Few Steps to Overcome Your FEAR of CONFLICT & Get COMFY w/ CONFRONTATION

Few Steps to Overcome Your FEAR of CONFLICT & Get COMFY w/ CONFRONTATION
December 25, 2020 No Comments Education, Family & Community, Health, Life Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Modern society trains us from a very early age to avoid conflict. Your parents, your teachers, your boss — everybody has an easier time raising you if you sit down, shut up, and happily follow their rules…

Overall, this is likely a winning strategy. Human conflict is the cause of some pretty serious atrocities in our collective past, so you can’t blame those who love you for wanting to shelter you from that…

But being sheltered from conflict has great unexpected costs — costs you’ll be paying off for the rest of your adult life…

So how do you stop being bullied, and become confident with any aggression thrown your way?

In today’s video, I’ll show you the 7 steps that worked for me personally — along with some personal stories — to stop being a little B*, grow a pair, and become confident with anything thrown MY way..

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