7 Ways You Can Fight With a High Temperature In India During Summer

7 Ways You Can Fight With a High Temperature In India During Summer
December 2, 2020 No Comments Electrical and Electronics, International, Other Priya Saha

During the peak months of summer in India when the temperature touches around 50 degrees, it becomes tough for humans, and other living beings deal with it.

Due to increasing pollution in Indian cities and global warming, the summer temperature is touching around 50 degrees in India.

Thus, what is the best resource to deal with it other than installing the best window AC under 30000 or the best split AC? Let’s find out in this quick post!

  • Avoid direct sunlight

It would be good to minimize or avoid sunlight exposure from 10 AM to 3 PM as there are peak hours when the intensity of the heat is at maximum. Even if you must, you should ensure the exposure not going beyond 30 minutes and more.

  • Keep off from sudden changes in temperatures

When you move from a cool space like an AC room to a room that is like a furnace, you are likely to get cold and cough and respiratory issues. Thus, ensure that you bring your body to the normal temperature, especially before going in the sun.

  • Stay hydrated

Many people don’t drink up enough water to keep themselves hydrated during the summer months. Hence, it may lead to dehydration, and the possibility of heatstroke may increase. Thus, it would be great to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily. You should also carry a water bottle during journeys for quick consumption. It would also be good to avoid carbonated drinks during summer months and go for natural lemon-based drinks. During the day, you can also drink buttermilk to wash down your lunch and soothe your digestive system.  

  • Workout but in moderation
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It is good not to opt for excessive physical activities and continued exposure to sunrays that may cause a heat stroke. During the summer months, it is not good to overwork in the gym. It is because you need to have the energy to continue beating the heat.

  • Go for seasonal fruits and veggies

Your diet also plays a vital role in helping your body staying hot and cool. It would be good to avoid fermented and spicy foods, and you should eat light. Ensure loading up on citrus fruits. It is because vitamin C will help you to perk up your immunity and continue getting antioxidants. You can include lots of cucumbers, guards, lettuce and other cool veggies in your diet.

  • Wear the right attire

Summer is also the time when you may perspire so much that it may soak your clothes that may make you uncomfortable and even lead to fungal infections. The best fabric to go for Indian summers would be cotton as they help your body ventilate and stay cool. Give up fabrics such as satin, silk and more.

  • Ensure to take a bath daily and stay clean

The best way to start your day on a hot, humid and dry day during summers would be by taking a cold water shower. It is the easiest way to get refreshed super fast. Even while coming from work and not getting respite from the heat, you can take a cold water shower. Taking a cold water shower will also help you have a comfortable sleep. What’s more, it is also advisable to staying clean during summers to keep off multiple infections. To do that, you can maintain personal hygiene.        

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You can follow these best of the tips to tackle the challenges that the summer throws at you if you don’t have the best window AC under 30000 installed. If you are looking to buy the best split AC this summer, then you can compare models to pick the best one.

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