Zojirushi Rice Cookers: Discover The Master Chef Inside You

Zojirushi Rice Cookers: Discover The Master Chef Inside You
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Rice cookers are a versatile kitchen appliance that has moved ahead than just cooking rice in it. As the name suggests, it is not only rice that can be cooked in these vessels; the options are just overwhelming.

Read on to find out some cool recipes that can be crafted in your kitchen using Zojirushi rice cookers. You will surely log on to https://www.sushi-planet.com/best-zojirushi-rice-cookers/ to order your rice cooker after reading this.

Chocolate cake

Yes, those tempting Choco delights are tempting enough to make any one’s mouth water and to make this dish at home, you do not necessarily require an oven or microwave. These days one can easily make a chocolate dessert if one owns a rice cooker.

Caramel sauce

Moving ahead in the same line of sweet tooth savories, caramel sauce is another thing that you can make in rice cookers. All you need to do is to take cream, sugar, and butter together in the rice cooker and stir it continuously and allow it to boil.

Once the batter boils, stir it again and cook for five more minutes till the sugar is dissolved completely. Put off the flame and let the mixture thicken a bit. What next? Spread it on your favorite dessert, and you are all ready to gulp down your sweet delicacies with caramel sauce.

Healthy soups

Yes, beyond the sweet tooth delicacies, rice cookers can also get you some appetizers ready in a quick span of time. Yes, we are talking about the different varieties of soups that can be very conveniently cooked in rice cookers. May it be a hot and sour veg soup or chicken soup; rice cookers can get you your favorite soup recipes down in minutes.

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Oatmeal is a healthy option to have every morning and is one of the easiest and quick recipes that you can try for your breakfast. Just take water in the rice cooker, add oats in it and let it boil till the water bubbles up.

Mashed potatoes

Rice cookers can quickly get you starchy food ready in no time, and mashed potatoes lie in the same category that can be cooked in rice cookers within no time. For this, you will be required to steam the potatoes in the cooker until and unless they turn out to be tender enough to be peeled.

Further, place the potatoes in the pot, adding some milk and butter to get some instant yummy potato ready to treat yourself.

Banana bread

You need to grind butter, banana, and sugar together to a smooth paste for cooking banana bread, further adding vanilla and eggs in it and mixing it well till there are no lumps in the batter.

Next, sieve baking powder, baking soda, and flour and add it to the already prepared mixture. Apply some oil to the inside of the rice cooker; you can also use butter for the coating. Next, put the batter inside the rice cooker and allow it to cook for at least one and a half hours, allowing it to cool after the cooking process and your banana bready is ready.


Yes, electric cookers are great kitchen appliances that have made rice cooking extremely easy and do not require the user to monitor the pot. But these rice cookers have proved its multi-functionality by allowing the users to cook ample things in it apart from rice.

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So what are you waiting for? Get your rice cooker to enjoy these mouth-watering dishes and for more dishes visit our food section blog.

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