaching and courses: turning your expertise into cash. It does run guest posts but only by invitation.

Money Saving Mom

A site that targets the nexus between family, finance, and saving. It takes guest posts and has guidelines here.

My Customer

My Customer covers marketing, sales, and customer experience. Be sure to check the submission guidelines before making your pitch.

New Atlas

New Atlas covers science, technology, transport and lifestyle. It’s been around for nearly twenty years and reaches four million unique visitors a month.


Noobpreneur caters to small business owners and business professionals, helping them to become better entrepreneurs. You can read their contributor guidelines here.

One Extra Pixel

One Extra Pixel is an online magazine and for designers and web developers. It’s based in Singapore and shares tips, news, and tutorials. It takes contributions.

Opensource publishes daily stories about open source software and Linux. It comes from Red Hat. You can send in an article proposal.

Outbrain Blog

Outbrain pushes content to publishers but it also has its own content: a blog filled with advice on topics from affiliate marketing to video marketing.

Pick The Brain

Pick the Brain focuses on self-improvement, which makes it a great place for coaches and experts. It also welcomes guest posts.


Psfk provides reports on strategy, retail and innovation. It supplies intelligence to brands, retailers, and agencies. Don’t expect pitching here to be easy!


Readwrite is all about the Internet of Things and the Connected world, and that’s all it’s looking for from contributors.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is all about search engines and digital marketing. It takes guest post but pitches have to be made in person!

Search Engine People

Search Engine People is aimed at an audience of search engine optimizers and search engine marketers. It also has a blog.

Search Engine Roundtable

The Search Engine Roundtable is a forum for search engine optimization experts. Submitting posts here starts with creating a thread, generating a discussion, then alerting the site to bring it to the story board.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is a community for search marketers. It attracts more than 1.3 million readers, and invites guest posts.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha covers investments and accepts guest posts from professional and individual investors.

Self Growth

Self Growth is all about self-improvement. Topics cover relationships, finances, spirituality, and much more. Each topic has a section for contributions.


SEMRush provides marketing tools for digital marketing professionals. It also has a blog covering various aspects of search engine marketing and optimization.


SiteProNews targets webmasters, and accepts guest posts on topics ranging from SEO and social media to site promotion and site ranking. They have a call for writers.

Small Biz Trends

Small Business Trends is aimed at small business owners and  entrepreneurs. It does more than offer trends though, and covers all advice for business-builders.

Small Business Bonfire

The Small Business Bonfire is a collaborative community for entrepreneurs who share small business content about startups, marketing, productivity, and more.

Smart Insights

Smart Insights is a publisher and online learning platform teaching members how to make the most of their marketing. The company has its own team but it also has an Expert Commentator database made up of experts and specialists.


Small Business CEO includes how-tos, articles and resources for small businesses. It’s looking for original articles.

Sociable Blog

Sociable Blog covers social networking and social media. It reviews new social networks, community sites, and web tools. It’s also looking for guest posts of at least 750 words.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner covers the latest trends and developments in social media marketing. It’s the main publication in the field, and it takes guest posts.

Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer is filled with content about social media marketing, its trends and challenges. It’s looking for guest posts from bloggers and vloggers.

Specky Geek

Specky Geek is about blogging, search engine optimization, social media, and online marketing. It takes articles from fellow bloggers.


StartupNation covers business growth and entrepreneurialism, and accepts guest posts who want to share their insights and advice.

StyleUp 365

StyleUp 365 provides advice and information about on fashion, styling and beauty. It takes contributions about fashion but wants them positive and upbeat.

Suave Women

Suave Women presents women’s stories from around the world. Its covers female empowerment stories, beauty, fashion trends and also relationship and career advice. It has contribution guidelines.

Tech Republic

Tech Republic is aimed at technology professionals. Its content talks about DaaS providers, Python, and cybersecurity. It also has plenty of contributing writers. tries to help people make tech purchase decisions, whether hardware, software, or tech services.


Techniblogic offers a broad mixture of tech-related content. Articles have discussed drones, horoscope apps, and Hindi dubbing on Netflix. It takes guest posts and provides a list of recommended subjects.

Technically Easy

Paul Salmon’s Technically Easy blog shares solutions for technical problems. He takes guest posts but they have to be at least 1,000 words.


TechnoBuffalo is consumer-oriented. There’s some tech content but also plenty of lifestyle and household goods advice.

Template Monster

Template Monster’s audience is made up of designers and developers. The company has been around for nearly twenty years, and while it’s focused on templates, it also has a blog about Web design.

The Blog Herald

The Blog Herald is a serious publication with guides, interviews, and features about content creation. It also has an open invitation for guest posts.

The Next Web

The Next Web is probably best known for its tech events but its website does also have a blog—and an invitation to share your story.

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is about more than saving pennies. It covers retail, savings, financial advice, and much more. It takes submissions.

The Secrets of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have too many secrets but this site promises to spill some beans. Anyone can help but it’s looking for long posts and has requirements.

The Verge

The Verge covers the world of technology, science, creativity, and entertainment. It takes pitches.

Tidy Repo

Tidy Repo is a curated repository of WordPress pluginsIt also provides short, reviews that are easy to understand and has a blog that’s all about WordPress.


Torque is all about marketing and Web development, and all in relation to WordPress. Categories include plugins, themes, and community. Torque is looking for articles of 500 to 1,300 words relevant to WordPress professionals.

Training Zone

Training Zone is all about education, learning, and training. It comes from the same media company as Accounting Web, and you can make your pitch here.

Tricky Enough

Tricky Enough  produces articles on topics such as WordPress, technology, SEO, SMO, and making money online. It accepts guests posts and also shares revenue for posts that generate lots of views.

Tweak Your Biz

Tweak Your Biz offers advice on topics ranging from business and sales to finance and marketing, as well as growth and tech. You can pitch them a story.

Venture Beat

VentureBeat publishes guest posts from experts who can talk about trends, emerging technologies, and tech innovation. Start with the guidelines.

We Blog Better

We Blog Better is a site-building service with a blog that explains how to improve traffic flows and create better content. It publishes guest posts.


WikiHow uses a specific format but it’s still a great place to show off your expertise. Start here.

Wise Bread

Wise Bread is all about the money: personal finance, credit cards, and budgeting. You can apply to become a blogger or be listed in the site’s personal finance blog directory.

Women on Business

Women on Business tells women when they need to be successful in the business world. It takes weekly contributions and individual content submissions.

Women Partner

Women Partner covers a broad range of topics of interest to women, and in particular, women in business. That includes fashion, electronics, and product reviews. It takes contributions.

Wonder How To

Wonder How To opens with a page of technology but it actually has verticals that range from arts and crafts to travel and video games. There’s enough for everyone.

Write To Done

Write to Done is all about writing: fiction and non-fiction, as well as motivation and marketing. You can see their guest post contributor guidelines here.


YoungUpstarts publishes stories and thought leadership pieces for entrepreneurs, especially young people making a difference.

Your Escape from 9 to 5

Your Escape from 9 to 5 is all about blogging, with an emphasis on infographics. It takes both, on topics ranging from content creation through SEO to entrepreneurship. It has clear word counts and also accepts infographics.

Well-known Sites for Guest Blogging

Some of the best guest blogging sites are-


Copyblogger is the leading source for getting an online content marketing education. Their mission is to ensure that all the articles and blogs on their website are well-written, relevant, and practical. If you want to post on their site, you need to demonstrate exceptional written skills.

 Social Media Examiner

 Social Media Examiner is very strict about guest posting and that’s because they only publish well-researched and detailed work. If you wish to guest post here, you have to be patient. You need to prove your writing capabilities and expertise to them.

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If you are interested in marketing, you can write for CMO Magazine. CMO gives insights into the online marketing world. It helps executives, managers, and team members so that they can produce brilliant marketing campaigns and succeed in the digital marketing world. It is one of the best sites for guest posting where you can connect with people in your niche. By doing so, you can generate leads and you can boost traffic to your website.


Hubspot is a website that provides software, services, and resources that aid in digital marketing.

Hubspot is a great place to showcase your marketing expertise through guest blogging. Currently, it is one of the best guest blogging sites.

 Design Milk

If you have expertise in art, then consider contributing to Design Milk

Design Milk is dedicated to modern design. It encompasses interior decorating, architecture, travel, fashion, and technology. The website has an artistic, modern layout. Design Milk is a great website to be featured on. 

 Business Insider

Business Insider is a reliable resource that professionals from different industries turn to when they need expert advice. Be sure that you are qualified to offer expert-level advice before you submit your post here.

 Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine focuses on web development and design. People at Smashing Magazine are interested in guest blog posts that contain helpful ideas, tips, and techniques. It is considered one of the best guest blogging sites.

 Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch is a great option when it comes to guest posting. Tech crunch focuses on investment and finance. The publication does not try to find guest posts. You can submit your post in the “Got a tip” section where they describe their monthly themes and their needs. specializes in practical advice, services, and tools for small businesses.

You will find:

  • Insightful interviews and tips from industry experts
  • Helpful online business articles
  • They have a print magazine that is quite popular in the United States of America.


PandaDoc is a site that helps people to sell things. It is among the best guest blogging sites.

People at PandaDoc are looking for articles based on automation, sales and marketing, and document management. If this is your niche, you should certainly try to guest post for them.


MarketingProfs is created specifically for people who work in marketing. For your guest post to succeed in this space, you need to include a lot of insights in your post.


Medium is the best place to guest blog if you have expertise in any kind of technology or science. This site covers everything from medical sciences to articles about financial trends. This is a good opportunity to drive traffic to your site as there are over 120 million readers. Medium is the most preferred platform in its niche and is one of the best guest blogging sites.

Lesser Known Sites for Guest Blogging


ReadWrite focuses on tech news and useful insights for entrepreneurs. The main categories on this site are Artificial Intelligence, smart cities, connected services, start-ups, etc. It offers advice on how to make use of a remote workforce to improve your business.

Web And Designers

Web And Designers is a crowdsourcing forum for web developers and designers. It is mainly used for problem-solving and resource sharing.


 ShoutMeLoud offers:

  •  Online marketing tips
  • Online money-making advice
  • Practical advice for internet success

 iTech Engine

iTech Engine is a popular tech blog that handles computer tips and tricks, Windows, hacking tricks, MacOS tricks, tutorials, reviews of free applications, tips for Ubuntu, and registry tweaks.

HarshitSingal is a PR2 blog that offers information about traffic-building techniques and search engines.

It covers gaming, tech news, computers, software, mobile, etc.

 Basic Blog Tips

Basic Blog Tips is a website dedicated to helping writers master the art of content creation. The website provides:

  • Blogging tips
  • Social Media tutorials
  •  Youtube training videos
  • Podcasts

 If you are an experienced blogger, this would be an ideal website to submit your guest blog.

InkwellEditorial is designed to aid freelance writers in building their careers.

It publishes articles about self-publishing, SEO optimization, and how to get writing jobs. They also provide writing tips.  


ShoutMETech is a popular technology blog from India. Though they are from India, they cover a global audience and ensure that readers get regular updates along with helpful Tech tips.

 Web Design Ledger

Web Designer Ledger is designed for web designers and developers. It contains interviews of web developers and designers. It includes articles about UI, graphics, and web development tools. This is a great place to guest post and showcases your technical expertise. Definitely, one of the best guest blogging sites.

 Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips helps online businesses to build, grow, and protect their businesses. It contains articles about online marketing, internet security, and business.

Innovation Management

Innovation Management is one of the best resources that publish innovation news and best practices.

Content on their website is written for and by professionals who work in the field of innovation. It contains articles about innovation in Climate Change, Eco-friendly business, Environment Sustainability, Green Innovation, etc.  Definitely, one of the best guest blogging sites.

 Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility offers a wide range of digital marketing services including paid media, social media marketing, email marketing, creative services, etc. You may submit your guest post if you have expertise in digital marketing.

Idea Scale

Idea Scale is an innovation management solution. It acts as a bridge between organizations and people with ideas. It uses crowd-sourcing to help you to transform your idea into a successful startup.

Some other websites that allow guest posting are Mashable, Creative Bloq, Benchmark, etc. These are also among the best guest blogging sites.

Benefits of Guest Posting

  1. Building the Domain Authority for SEO
  2. Improving your online Authority
  3. Social Media Shares
  4. Growing your Brand Awareness
  5. Feedback from professionals
  6. Getting quality referral traffic
  7. Network Expansion
  8. Improving your Credibility
  9. Expanding your Subscriber Base
  10. Improving your writing

Guest blogging is a win-win situation for both parties. The guest blogger will get some quality backlinks and the host will get the content. 

General Travel Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

92 Travel
71 Travel
69 Travel
62 Travel
59 Travel
59 Travel
57 Travel
57 Travel
56 Travel
55 Travel
52 Travel
51 Travel
50 Travel
49 Travel
49 Travel
47 Travel
46 Travel
45 Travel
45 Travel
45 Travel
45 Travel
45 Travel
44 Travel
43 Travel
42 Travel
40 Travel
39 Travel
39 Travel
39 Travel
39 Travel
38 Travel
38 Travel
38 Travel
37 Travel
37 Travel
36 Travel
35 Travel
35 Travel
34 Travel
34 Travel
34 Travel
34 Travel
34 Travel and Adventure
33 Travel
33 Travel
33 Travel
32 Travel
32 Travel
32 Travel
31 Travel
30 Travel
30 Travel
30 Travel
29 Travel
29 Travel
29 Travel
29 Travel
27 travel, Europe, Alternative travel 
26 Travel
25 Travel
25 Travel
24 Travel
22 Travel
21 Travel
21 Travel
21 Travel
21 Travel
21 Travel
19 Travel
19 Travel
19 Travel
18 Travel
18 Travel
18 Travel
17 Travel
17 Travel
17 Travel
17 Travel
16 Travel
16 Travel
16 Travel
15 Travel
15 Travel
15 Travel
14 Travel
14 Travel
13 Travel
13 Travel
12 Travel
12 Travel
11 Travel
11 Travel
11 Travel
10 Travel
10 Travel
7 Travel
7 Travel
7 Travel
5 Travel

Niche Travel Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Travel Lifestyle

48 and Lifestyle
44 and Travel
37, Crafs and Travel
36 and Lifestyle
15 and Travel
14 and Travel
13 and Travel
12 and Travel

Family Travel

40 Travel
39 Travel
34 Travel
32 Travel
25 Travel
19 Travel
10 Travel
8 Travel

Food and Travel

54 and Travel
46 and Travel
40 and Travel
39 and Travel
29 and Travel
26 and Travel
20 and Travel
16 and Travel
14 and Travel

Adventure, Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Outdoor Activities

43 and Adventure
38 activities
36 and General Travel
34 Camps
34 and Camping
31 and Outdoors
29 and Treking
27 and Van life
19 and Treking
17 and Camping 
17 and Camping
11 Travel
9 and Camping 

Living Abroad, Digital Nomading

67 abroad
36 nomading
34 nomading
25 nomading
23 nomading
16 abroad
12 abroad

City Guides

49 Guides
47 Guides
43 Guides
32 Guides
8 Guides

Female Travel

56 Tales from Women
55’s Travel
46’s Travel
40 Female Travels
39’s Travel
39’s Travel
27 for women

Other Travel Niches

65 Stories
58 Stories
55 and couples travel
44 of getting paid to Travel
40 Travel and Tourism
33 with Chronic Illness
32 by car
24 Travel
17 Stories
17 and Honeymoon destinations
15 Stories

Destination Travel Blogs that Accept Guest Posts


38 Travel
35 Portugal
34 Republic
34 (South Portugal)
27 Peninsula 


66 America’s Deserts
49 de Carmen Mexico
46 National Parks
43 Resorts Travel
36 RV Travel
33 Family Travel
21 and Camping in Ontario


44 East Asia
32 and Australia
24 Travel

Australia and Oceania

43 Australia
32 and Australia
29 and New Zealand
29 Zealand
17’s Travel in New Zealand


38 Safari
8 Sahara

You can find quality Health guest posting sites by using queries like:

  • “write for us” + “health”
  • “guest post” + “health”
  • “write for us” + “medicine”
  • “health” + “submit guest post”
  • “health” + “guest post guidelines”
  • “health” + “become a contributor”
  • “submit guest post” + “fitness”
  • “fitness” + “submit guest post”

To make it easier for you, I have listed some quality health guest posting sites where you can submit your own guest post.

Here is a list of quality health guest posting sites:

S.No.WebsiteDATrafficSubmit Guest Post
1Mind Body Green872,392,838Submit
2Fitness Magazine77126,967Submit
4Breaking Muscle69700,724Submit
5Wealthy Gorilla6116,385,668Submit
7International Policy Digest5812,295Submit
9Yoga Basics57127,791Submit
11Scoop Empire5654,763Submit
12Longitude Prize5513,703Submit
13Bee Culture5597,822Submit
14Generation Iron55354,213Submit
15Ekhart Yoga55271,412Submit
16Everyday Power557,843,764Submit
18Geeky Medics54713,855Submit
19Social Work Helper5422,557Submit
20Fitness Republic5427,975Submit
21Nursing Clio532,905Submit
22The PTDC5372,408Submit
23Student Minds526,534Submit
25Banyan Botanicals52244,634Submit
27Sivana Spirit51165,425Submit
30Hive Health Media504,415Submit
31Children’s Mental Health Network495,799Submit
32Indian Link4924,683Submit
33Muscle and Brawn4940,838Submit
34Fitness Volt48411,591Submit
35Child in the City473,757Submit
36Mio Skincare4710,074Submit
38Buddha Groove46171,771Submit
40A Lust For Life4457,301Submit
42Fringe Sport4493,255Submit
44Wellness Creative Co4320,028Submit
45The Sociological Review421,947Submit
46Mindfulness & Grief422,293Submit
47Bee Healthy412,001Submit
48The Health Science Journal412,141Submit
49Food For Fitness4114,147Submit
52Canadian Nurse4017,353Submit
53Hello Miss Niki401,254Submit
54Garage Gym Planner4021,074Submit
55JMax Fitness405,451Submit
56Our Nutritionist401,458Submit
57Wide Run404,580Submit
61Click For Therapy394,311Submit
62Muscogee Moms3910,613Submit
63Yoga Digest3910,217Submit
64Psyched in San Francisco397,728Submit
65Health Issues India382,257Submit
66The Daily Meditation3812,090Submit
67Public Health Alert381,541Submit
68Women Fitness Magazine381,793Submit
69YEG Fitness3819,219Submit
73Libero Magazine371,254Submit
74Mind Fuel Daily3710,392Submit
75Fix Health372,014Submit
76Rufa Fish Spa371,254Submit
78Siddhi Yoga37172,549Submit
79Mad World Summit361,816Submit
81Man Vs. Weight364,040Submit
83Fit Clarity361,192Submit
85Health Writer Hub3518,097Submit
86The Fit Scene35466Submit
87Mind & Spirit355,705Submit
88Pangea Systems351,125Submit
89Sound Health Doctor351,254Submit
90Sunshine Behavioral Health3592,296Submit
91Brett Larkin3566,510Submit
92The Healthcare Guys3420,424Submit
93Cool Health Tips341,454Submit
95Health Host34354Submit
97Dash of Wellness341,254Submit
100Sand and Steel Fitness339,953Submit
102Indian Weight Loss Blog333,072Submit
103Guidelines Health321,254Submit
105Weight Loss Triumph321,452Submit
106Health Tips From The Professor32420Submit
107Girl Get Strong31167Submit
110Health Community Key30324Submit
111Elly McGuinness301,451Submit
112Fitness Mentors3093,381Submit
113Safe and Healthy Life301,256Submit

How to Find Business Guest Posting Sites?

To find business guest posting sites, you can use Google’s advanced search operators like: 

“business” + “become a contributor”

“business” + “submit guest post”

“guest post” + “business”

“write for us” + “business”

“submit guest post” + “business”

“business” + “guest post guidelines”

List of Business Guest Posting Sites

Here is the list of 200+ business guest posting sites including categories like tech and marketing blogs.

S.No.Business Guest Posting WebsiteDATrafficSubmit Guest Post
1Venture Beat92994,551Submit
2Smashing Magazine913,292,150Submit
3Business 2 Community86230,438Submit
4Business Insider854,624,605Submit
5Zero Hedge8570,124Submit
7Search Engine Watch82671,370Submit
8The Diplomat811,750,716Submit
10Small Business Trends80608,346Submit
16Activist Post736,272,976Submit
17Money Crashers723,213,705Submit
19Campaign Monitor72807,766Submit
23Just Security70208,110Submit
24Heimdal Security70491,147Submit
25Relevant Magazine699,196Submit
26Toast POS681,388,010Submit
27Sustainable Brands6732,525Submit
28Business of Apps66512,136Submit
30Communication Arts6544,219Submit
31Enterprise League3234,655Submit
32CEOWORLD Magazine64163,295Submit
33Addicted 2 Success62411,111Submit
34Business Magazine605,245Submit
39Blue and Green Tomorrow5819,835Submit
42Best Company57269,624Submit
44The Point Magazine5736,697Submit
45Marketing Tech News567,927Submit
46SmallBiz Technology561,666Submit
47Hypergrid Business5614,974Submit
49Arc Digital562,963Submit
50Marketing Tech News561,306Submit
51The Ken55105,501Submit
52IFSEC Global5584,206Submit
57Cloud Computing News546,617Submit
5860 Second Marketer542,779Submit
59The Urbanist5431,971Submit
60Off Grid World5370,064Submit
62Referral Rock5389,807Submit
63Succeed As Your Own Boss539,567Submit
65Digital Connect Mag5225,539Submit
67Insurance Thought Leadership528,220Submit
69Super Monitoring521,562Submit
71Sleeknote Blog5291,316Submit
72Thailand Business News513,792Submit
74Women on Business505,369Submit
76Small Business Bonfire505,676Submit
77Practical Wanderlust50291,065Submit
78Technology News & Trends5012,494Submit
79Telecoms Tech News503,252Submit
80The Elephant5011,693Submit
81Attorney at Work4919,277Submit
83Self Publishing School49666,033Submit
84Solar Novus Today491,673Submit
85Market Domination Media496,900Submit
86Enterprise CIO News491,028Submit
88Corporate Eye482,093Submit
90Scott’s Marketplace48N/ASubmit
91Tech Today Info473,654Submit
93Nonprofits Source477,221Submit
94Famous Bloggers47275Submit
96Big Frame464,442Submit
98Small Business Sense45112,461Submit
99Independent Retailer454,020Submit
100The Asian Entrepreneur4511,727Submit
101Tech Cults4533,145Submit
103Digital Adoption4511,223Submit
106Digital Exits4417,377Submit
107Sustainable Business Toolkit442,802Submit
108425 Business445,954Submit
109Screw The Nine To Five Podcast444,942Submit
111Network After Work444,287Submit
113Career Launcher44852,761Submit
116The Overtake44813,274Submit
117The Abundant Artist4450,153Submit
118New Startups436,033Submit
120Online Income Teacher432,499Submit
121Tribulant Software439,395Submit
123Dyer News4217,716Submit
129Godot Media414,475Submit
131Lead Liaison412,691Submit
132Smart Business Trends4132,120Submit
134Tuck Magazine414,621Submit
135Bold Business4017,103Submit
137Tech Splashers4095,776Submit
138Diplomat magazine403,844Submit
139Startup Info5176,293Submit
140Today Tech Help392,548Submit
148Business Fundas395,169Submit
149Thomson Reuters New Zealand384,119Submit
151Blog Godown381,257Submit
155Web ∙ Tech ∙ Law371,587Submit
156Business Blogger371,245Submit
157Smarter Digital Marketing377,559Submit
159Einstein Marketer375,133Submit
161Inet Solutions362,354Submit
162Sylvia Browder’s362,639Submit
163Maroon Oak365,222Submit
164Blue Mail Media364,889Submit
165Vegan Business Media361,500Submit
169Insights for Professionals366,754Submit
170Borderless News and Views361,254Submit
173Business Infusion351,001Submit
175Tech India Today3566,984Submit
177Live Blog Spot353,121Submit
1807boats Academy343,657Submit
183eCommerce Insiders331,548Submit
185Business Upside629,653Submit
189Teens Mean Business331,256Submit
190Micro Startups3211,496Submit
191Dorian Martin321,254Submit
192Optin Contacts321,454Submit
193The Speaker Politics32341,355Submit
194Mind My Business534,761Submit
195The Run Time321,258Submit
196Business Module Hub313,442Submit
197Heartland Newsfeed31282,197Submit
198Nine Hub312,010Submit
199Family Money314,724Submit

To find pet guest posting sites, you can use Google’s advanced search operators like: 

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Related: List of Google Search Operators With Examples

“submit guest post” + “animal”

“animal” + “become a contributor”

“guest post” + “pets”

“animal” + “submit guest post”

“animal” + “guest post guidelines”

“write for us” + “animal”

Here are the top pet guest posts accepting new contributors:

S.No.Pet Guest Post WebsiteDATrafficSubmission URL
2One Green Planet76385,534Submit
3The Spruce Pets7112,225,009Submit
9The Fact Site611,247,519Submit
10Pet Partners6140,271Submit
11The Mancunion6044,805Submit
14Dogs Naturally Magazine59429,658Submit
16World Animal Protection5737,677Submit
17The Dogington Post5779,612Submit
21Embrace Pet Insurance55589,675Submit
24Companion Animal Psychology5529,875Submit
25Go Pet Friendly54175,715Submit
26Pet Rescue Blog531,301Submit
27First Home Love Life523,651Submit
29Pretty Fluffy511,263Submit
303 Million Dogs5139,521Submit
31Chelsea Dogs5076,876Submit
333 Boys And A Dog5017,188Submit
34Fetch! Pet Care4947,579Submit
36Animal Wellness Magazine4826,046Submit
37World Animal Net481,761Submit
38Trip & Travel Blog471,152Submit
39Anything Pawsable4616,214Submit
41Fidose of Reality468,409Submit
42Dogs Monthly461,049Submit
43We Love Cats and Kittens453,010Submit
44We Love Cats and Kittens456,638Submit
46All Pet News441,660Submit
47Untrained Housewife441,659Submit
49Kol’s Notes438,918Submit
50Small Dog Place42244,164Submit
51All Natural Pet Care423,527Submit
52Animal Bliss429,861Submit
53Puppy In Training4251,997Submit
56Kol’s Notes417,667Submit
57Wild Hearted413,661Submit
59Wag The Dog UK3911,232Submit
60Fuzzy Faces Dog Training39199Submit
61Wag The Dog392,922Submit
62Our Fit Pets3933,087Submit
63Crayon Box Chronicles39944Submit
65Pet Problems Solved3811Submit
66House Of Petz381,254Submit
67The Plaid Horse3725,097Submit
68Schnauzers Rule3720,864Submit
69Our Beautiful Planet363,585Submit
70The Good Vet & Pet Guide3616,384Submit
71The Pet Town3630,320Submit
72Pet Food Talk361,934Submit
73HavaHart Wireless36Submit
74Heads Up For Tails362,039Submit
76Woof Dog3538,564Submit
77Dog Club351,633Submit
78Way Cool Dogs35731Submit
79Little Dog Tips348,589Submit
81Pet Blog341,452Submit
82Pet Movers342,042Submit
83Lost Pet Research342,959Submit
84We’re All About Pets3422,714Submit
86Pet Loves Best3327,939Submit
88The Pet Show with Warren Eckstein332,433Submit
89Animals Comparison3325,335Submit
90Animal Wellness Guide33483Submit
91Understanding Pet Fancy Rats328,015Submit
92The Modern Dog Trainer324,087Submit
93Birds of a Feather32533Submit
94The Animal Store329,522Submit
96Handspring Publishing313,872Submit
97All Pet Voices3190Submit
99Pet Price List3187,885Submit
101Best Dog Vitamins30101Submit

This is a list of top Art blogs that accept guest posts. Feel free to check them out, share them with friends and comment on this article.


Pagerank: 5

Mozrank: 5.90

Alexa rank: 10,801

How to Submit Guest Post: Review the articles already published on the blog and read the guidelines on the guest post page. To submit, send your guest article to the email address provided on that page. Take note of the rejected formats mentioned on the guidelines page and ensure you send your post, along with a brief description in an appropriate format.


Pagerank: 5

Mozrank: 6.03

Alexa rank: 7,471

How to Submit Guest Post: Read the content on this blog to know the taste and focus. Visit the submissions page to submit your post. You will have to register as a new user, attach relevant images and include a brief description of your article before your guest post can be accepted. 


Pagerank: 3

Mozrank: 5.16

Alexa rank: 196,429

How to Submit Guest Post: Browse through the archives and read the guest post page to know the kind of content that is accepted. To submit, ensure your read the submission guidelines as well as the Guest Author terms and conditions before using the contact form to send your post. You will be entitled to an author bio with back links to your site and social media profiles.


Pagerank: 3

Mozrank: 5.22

Alexa rank: 162,341

How to Submit Guest Post: Go through the content to know the kinds of images and articles featured on this art blog. Read the submission guidelines to know the different ways you can get featured. Send your post (or images) to the email address provided on that page.


Pagerank: 5

Mozrank: 6.35

Alexa rank: 9,003

How to Submit Guest Post: Check the already published art content to know the kind of quality required from you. Visit the publication page to know the requirements of your design. To submit, send your innovative designs to the email address provided on that page. You will be credited for your work if published.


Pagerank: 4

Mozrank: 6.01

Alexa rank: 146,637

How to Submit Guest Post: Visit the submissions page to know the appropriate format and size for your artwork. To submit, send your work with the subject line, “Cult of Decay Web Submission” to the email address provided on that page. You will be credited for your work if it is published.


Pagerank: 3

Mozrank: 5.54

Alexa rank: 29,179

How to Submit Guest Post: Read through the blog and visit the guest post page for guidelines. To submit your article, send it to Rosy via the email address provided at the end of the page with the subject line, “I want to write”. You will be entitled to an author page and bio with links to your site. Ensure your post is written for a Canadian audience.


Pagerank: 6

Mozrank: 7.00

Alexa rank: 3,821

How to Submit Guest Post: Go through the blog’s content and read the contributor guidelines before writing your guest post. To submit, send your article via the website provided on that page by registering an account. You will be entitled to a 2-3 sentence author bio with a backlink to your site.


Pagerank: 2

Mozrank: 5.17

Alexa rank: 99,580

How to Submit Guest Post: Visit the guest blogging page for guest article details. To submit your post, register an account by clicking the Apply Now button. You will be entitled to an author bio with a link back to your blog. You also have the opportunity of earning Google Adsense revenue by contributing to this blog.


Pagerank: 3

Mozrank: 5.81

Alexa rank: 111,604

How to Submit Guest Post: Ensure you go through the blog’s content to understand the content format before writing your guest article. Read the Terms of Use page for details on contributor requirements. To submit an article, use the form on the Article Submission page. To submit an artwork, use the form on the Artwork Submission page.


Pagerank: 2

Mozrank: 4.96

Alexa rank: 129,848

How to Submit Guest Post: Understand the theme of the blog and go through the archives before writing your guest article. Visit the guest posting page for guidelines on what to include in your article as well as how to format and send it. To submit, send your article to the email address provided at the end of the guest posting guidelines. You will be credited for your work with a backlink to your site from your author bio.


Pagerank: 2

Mozrank: 4.87

Alexa rank: 190,357

How to Submit Guest Post: Visit the guest blogging page for details on the different ways you can contribute to the blog. To submit your guest article, you must register for an account, sign in and fill out your profile. Afterwards, write and submit your post for review. You will be credited for your article in your author bio.


Pagerank: 5

Mozrank: 6.32

Alexa rank: 8,013

How to Submit Guest Post: Read previous posts on the blog to understand the writing style. To submit your guest article, send it via the contact form on the contact page. Ensure you select the appropriate option, such as “submit a project” or “submit and event, etc.” You will be credited for your article.


Pagerank: 4

Mozrank: 5.25

Alexa rank: 24,836

How to Submit Guest Post: Read posts on the blog to know what is accepted. Visit the contribute page to know how you can contribute to the blog. To submit, use the contact form on that page. You will be given credit for your work.


Pagerank: 5

Mozrank: 6.10

Alexa rank: 14,569

How to Submit Guest Post: Understand the blog post format by going through past posts. Read the guidelines on the guest post submission page for details on how to send your images. To submit, send the images and article to the email address provided on that page. You will be credited for your work with a backlink to your site. Please note that posts on this blog mainly consist of images so ensure your contribution follows this format.


Pagerank: 5

Mozrank: 6.21

Alexa rank: 21,119

How to Submit Guest Post: Use the published posts as a guide to writing your article. Visit the contact page to know the format of your submission. To submit, send your contribution to the email address or the contact form provided on that page. You will be credited for your work.


Pagerank: 3

Mozrank: 4.92

Alexa rank: 190,681

How to Submit Guest Post: Study the writing style of the blog before writing your guest article. To submit, visit the contact page and send your article to Andrei via the email address linked to or the contact form on that page.


Pagerank: 3

Mozrank: 5.81

Alexa rank: 198,103

How to Submit Guest Post: Visit the contact page and submit your article to the appropriate email address provided under the “Submissions” sub headline. You will be credited for your article.


Pagerank: 4

Mozrank: 6.25

Alexa rank: 277,690

How to Submit Guest Post: Study the format of the blog posts and use this as a guide in writing your article. To submit, send your pitch to the email address provided or via the form on the contact page. You will be credited for your article in your author bio.


Pagerank: 3

Mozrank: 4.56

Alexa rank: 444,651

How to Submit Guest Post: Read the guidelines on the guest post submission page for details on how to format your images and artworks. To submit, send your contribution to the email address provided or via the contact form on that page. You will be credited for your article.

Please share The Ultimate List of Art Blogs That Accept Guest Posts with your writing friends and colleagues.

Looking for the best beauty guest posting sites? If yes, then you are in the right place.

After long research, I found the top beauty blogs that are looking for guest posts.

To find beauty guest posting sites, you can use Google’s advanced search operators like: 

“write for us” + “beauty”

“beauty” + “submit guest post”

“beauty” + “become a contributor”

“submit guest post” + “beauty”

“guest post” + “beauty”

“beauty” + “guest post guidelines”

Here are the top beauty guest posting sites list:

S.No.WebsiteDATrafficSubmission URL
3Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog66701,293Submit
5The Health Care Blog6410,083Submit
7Fit n Diets636,298Submit
9The UK Time6223,684Submit
10Beauty With Glee61104Submit
12Beauty With Glee61104Submit
15Divine Beauty Tips584,256Submit
16Styles Weekly58232,584Submit
19Cult Fits579,100Submit
20The Fashion Info5718,703Submit
21Trendy Vouge5620,398Submit
23Health & Beauty Times5552Submit
25Wow n Well55115Submit
26Get Health and Beauty5530Submit
27Label Bazaars55157Submit
28Be Loveliness5534Submit
29Sfuncube World552,343Submit
30The Makeup and Beauty558,763Submit
31Hairstyles Weekly55841,350Submit
32Health UPP552,585Submit
35Health2Wellness Blog54890Submit
36The Universal Beauty54403Submit
37World Beauty Tips540Submit
3824 Inside5430,909Submit
39Wow Fashion Life532,212Submit
40Beauty Fashion Club53650Submit
42World Health and Beauty Tips530Submit
43Style Beauty Health53205Submit
44Health Tip Live5323Submit
45Health Review Board530Submit
47Girlicious Beauty52266,845Submit
48Today Fashion Tips5231Submit
49Fashion Magazine525Submit
50Beauty Of Your Hair5066Submit
51Health Care Tips5062Submit
52A Class Blogs5093Submit
54Fashion Magazine5031Submit
55Barbara Iweins Wonderful World5011,386Submit
57Beauty Care Tips500Submit
58Beauty Healthy Tips500Submit
59Beauty Healthy Today496Submit
61Her Style Code48551,516Submit
62Health Divine Tips4868Submit
63Mio Skincare4713,842Submit
64BnF Blog453,416Submit
65The Beauty Gaze4530Submit
66Beauty Hitch45106Submit
67Beauty & Healthy Tips442,346Submit
68Lifestyle Heart434Submit
70Fast Fashion News4113,724Submit
71Mom News Daily40158,660Submit
73Tips for Natural Beauty38850Submit
74Beauty short cuts379Submit
75Megha shop370Submit
76Beauty tips361,108Submit
80Live Blog Spot33308Submit
82The Fit Scene32166Submit
89Foundation Fairy2989,094Submit
92Sweet Style2615Submit
93Beautiful Global261Submit
95Health And Beauty Articles255,984Submit
98Beauty Best Care20539Submit
99Light The Minds19740Submit
101Creators Mag161,329Submit
102Be Young Aholic145,598Submit

Popular Guest Posting Sites for Culture

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to get guest posting opportunities in the below-mentioned list. However, it is not impossible. With the right ideas and pitch, you can make it happen. Some of the best guest blogging sites are as follows. 

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1. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is one of the world’s largest content marketplaces, comprising a wide network of content creators. We have started inviting pitches for high-quality guest posts. Topics include content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, and the like. 

2. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is the leading source for getting an online content marketing education. Their mission is to ensure that all the articles and blogs on their website are well-written, relevant, and practical. If you want to post on their site, you need to demonstrate exceptional written skills.

3. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is strict about guest posting and that’s because they only publish well-researched and detailed work. If you wish to guest post here, you have to be patient. You need to prove your writing capabilities and expertise to them.

4. CMO Australia 

If you are interested in marketing, you can write for CMO. CMO gives insights into the online marketing world. It helps executives, managers, and team members so that they can produce brilliant marketing campaigns and succeed in the digital marketing world. It is one of the best sites for guest posting where you can connect with people in your niche. By doing so, you can generate leads and boost traffic to your website.

5. HubSpot

Hubspot is a website that provides software, services, and resources that aid in digital marketing. Hubspot is a great place to showcase your marketing expertise through guest blogging. Currently, it is one of the best guest blogging sites.

6. Design Milk

If you have expertise in art, then consider contributing to Design Milk. Design Milk is dedicated to modern design. It encompasses interior decorating, architecture, travel, fashion, and technology. The website has an artistic, modern layout. Design Milk is a great website to be featured on. 

7. Business Insider

Business Insider is a reliable resource that professionals from different industries turn to when they need expert advice. Be sure that you are qualified to offer expert-level advice before you submit your post here.

8. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine focuses on web development and design. People at Smashing Magazine are interested in guest blog posts that contain helpful ideas, tips, and techniques. It is considered one of the best guest blogging sites.

9. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a great option when it comes to guest posting. It focuses on investment and finance. The publication does not try to find guest posts, but it has regular guest contributors. 

10. specializes in practical advice, services, and tools for small businesses.

You will find:

  • Insightful interviews and tips from industry experts
  • Helpful online business articles

11. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a site that helps people to sell things. It is among the best guest blogging sites.

People at PandaDoc are looking for articles based on automation, sales and marketing, and document management. If this is your niche, you should certainly try to guest post for them.

12. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is created specifically for people who work in marketing. For your guest post to succeed in this space, you need to include a lot of insights in your content.

13. Medium

Medium is the best place to guest blog if you have expertise in any kind of technology or science. This site covers everything from medical sciences to articles about financial trends. This is a good opportunity to drive traffic to your site as there are over 120 million readers. Medium is the most preferred platform in its niche and is one of the best guest blogging sites.

14. ShoutMeLoud

 ShoutMeLoud helps people launch a blog and monetize it. It offers the following: 

  • Online marketing tips
  • Online money-making advice
  • Practical advice for internet success

15. Mashable

Mashable is an entertainment website that talks about everything from tech and science to culture. They frequently invite submissions from guest writers, but they have stringent rules to follow. So make sure you go through each one of them before making a decision. 

Here are a few lesser-known sites you can try out as a newbie. 

16. ReadWrite

ReadWrite focuses on tech news and useful insights for entrepreneurs. The main categories on this site are artificial intelligence, smart cities, connected services, start-ups, etc. It offers advice on how to make use of a remote workforce to improve your business.

17. Inkwell Editorial

Inkwell Editorial is designed to aid freelance writers in building their careers. It publishes articles about self-publishing, SEO, how to get writing jobs, and more. They also provide writing tips. 

18. ShoutMeTech

ShoutMeTech is a popular technology blog. They cover a global audience and ensure that readers get regular updates along with helpful tech tips.

19. Web Design Ledger

Web Designer Ledger is designed for web designers and developers. It contains interviews of web developers and designers. It includes articles about UI, graphics, and web development tools. This is a great place to guest post and showcase your technical expertise. 

20. Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips helps online businesses to build, grow, and protect their businesses. It contains articles about online marketing, internet security, and business, among others. 

21. Innovation Management

Innovation Management is one of the best resources that publish innovation news and best practices. Content on their website is written for and by professionals who work in the field of innovation. It contains articles about innovation in climate change, eco-friendly business, sustainability, etc. 

22. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility offers a wide range of digital marketing services including paid media, social media marketing, email marketing, creative services, etc. You may submit your guest post if you have expertise in digital marketing.

Explore the above-mentioned websites, write for them, and be on your way to becoming an expert guest blogger. There are thousands of sites that you can go to, given you do your research well. The content market today is very competitive and any material less than ideal is not accepted for guest posting. So take your time to prepare your best content and approach the right places, and your journey to guest blogging success can begin. 

To find Education Guest Posting sites, you can use Google’s advanced search operators like: 

“write for us” + “education”

“education” + “submit guest post”

“education” + “become a contributor”

“submit guest post” + “education”

“guest post” + “education”

“education” + “guest post guidelines”

So, here is a list of top education guest posting sites that are currently accepting contributors:

S.No.WebsiteDATrafficSubmission URL
1Lean Forward94118,194Submit
6Education World7142,958Submit
8Legal Cheek663,490Submit
9Pi Day64528,536Submit
10College Magazine6423,288Submit
17Introvert, Dear59150,231Submit
18The PIE News5769,448Submit
19Busted Halo5614,959Submit
20Analytics India Magazine5672,671Submit
21Cisco Press56252,938Submit
22Career Contessa5620,862Submit
23College Atlas564,002Submit
25Study in Germany5510,299Submit
26Learning Forward5549,346,819Submit
27Mind the Product5556,796Submit
30Elets Events542,211Submit
31Microsoft Press Store53572,167Submit
32Web Retailer531,221Submit
33Simple Programmer53372,606Submit
35UX Mastery5343,587Submit
36The Educators Room521,889,188Submit
38Bookless Learning51356Submit
39The Edvocate51376,917Submit
41Mass Observation Archive50363,739Submit
43Noomii Career Blog5028,786Submit
44International House5055,311Submit
47Career FAQs491,853Submit
51Innovate My School4612,438Submit
52Career Ride46506,966Submit
53Bossed Up44333,805Submit
54Writing and Wellness44400,366Submit
56Digital Photo Mentor449,705Submit
59College Tribune4385,856Submit
60Scholarship Points43255,742Submit
61Gender and Education4215,041Submit
62Macmillan Education426,050Submit
63Macmillan Education4239,288Submit
64Student Pocket Guide42545Submit
66Executive Career Brand4020,718Submit
67National Careers Week4019,793Submit
69Student Life Network4035,819Submit
72TESL Ontario3929,783Submit
73Psych Learning Curve38505,433Submit
74Change Agent3853,807Submit
76Campus News381,350Submit
77Metro Magazine371,590Submit
79Pank Pages362,425,624Submit
80Clearing Magazine3610,859Submit
82School Library Connection354,521Submit
84Copywriter Collective3531,945Submit
87BE Publishing3427,181Submit
88Career Gappers342,547Submit
90Grit & Virtue347,649Submit
91Executive Resume Branding33548,719Submit
92What Career Live338,837,002Submit
93State College Magazine331,718Submit
94Alliance Recruitment Agency323,114Submit
95Admissions Blog3217,248Submit
96Right for Education3018,164Submit
97Macmillan Education India3035,819Submit
98Education That Inspires3023,621Submit
100Adulting School302,135Submit
101Gallery Teachers27450,376Submit

Here are the top finance guest posting sites list:

S.No.WebsiteDATrafficSubmission URL
5Money Crashers711,234,207Submit
6Your Money Geek66119,217Submit
8Global Risk Insights6515,001Submit
13Media Shower583,407Submit
16Millennial Money561,546,852Submit
17The Military Wallet55261,167Submit
19ABC Money542,202Submit
21The CPA Journal5399,318Submit
22Mortgage Professional America5318,923Submit
25Daily Buzz5229,026Submit
26Scotsman Guide5136,985Submit
27The Financial Diet5159,193Submit
28Business Magazine51210Submit
29Computer Tech Reviews5133,556Submit
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Domain Authority (DA) by the Moz Tool: 69/100

The resource covers such topics as earnings, accumulation, and reasonable spending of money. In the articles, the authors also cover different approaches to how money investments work. They do not accept articles related to politics and prefer an informative writing style.

DA: 68/100

This blog mainly publishes advice from the field of finance. They cover the management of personal money, career, and self-development. The articles are available to the general public and contain practical solutions for people.

DA: 56/100

This website focuses on investment materials. The blog reveals this topic in the context of self-development and profit. Text format: studies, tips, and answers to questions. Articles are written in plain language and are mostly intended for beginners.

DA: 77/100

On this resource, authors write not about earning more money, but rather what to do with the available resources. Here the reader can find out life hacks on using credit funds, building a career, and increasing productivity. A separate category is devoted to articles on how to live modestly and wisely.

DA: 66/100

This is a rather far-reaching blog that covers many financial topics. For example, there are articles on credit cards, banking, loans, investment, and insurance in separate categories. There are also simpler texts in the personal finance category. This resource will be valuable for financial enthusiasts with various levels of expertise on the matter.

DA: 69/100

The main focus of this platform is financial software. The content gives an overview of tools to use, their specifications, and recommendations on when to implement them. Guest practical tutorials directly related to Fintech are highly welcomed.

DA: 68/100

This resource is primarily focused on publishing articles about managing personal finances. Judging by the overview of topics, you can find not only how to save and earn money, but also where to find coupons and giveaways, and even recommendations on what to cook for dinner on a tight budget. Thus, as can be guessed from the title, the blog’s target audience are mainly mothers and housewives. The blog would be of great interest to a broader audience since it covers a wide range of valuable topics.

DA: 58/100

In this blog, one can find info not only about reaching financial goals, but also the latest pop culture news. Their motto is “We are all about having fun and helping you fulfill your financial plans.” The financial category is subcategorized as follows: Make, Save, Grow, Protect, Retire. Thus, it is clear that this resource’s guest posts should be as plain and understandable as possible. They will also appreciate the references to popular culture, mainly games, movies, books, and comics.

DA: 62/100

This is quite a substantial blog. The audience mostly consists of financial field professionals who are far from being newbies in business and investment and are looking for new knowledge, insider information, tips from professionals, and the latest news from the financial world. The style of published articles is not purely academic; however, highly discreet and informative. Guest posts without facts, figures, and authoritative links will not be accepted for publication.

DA: 59/100

Do you know the strategies and tips on how to make money like a pro? Are you ready to share them in the form of an article? Well, this is the platform for you! The resource accumulates tons of valuable info in the form of financial advice, useful tips, a selection of practical courses, and even real cases. All the materials are accessible to a broader public. The list of possible topics for this site is very wide, but it should fit the context.

To find sports guest posting sites, you can use Google’s advanced search operators like: 

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“sports” + “submit guest post”

Here is the list of best sports guest posting sites:

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What Are Guest Posts?

Building an online business has never been easier. It’s now possible to build a functioning, sophisticated website, with the latest designs and optimized for screens of different sizes, without ever touching a line of code. The days when Internet entrepreneurs need to fiddle with tags and tables is long over.

You can pick a template, paste in your copy, add your shopping cart, and have your online business up and running in minutes.

It’s the next stage that’s tricky. Building a website isn’t like building a baseball field: people won’t come just because you’ve built it. You have to tell people it’s there, generate curiosity, and hustle them inside. You have to go out and find the people you want to visit your website, and invite them in.

There are a few ways to do that.

You Could Pay for an Audience…

One option is to pay. Run a campaign on social media and you’ll be able to target ads based on the demographics of your ideal audience. You can build a persona of your typical customer and fire messages at them until you find one that clicks. Through testing and experimentation, you’ll start to drive traffic to your site.

You could also use Google’s advertising network. Instead of aiming your ads at women aged between 20 and 30 who live in the northeast and own a cat, you can target by interest. Every time someone searches for “cat food” or “veterinary services,” there’s a chance that your ad will appear.

Both those methods can work, which is why Facebook and Google are still in business. They can also cost a great deal of money, which is why Facebook and Google are multi-billion dollar businesses. Although advertisers eventually figure out the messages and markets that produce the best returns, it takes time and a budget. Most of the ads you show won’t generate clicks. Few of those that generate clicks will generate conversions. You won’t know which ads work and which don’t until after you’ve paid for both of them.

…Or You Could Borrow Someone Else’s

There is an alternative strategy: to put your expertise in front of audiences that other sites have already built. Instead of fishing for users with banner ads, short posts, or videos, lay out your knowledge in an article and give it to someone who has the audience you want to attract.

Those sites get free, valuable content to reward people who visit their pages. You get to put your name in front of their audience. And the links that you place in the article will bring those users to your website, primed and ready to buy. But the rewards don’t end there. Guest posting delivers a number of valuable benefits that give your website the traffic it needs.

Why You Should Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts mean creating something of value then giving it to someone else for free. You’re not going to get paid in cash for the article. So you need to make sure that you receive something else of value. Guest posting delivers a wide range of benefits:

  1. Guest Posts Show Your Expertise

First, guest posts prove that you’re an expert in your field. You might not be the world’s leading expert. You might not have a doctorate in what you do and you might even be new to what you do. But you know more than most people about your topic, and that makes you an expert. It makes you someone that other people can trust when they need information related to your field.

The more expertise you can demonstrate in your guest post, the more valuable it will be to the host and the reader, and the more trust you will win in return.

  1. Guests Posts Brand Your Business

It’s not just what you say in your guest post that matters. How you say it is also important. Guest posts give you a chance to demonstrate your style and your approachability. The guest posts that a law firm produces, for example, need to be detailed and precise; posts written to promote a hardware store can be more laid back and friendly. As the reader reads the post, they’ll feel that they’re already engaged with your business and are experiencing an interaction with it. That experience is similar to the one that people enjoy when they walk into an Apple store or browse the showrooms in Ikea.

Guest posts give people a chance to interact with your business before they’ve even visited your business. They show them what working with you will be like.

  1. Guest Posts Build Your Connections

One often overlooked benefit of writing guest posts is that it puts you in touch with the owners of other websites in your field. Those sites might provide information or sell complementary services but if they appeal to your market too, you should know their owners. They’re vectors to your potential customers, and they’re also potential partners.

Writing a guest post is a great introduction. Instead of asking what someone is going to do for you, a guest post lets you start a relationship by offering something of value to their customers for free.

And the content has to be valuable. If you want to obtain something from your new relationship one day, then you need to begin with a gift. The better the gift, the more indebted your contact will feel. Writing guest posts gives you new connections and lays strong foundations for a valuable, ongoing relationship.

  1. Guest Posts Deliver Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Expertise, branding, and relationship-building are all investments that you hope will pay off in the future. But a guest post should always contain a link back to your own website. That means that it can deliver targeted traffic to your site. It’s a direct benefit, a channel from a market to your business.

The closer the host site matches your market, the better your targeting will be.

Of course, it’s important to remember that that channel won’t always be prominent. You can expect a burst of visits after the site publishes your guest post but as more content buries that post, the flow of traffic will start to thin. Unless your guest post contains information that’s always important and up-to-date, you’ll need to keep offering more posts to keep the traffic flowing.

  1. Guest Posts Improve Search Engine Optimization

The marketing, branding, networking, and direct traffic generation are all hugely important benefits of guest posting. But they’re not the reason that many people turn to guest posting.

They’re also looking for search engine benefits. They’re hoping that the backlinks and website mentions on sites with high authority will persuade Google that their site is important. The site will then receive extra love from the search engines, and turn up higher in search results.

We don’t know exactly how search engines rate sites and rank results. Google keeps its cards pretty close to its chest, and changes its algorithm on a regular basis. Each change can affect how sites rank, pushing them up and down search engine results pages. But the principle that governs Google hasn’t changed.

For Google, a site is important if lots of other sites mention it and link to it. The more important those sites, the more important the site they mention.

So writing a guest post for a site that’s important in your field, including the keywords relevant to your site, and linking back to your site, should all help to increase the chances that your site will turn up high in search results.

How to Write a Good Guest Post

A guest post always has two audiences. One audience will be the search engine robots. They’ll be scanning the page for links and keywords but they won’t care about the rest of the page. The robots will notice if you’ve just spammed the page to load up on Google juice but if you’re handing out poor advice or a weak analysis, the search engines will only know by looking at the visitor behavior. They won’t be able to read and understand the content itself.

Human readers will be able to do that—which is why they’re your most important audience. They’ll know whether your guest post is worth reading, worth sharing, and worth discussing. That reaction will affect your branding and it will also tell the search engines that the page—and the pages it links to—is worth promoting.

  1. Write Good Content

That’s why the first rule of writing a good guest post is to write good content.

You can’t think of a guest post as a freebie, worth what the host is paying you for it. You’re asking readers to give you a few moments of their time. You have to pay for that time by giving them something of value in return. They have to leave that page feeling that they learned something and that their time was well spent.

That’s not as hard as it sounds.

You have expertise in your field that you take for granted. Share even a little of that knowledge, however basic, and you’ll be giving people something of value.

There are two approaches you can take here.

Introduce Your Topic

The easiest, and most common, is to give simple information that’s valuable to beginners. A guest post on a marketing website, for example, might talk about creating funnels or define an upsell. That sort of information is easy to create and it always has an audience. There are always far more beginners than there are experts who need niche information.

But basic information has a lot of competition. There are also more people who know the basics of funnels and up-selling than there are experts who can provide a detailed analysis of a particular kind of funnel.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Create a guest post that provides expert analysis and you’ll reach a smaller audience. But you’ll demonstrate the depth of your knowledge and position yourself as a leading expert in your field.

There’s no right or wrong answer here. You choice of whether to offer basic knowledge or expert advice should depend on the nature of the audience you want to attract. If you’re selling to people moving into your niche for the first time, write basic guest posts. If you’re selling specialist services, pitch your knowledge at a higher level.

Whichever type of content you produce though, it should always be clear and well-written. Write it, then let it sit for at least a few hours before reading it through and submitting it. Give yourself time to forget it and when you read it through, you’ll be able to spot the sentences that are hard to read and the places you repeat yourself.

  1. Make the Biography Count

You’ll have at least 500 words in the guest post to show off what you know but at the end of the post, you’ll also have a chance to show who you are. The bio is just a few lines, perhaps no more than two or three sentences. But it’s vital.

The biography of a guest post is your payoff. It’s your chance to tell readers what makes you an expert, why they should listen to you, and where they should go to benefit from your expertise.

So your bio should have three elements: why you’re worth reading; where readers can follow you; and a call to action:

John Smith is a real estate entrepreneur who has bought and sold more than twenty seven-figure properties. He provides real estate advice on Facebook and Twitter. Register for his email updates.

Include links in that bio, and you’ll have even more opportunities to land backlinks, drive traffic, and make Google love you.

  1. Send Readers to a Solution Not a Site

It’s tempting when you place a link in a guest post to send readers to your website and let them find their own way around. After all, you’ve put a lot of effort into your site and you know it contains all the information that a lead needs to become a buyer.

But don’t rely on users looking through your site to find that information. Put it right in front of them by linking to a related service on your website. So a photographer who contributed a guest post to a wedding site that explained how to choose a wedding photography package could link to their own packages as examples. A landscaping company that wrote a blog post for a gardening website could link to a page on their own site listing plants suitable for places with little water. Readers won’t just get information on the blog post and they won’t just get information from a website. They’ll also get to see a solution to a problem that the blog post discusses.

You should also make sure that you have a way to hold onto users if they click away from your site. So the guest post’s landing page should have an invitation to people to subscribe to your newsletter. The biography could also link to a free ebook for which people have to leave their email address.

For a reader, a guest post should provide valuable information that can help to solve their problems. In return for that solution, you should make sure that the guest post gives you something of value: a lead or a conversion, or at the very least, an email address that will keep you in touch with that lead.

  1. Drop Plenty of Names

One of the aims of a guest post is to show off your expertise. But experts only obtain their specialist knowledge by learning the lessons that other experts have taught. That’s why every academic article always includes a literature review that shows the current state of knowledge and explains how this article will move that knowledge forward.

That literature review does something else, though. It also tells readers that the writer is qualified to talk about this subject. They’ve done their homework. They’ve finished the reading. They’re up to date with the latest knowledge.

A guest post should make a similar statement. By referencing other leaders in the field, the writer doesn’t advertise a competitor. They put themselves in the same class as those other experts. An Agile consultant who refers to leading Agile thinkers tells a reader that they know these people and are in the same field as them. They benefit from the association.

But that mention can also cause that expert to interact with the post. If a guest post discusses an expert’s idea, that expert may want to respond. Whether they choose to take issue with your position, expand on it, or even just thank you for explaining it, that guest post will have sparked a conversation. You can even shoot them a message by email or tweet to make sure that they know.

Not only will your guest post win the attention of that expert’s audience, but you’ll also have given yourself a valuable new connection and put your own brand on the same level as theirs.

Anyone can write and publish a guest post but including names in those posts can make you a member of a very special club.

  1. Engage with the Comments

Of course you want your guest post to deliver traffic to your website. You want it to improve your search engine rankings, and you’re hoping that it will also boost your brand.

But mostly, you want a guest post to have an impact. You want people to read it, think about it, and talk about it. Some of those discussions will take place on other blog posts. If you’ve written something really powerful, other bloggers will pick it up and respond to it. You can then write another guest post—or a post of your own—responding to their reaction. You’ll have started a discussion that everyone else in your field will follow.

Read the Social Media Posts and the Comments

Some of the comments will also take place on social media. Other experts will react to points you’ve made in your guest post and either share them or take issue with them. Whether their reaction is positive or negative, you should be joining that conversation too. Look for comments about your guest post on Twitter and Facebook. Add your own responses. Thank people when they share your post. Explain your thinking if someone argues against you. If people are taking the time to talk about what you’ve written, you can be sure that you’ve written something important.

And some comments will also take place underneath the post itself. This is where readers will react immediately to what you’ve written. Some of those comments will be simple notes of praise, which are always welcome. But other comments will move the discussion forward by linking to more information, asking questions, or adding more data.

When you react to those additions, you don’t just keep the conversation moving forward. You create a connection with your market. It’s like a speaker who takes questions at the end of a talk or hangs around the conference hall afterwards to chat with audience members. Readers get to feel that an expert is listening to them and accessible to them. That’s hugely valuable.

A guest post shouldn’t simply drop onto the Web and remain there unattended. It should provoke a reaction and a discussion. As the author of the guest post, you should be in there taking part in that discussion.

How to Choose a Site to Send a Guest Post

Where your guest post appears is going to be crucial. You want that post to give respect and standing to your name. You don’t want your brand associated with a small outlet that no one’s heard of, no one reads, and which is filled with low quality content. The more prestigious the publication that takes your guest post, the better you’ll look.

There are some publications that are always prestigious such as Inc. and Forbes. They do take guest posts but you’ll need to apply, and each post must meet their editorial standards. Those sites are also general so while they’ll give you prestige and an audience, they won’t give you a targeted audience. Being able to say that you contribute to one of those sites will help your branding. A post also has a better chance of going viral on a large site, but only a small portion of the post’s readers will be potential customers. At the same time, the large number of posts going up on those large sites means that older posts are quickly buried.

While you shouldn’t ignore the large sites that take large numbers of guest posts, you should also be looking for smaller sites. There are three ways you can find places to submit guest posts.

  1. Browse the Lists

We’ve included here a long lost of places that take guest posts, and you can find plenty more around the Web. A list like this is a good place to start because you know all of these sites will take guest posts. You’ll just have to discover what exactly the sites are looking for and how to submit your contributions.

It’s also worth taking the time to see what kinds of posts do well on the site, and whether it’s looking for a particular style. Some publications prefer clickbait headlines and short posts, while others are looking for longer posts and a more sober, analytical style. You’ll need to match your post to the publication.

  1. Approach Niche Blogs

Like large sites such as Forbes and Inc., the problem with picking guest post destinations from a list is that you might not know the site or its audience. You won’t know whether it will bring you to your market or whether a post on that site will improve your search result placements.

An alternative approach is to talk to sites that you already know. These will be sites that are in your field and that talk about your business. You know that the audience will be made up of people who are interested in your product or service, and you’ll also know what will interest them. When you make your approach to the site, you’ll be able to browse the content they’re already supplying and look for information they’re missing.

You’ll also be building a connection with the blog’s publisher, who may be someone you know—or have heard of.

A niche blog will give you a targeted audience. It should also be a relatively easy win, and there’s a good chance that you can already think of a few places you can try. But what a niche blog is unlikely to do is give you a big audience. You’re swapping size of audience for the quality of the audience.

  1. Look for Places Other People Submit

You won’t be the only person submitting guest posts in your field. There are plenty of people who are already writing guest posts and looking for places to put them. Those people aren’t competition—at least not for a place to host your guest posts. They’re people who have done your research for you.

Any site that accepts guest posts from people in the same field as you should be willing to accept a guest post from you too.

So make a list of experts in your field. Include anyone whose articles you read or who you follow on social media. Look at the names of authors who have written books about your topic. When you’ve built yourself a good, long list, search for “guest posts by” those people.

That should give a good, long list of places that are looking for guests posts about your topic—and they can never have too many of them. If you’re giving away good content for free, those outlets will want as much of it as possible. They won’t mind too much if someone else is already covering the topic, as long as you can bring something new to the field.

You just have to make your approach.

Pitching Your Guest Post

That’s easier than it sounds. It’s true that you’re giving away something for free but that doesn’t mean that for the editor of the site, there isn’t a cost. If they publish something sub-standard, the post will weaken the strength of their brand. Users will wonder about the quality of the site. They might not come back. A guest post carries risks.

It’s your job when making that pitch to allay those risks. You want to reassure the editor that you can submit good ideas in a way that’s interesting to read.

Check the Guest Post Guidelines

The place to begin is with the contributor guidelines. Sites that accept guest posts will often explain exactly what they want to see, how to send it in, and how long it needs to be. Those guidelines are there for a reason. Editors know what they want to see on their sites. They know what their audiences expect and they know the style of the publication. They’ll expect anything they publish to meet those requirements.

If you don’t meet the guidelines, it’s unlikely that they’ll accept your post—and there are very few exceptions. You might believe that your topic is special or that your post needs more words or a different style but it’s unlikely to fly. It will be up to you to match the guest post to the host, not the other way round.

An editor of a major site will typically receive about ten guest post pitches every day. That means you will have competition for the site’s real estate. The better the site, the more pitches the editors will have to field.

The good news though is that most of those pitches are very poor. You can stand out just by being professional. That means including four key ingredients in your pitch. The aim of the pitch is: to persuade the editor that you have an interesting topic; explain what the post will contain; show that you’re the right person to write it; and make the editor understand that their outlet is the right place to publish it. Some sites even have a sponsored post section where you can pay to get it live.

  1. Make Your Topic Interesting

First, you need to tell the editor what the guest post is about. Take the time to browse the site, and read what other people have posted. You should be able to gain an idea of the site’s market and match the post to their interests. If the site is aimed at people new to the topic, you might be able to settle for a simple guest post that introduces one aspect of the field and talks people through it. If the site aims at people with experience, you’ll need something more detailed and professional.

Clearly, what makes a guest post interesting will depend on the site and on the topic. Some sites and some editors will be looking for clickbait headlines and listicles. Others will want complex graphs and real data. You’ll need to check the site and come up with an idea that complements what’s already been published. You can offer a new perspective, add more detail, or replicate the approach of a successful post in a different part of your field.

But don’t copy what’s already on the site, or repeat an idea that’s already been published. There’s no reason to publish—or write—the same guest post twice.

  1. Describe What You’re Going to Say in Detail

Website editors are in a difficult position. They’re responsible for everything that goes on their websites. But they don’t get to write everything that goes on their websites. They have to trust that the people they allow to contribute are going to produce something worth reading. That means that every time they agree to accept a submission from someone, they don’t know what they’re going to receive. They won’t know whether it’s going to do the job or leave out all of the important information the guest post needs.

The more information you can give the editor, the more you’ll be able to reassure them that you’re going to do the job. They’ll be more confident about inviting you to submit your post.

Don’t just tell the editor what the post will be about. Give them a summary. Lay out your arguments. Describe any examples or case studies you’re going to use, and explain the source of your data. That might sound like work but it’s no more than a paragraph, and it’s also true that the more work you do now, the less work you’ll have to do when the time comes to write the post itself.

  1. Describe Yourself

A pitch for a guest post should have three elements. The first is what the post contains. You’ll have covered that when you explain in detail what the post is about. The next element is why you’re the write person to write it.

This is easy. You’ll just need to write a short bio: two or three sentences that lay out your expertise, with a link to your website. Focus on your experience rather than on your qualifications. If someone’s reading a guest blog post, there’s a good chance that they’ll have read other material on the same topic. You can assume that they’ll have some knowledge. The biggest value that you bring to the site is what you learned doing the things that the reader wants to do in the future. That’s why when photographers offer shooting advice, they don’t say where they studied photography or how long they studied it. They say they work for National Geographic, or they’ve shot more than a thousand weddings. Experience is much rarer—and more valuable—than knowledge alone.

  1. Make Yourself at Home

The second element in a pitch explains why you’re special. The last element tells the editor that they’re special. This is where you explain to the editor why they’re the best place to publish your guest post.

Be specific here. Don’t just say that you think the topic of your post will match the interest of their readers. Point to a specific article on the website and explain how your guest post follows it. Or point out issues in your post that match specific topics discussed in other posts.

The editor of a website is looking for consistency. They know that readers reach the site because they’re interested in a particular subject delivered in a particular way. If you can show them that your guest post fits right in, they’ll find it hard to say no.

3 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Guest Post Pitch

So your guest post pitch should explain what the pitch is about. It should state why you’re the right person to write it, and it should explain why the host is the right site to publish it. If you get all that right, you’ll be in with a great chance of winning acceptance.

But there are some mistakes that you can make that can kill even a good pitch.

  1. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

This is simple—and unforgivable. Your pitch is a piece of professional writing explaining that you can deliver another piece of professional writing. It needs to show that you’re a professional. Sure, everyone makes typos and fast typers sometimes skip words. But when your pitch is inarticulate and filled with errors, when it’s hard to read, editors will assume that the guest post won’t be any better.

Write your pitch. Run spellcheck. Put it aside for a few hours, then read it through again before sending.

  1. Sending a Mass Mail

Editors can tell when a pitch isn’t personalized. They know when you’ve sent the same email to every editor you can find. That’s a fast rejection. You might be able to cut and paste the bio part of the pitch but if you’re just changing the name of the recipient, you’re going to have to send a lot of pitches to get lucky with a single small site.

Make list of hosts and write each pitch individually.

  1. Sending Editors to a Poor Website

Once an editor has read your pitch, they’ll want to know more about you. They’ll then look at your website and they’ll make judgments. They’ll decide whether you’re professional and reliable. Above all, they’ll make a judgment about whether you’re someone they want to introduce their audience to. If your website looks old, out of date, and unprofessional, you’re not going to make the impression want.

If your website is old, give it a revamp before you start sending your pitches.


1. Is guest posting safe for SEO?

Guest posting is one of the most preferred ways of increasing SEO. There are many free guest posting sites that can help with SEO.

2. Does Google penalize guest posting?

It is a myth that Google penalizes guest posting. Google does not penalize guest posting. You can easily post on different and free guest posting sites.

3. How do you find guest post websites that are free?

There are many ways to find free and best guest blogging sites, you must conduct proper research. You can search “Free Guest Posting sites list 2021” or “Digital Marketing Guest Posting sites”, “Guest blogging sites in India”, etc, to get the list of websites that accept guest posting.

4. How do I find guest posting opportunities?

There are a lot of opportunities available on social media platforms, Google searches, etc. Many digital marketing guest posting sites allow guest blogging in different niches. 

5. Can I get paid for guest posting?

Yes, there are a few websites that pay for guest posting, but your content should be approved by the website’s editor. There are many opportunities for paid as well as unpaid guest blogs offered by some of the best guest blogging sites.

6. What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Guest blogging helps in creating 
Brand awareness 
Improving websites domain authority 
Building links
Improving search engine ranking

7. Can I start guest blogging as a beginner?

Yes, anyone can start guest blogging, all you need to have is good skills and strategy.


Sending guest posts to websites is a valuable marketing and branding technique. It improves your search engine results. It lets you tap into someone else’s audience. And it shows off your expertise.

Creating and publishing those guest posts is also not difficult, although it does take a bit of effort. Start making lists of sites in your field that accept guest posts and write each one a pitch that will land you your post.

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