What are Multiplayer Games

What are Multiplayer Games
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Back in early industry when gaming was introduced to the world. There were only single player games and people were only socialized until  then.

There was no concept of social networking. As the time passed and technology enhanced itself. Day-by-Day technology is getting upgraded. The games that are developed today are for better than the games developed before. Due to the revolution of social networking gaming has also introduced Multiplayers Games.

A multiplayer video game that allows more than one user to play the same game at same time in the same environment. In the history of gaming users only player competing with preprogrammed challenges or Al opponents. As time passed gaming changed its trend and introduced multiplayer.

A multiplayer games allows the user to compete with the human brains and enhance their gaming skills.


Only multiplayer gaming was a split screen mode. In this users compete with each other on single device and viewed the output on the same screen. All 90’s gamers know is the Need for Speed 2 Se edition that gave the multiplayer option. After the time passed was introduced the gaming over the internet.


Turn Based Multiplayer Games refers to a multiplayer game that involves two or more than two players. The example of this is the game that got a big hit on play store that was Ludo Star. In this game you connect with you friends.


Multiplayer Games that include real time networking that means all the players are playing at the same time in the same environment. The  example of  games is PUBG. This game includes real time networking. You connect with your social media friends. And you can make a team with them and Compete with other live players in the game.

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Death Rally:

This was a real time networking game. In this game you can create a room and invite your friends by sending them the room name. Select different cars and battle with your friends.

Daketi Card Game:

Daketi is a famous card game in real life that we duplicated and made a turn based multiplayer game. In this game you invite your Facebook friends and can play with them.

Car Rumble:

A real time networking game. You create or join an existing room and Compete with your friends on a deadly environment.

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