7 Tips to Manage Electric and Energy Usage in Your Home

7 Tips to Manage Electric and Energy Usage in Your Home
December 2, 2020 No Comments Electrical and Electronics, Home & Garden, International, Other Priya Saha

You have a lot of items in your home that need electricity to run. Whilst they make life convenient and enjoyable, they can also increase your utility bill and have a negative impact on the environment.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your monthly energy payments and be kinder to the planet, you need to find ways to manage your electric and energy use. Below are seven tips that might help.

. Change Your Lightbulbs

Doing something as small as changing your light bulbs could have a huge impact on how much energy you use. Traditional incandescent bulbs use a lot of electricity to light your space, and they have to be replaced more often than other bulbs that are more energy efficient.

Consider using LED or compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) instead. These use a lot less electricity to keep your house bright and you won’t have to replace them as often. That will save you money in a couple of different ways.

2. Change Your Filters Regularly

Remembering to change the filters in your HVAC system can be hard, but it’s something you should strive to do. The filters are put into your furnace and air conditioner to remove contaminants from the air in your home. As the filter gets clogged, your appliance will have to work harder to keep air moving through the system, and that means it will be using more energy.

Consider putting reminders on a calendar or on your phone. It’s also helpful if you have some extra filters sitting by your HVAC system. This will ensure you change your filters as often as necessary and save energy in the process.

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3. Unplug Items that You Aren’t Using

If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of items in your home that are plugged in but aren’t used often. This could include appliances such as toasters or blenders, or perhaps computer equipment, including laptops or gaming systems.

To manage your electric and energy usage, unplug these until you’re ready to use them. It’s also a good idea to unplug these items when you go on holiday to reduce the amount of energy that’s being used when you aren’t there.

4. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Having your HVAC system heat or cool your home to your desired temperature when you aren’t there wastes a lot of energy. By installing a programmable thermostat, you can change the temperature of your system so that it runs less when you aren’t home. This will save you money and help you manage your electric usage.

5. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Your home appliances account for the vast amount of energy used in your home. To ensure that they aren’t using more than necessary, make sure you buy appliances that are energy efficient. These appliances have been developed to work optimally without using more energy than necessary. They can help you save every month on your electric bill as well as reduce your electric consumption.

6. Seal Your Home

If your home has any cracks or holes, this allows the warm or cool air to escape. When this occurs, your HVAC system has to keep running to keep your house at the desired temperature. Remember that the more often it runs, the more energy it’s consuming. Thus, it’s a good idea to make sure windows and doors seal tightly to reduce your energy usage.

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7. Have Your Electrical System Inspected

Electrical systems can become outdated and not function properly. If there are any faulty connections, this can also lead to wasted electricity and increased utility bills. This is especially true in older homes.

To ensure that your electrical system is working optimally, you might consider calling a Brisbane electrician and having them do an inspection. If they find any issues, they’ll be able to correct the problem so that you can manage your electric usage.

Save Money and the Planet

When it comes to managing the electric and energy usage in your home, making small changes can have a huge impact. These steps can wind up saving you money on a monthly and yearly basis, and it also ensures that you are reducing negative impacts on the planet. It only takes a little short amount of time to make these changes, but they have long-lasting implications

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