Category: Fashion

Category: Fashion

Styling Tips for Rocking Trendy Plus Size Dresses with Confidence
April 2, 2024 Fashion, Sponsored Carley Smith

SponsoredIn the vibrant world of fashion, the mantra ‘confidence is key’ holds true for everyone, especially when it comes to flaunting trendy plus-size dresses. This guide is dedicated to all the fabulous curvy women out there who are looking to spice up their wardrobe while embracing their beautiful shapes. Whether you’re stepping out for a

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Short Sleeve Walking Suits: The Perfect Blend of Casual and Classy
March 27, 2024 Fashion, Sponsored Victoria Mazzini

Sponsored Hey, guys! Let’s dive into the world of fashion and talk about something that’s catching everyone’s eye these days: short sleeve walking suits. Imagine blending the cool, laid-back vibe of your favorite casual wear with a dash of classy style—that’s what these suits are all about. They’re skyrocketing in popularity, becoming a go-to choice

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Nail Care Technicians: Elevating the Artistry of Manicures
December 4, 2023 Beauty, Fashion, Sponsored Lisa Hales

Sponsored In the world of beauty and self-care, the role of nail care technicians is truly transformative. These skilled professionals go beyond the conventional and elevate the artistry of manicures, creating an experience that goes hand in hand with style and wellness. In this guest post, we delve into the world of nail care technicians,

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Write for Us | Become a Guest Author at LoogleBiz | Taxonomy for WriteforUs
September 11, 2023 Beauty, Blogs, Business, Digital Marketing, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Fashion, Finance, Food, Gaming, Health, Hobbies & Leisure, Information Technology Priya Saha

Thank you for showing interest in Write for Us for Blog.LoogleBiz. We are glad you are here. Guest posting for us is a great way to show your experience & expertise and establish a Business or Brand or even yourself as an expert in a specific field. You also get the best exposure via social

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Typical answers of How I Can or How Can I ?
August 24, 2023 Blogs, Business, Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Fashion, Finance, Hobbies & Leisure, Jobs & Education, Life, Nature, Relationship, Religious, Shopping, Spiritual, Trends Erica Ostin

“How can I” is the correct structure when you are asking a direct question. When asking a direct question you always change the order of the subject. Here are few questions and their answers that start from How can I or How I can? How can I lose weight effectively? Losing weight effectively involves a

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Fashion Brands UK
July 27, 2023 Business, Environment, Fashion Sarthi Lam

The United Kingdom is home to numerous well-known and influential fashion brands, representing a diverse range of styles and aesthetics. Some of the popular fashion brands in the UK include: These are just a few examples, and the UK has a vibrant and diverse fashion industry with many other brands making their mark both domestically

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Clothing brands US
July 27, 2023 Business, Culture, Fashion, Life, Startup Sarthi Lam

There were numerous clothing brands based in the United States catering to various styles and preferences. Please note that the fashion industry is constantly evolving, and new brands may have emerged since my last update. Here are some well-known clothing brands in the US: Remember that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are

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Biggest Companies by Revenue UK
July 26, 2023 Analytics, Animal & Creatures, Beauty, Business, Culture, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Fashion, Finance, Health, Home & Garden, International, Law & Government, Manufacturing, Trends Sarthi Lam

As of my last update , the ranking of the biggest companies in the UK by revenue can change over time due to fluctuations in business performance and economic conditions. However, here are some of the largest companies in the UK that were prominent as: Largest companies in the UK Please note that this list

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The Top Beauty Brands of the United States
July 24, 2023 Beauty, Business, Family & Community, Fashion, Finance, Life, Shopping Sarthi Lam

there are numerous beauty brands based in the USA that have gained recognition both domestically and internationally. These brands offer a wide range of skincare, makeup, haircare, and beauty products. Here are some well-known Beauty brands from the USA: Please note that the beauty industry is dynamic, and new brands may have emerged or gained

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Most Activewear Brands USA
July 22, 2023 Fashion, International, Manufacturing Sarthi Lam

As of my last update in July 2023, the activewear market in the USA is vibrant, with numerous brands catering to the growing demand for comfortable and stylish clothing for athletic and leisure activities. What is meant by Activewear Brands Activewear brands refer to companies and businesses that design, produce, and market clothing and accessories

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132 Websites all working professionals should know and use
February 13, 2023 Analytics, Animal & Creatures, Art, Beauty, Blogs, Books, Business, City, Comics, Crime, Culture, Digital Marketing, Education, Electrical and Electronics, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Family & Community, Fashion, Finance, Gaming, Health, History, Hobbies & Leisure, Home & Garden, Information Technology, International, Jobs & Education, Law & Government, Life, Manufacturing, Medical, Movie, Music, Nature, Other, Politics, Programming, Real Estate, Relationship, Religious, Science, SEO, Services, Shopping, Social Media, Spiritual, Sponsored, Sports, Startup, Technology, Travel, Trends Sarthi Lam

Websites That Will Make You Unbelievably Smarter With an interminable number of sites, devices, and assets out there, how do you have at least some idea what merits your time? Indeed, we know exactly the way in which occupied you are, so we did the legwork for yourself and found 99 websites that will enhance

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How to do makeup
October 12, 2022 Beauty, Fashion, Other Sarthi Lam

Here’s How to Apply Your Makeup Step by Step 1. Start with Moisturizer No matter what your skin type (dry, oily, or combination), it’s important to hydrate both morning and night—and don’t forget sunscreen in the a.m. Maulawizada recommends using your cleanser and toner (this is especially important at night!) before applying moisturizer. Then, he

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How to tie a tie
September 29, 2022 Fashion Rachel Denial

Ties have been an essential part of men’s wardrobe no matter what their age is. But nowadays, ties are mainly used for formal occasions only. The main reason for this is because most men cannot tie a tie. Although the task of tying a tie is something very simple, most men cannot do it. This

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7 Effective Strategies To Promote Your Online Clothing Brand
September 19, 2022 Digital Marketing, Fashion Melody D

Online clothing stores make it easy for you to reach more people than ever before. But it is not a ‘set it and forget it’ case. You need to take an active role to promote your fashion brand so that it reaches your prospective customers and brings you more sales. If you run an online

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New Product Launches and Acquisitions to Boost Dancewear Demand Globally
September 7, 2022 Fashion Sonali Sharma

New Product Launches and Acquisitions to Boost Dancewear Demand Globally Changing fashion trends and the growing preference of the dancers toward aesthetic styles as well as body fit designs have enhanced the demand for different styles of dancewear. Furthermore, a prominent increase in dance events and activities across the globe will enlarge the scope of

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Vegan Cosmetics Market to Eyewitness Massive Growth of $28.5 billion by 2031 |Amway Corporation, Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is leading key players
July 21, 2022 Beauty, Business, Fashion Sonali Sharma

Vegan Cosmetics Market to Eyewitness Massive Growth of $28.5 billion by 2031 |Amway Corporation, Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is leading key players The concept of veganism witnessed immense popularity in recent years. Increase in concerns regarding the degradation of the environment and growing awareness of cruelty toward animals are the prime propellers of growth of

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Do Women need a Reason to Wear Makeup?
June 9, 2022 Art, Beauty, Fashion, Other, Trends Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Almost 50% of women in the world do not prefer to leave home without applying makeup. Many save the maquillage for special occasions, such as a night out or a daytime social event. There are also women who are completely satisfied with a bare face, or simply do not have the time for formalities. The

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New Footwear Launches to Maximize Performance during Physical Activities
May 6, 2022 City, Fashion, Health, Other Sonali Sharma

Footwear Launches to Maximize Performance  There has been a significant surge in the demand for footwear’s in various countries across the globe, owing to the availability of different types of innovative designs and increase in the standard of living among people around the world. More and more people across the globe are increasingly concerned about

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Sales Strategies To Increase Sales
April 20, 2022 Blogs, Business, City, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Information Technology Sarthi Lam

Whether that’s a service, a product, or a piece of valuable information — everyone has something they can sell. But the only way a business succeeds is by earning customers and growing sales from that service, product, or information. You can’t just hope someone will stumble upon your product and purchase it, though. An increase

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Is Hair restoration surgical procedure a good choice?
February 1, 2022 Beauty, Fashion, Health, Medical, Science Drgeetikapaliwal

Hair loss and hair thinning are very common. As we age, our body  modifies in a lot of ways and modifications to our hair are element and  parcel of that. It’s also common to experience hair thinning and hair  loss for different reasons.. Any prolonged illness which includes cancer for instance and its accompanying treatments,stress,genetic 

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Dandruff with Frizzy Hair? Here is the Best Winter Hair Care
January 23, 2022 Beauty, City, Fashion, Health, Other, Science Ayur Herbals

Dandruff can be one hair problem that we have to suffer during the wintertime. When it comes to dandruff, we all have experienced it at least once in our lifetime. Most people get dandruff during the winter months due to dehydration of the scalp and washing their hair in steaming hot water. Dandruff means that

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The Pros and Cons of Private Label Clothing Manufacturing
January 6, 2022 Fashion Zendyl

What is a private label clothing manufacturer? The answer to this question depends on who you ask. For some, it means manufacturing a product line for other businesses without any customization done at all. To others, it’s the ability to create your own branded products with an unlimited number of options that are guaranteed to

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Artificial nail Art : Dermatologists tips for reducing nail damage
December 27, 2021 Art, Beauty, Fashion, International, Trends Homer yang

A good nail art usually has many problems. Many friends don’t know the cause of the problem. Now, here we gathered some common nail art tips for share. 1. About The Hardening Of The Brush Head The brush head may be exposed to direct sunlight, or light, or not put away after use. If it

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Buy Temporary Tattoos online at best prices, That Look Real
December 19, 2021 Art, Fashion Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Well-done Temporary tattoos are beautiful works of art. If you wear the right sunscreen for tattoos, use proper tattoo soaps and moisture with lotions made specifically for tattoos, your ink body art will look superb for years, if not decades, to come. For some, this is exactly what they want. For those of us who

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Buy Smart Watches for men & women Online
December 17, 2021 Fashion, Shopping Ritika Ghost Content Writer

You needn’t spend in the big bucks for a high-quality smartwatch or fitness tracker – here’s our pick of the best out there. Smartwatches come in all shapes, sizes, designs these days – and all manner of price points too. And if you find yourself wincing at the triple-figure sums that many brands are asking

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Best Skin Care Products for All Skin Types in 2022
December 16, 2021 Beauty, Fashion, Relationship, Shopping Ritika Ghost Content Writer

As much as I love makeup (and trust, me I really love it), skincare is the place to invest when it comes to your beauty routine. I’m not saying you have to drop half your overdraft on a face serum, but you do have to invest time, patience, and yes, perhaps a little cash, when

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Cool Travel Accessories For A Smart Traveler In 2022
December 16, 2021 Art, Blogs, Business, City, Fashion, Shopping, Sports, Travel, Trends Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Here’s the list of 20 uber-cool travel accessories to help you travel smart. Not all of them are available in India, but you can always ask a friend abroad to slip you one or two. Book Top-rated Hotels 100% Verified Stays No Booking Fees Hygiene Essentials: Cool Travel Accessories Check out the below-mentioned hygiene essentials

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Best Lehenga Choli Online Shopping Websites
December 16, 2021 Family & Community, Fashion, Relationship, Shopping Ritika Ghost Content Writer

No more hopping from one retail store to another for lehenga choli shopping when there are endless options to choose from online~ Nothing compliments a woman more than traditional Indian wear. Where sarees become difficult to handle during family/festive occasions, a lehenga choli allows you to move around with ease. Let’s take a look at our pick

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List Of Miss World Winners | List of miss universe winners | Meet the most handsome man in the world
December 16, 2021 Art, Beauty, Blogs, City, Entertainment, Family & Community, Fashion, Hobbies & Leisure, International, Other Sarthi Lam

List of Miss World Winners (1951-2021): Kiki Håkansson of Sweden is the first Miss World who was crowned in 1951 while Reita Faria became the first Indian titleholder in 1966. The Miss World 2021 winner will be crowned by the reigning Miss World Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica on 16 December 2021 at the Jose Miguel

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Best Christmas Markets In The World To Ring Your Festivities This Season!
December 16, 2021 Fashion, Health, Hobbies & Leisure, Home & Garden, Shopping, Travel, Trends Sarthi Lam

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to stack up on your Christmas stash, indulge in a lot of shopping for your family and dig into pre-Christmas treats! There’s no better place to do this other than the most amazing Christmas markets in the world!  Here’s enlisted the best Christmas markets in the world that

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Best Online Clothing Shopping Sites
December 10, 2021 Art, Beauty, Business, City, Fashion, Shopping Sarthi Lam

so you’re on the hunt for Online Clothing Shopping or an eCommerce platform. but they aren’t all the same – and not every ecommerce platform works as well for apparel and clothing shops.  it’s time to stop the seemingly endless search. we put together a complete (and easy-to-understand) comparison guide of the top ecommerce platforms

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Shopping Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022
December 2, 2021 Blogs, City, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, International, Shopping, Social Media Ritika Ghost Content Writer

We all struggle a lot whenever we are asked to buy something for our parents, friends or even for ourselves. And this becomes embarrassing for a lot of us when we are one of those who are constantly stuck on our mobile screens. But don’t worry! We at have solved this up for you! Here

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How to Sell Wholesale Clothing Online: 4 Useful Tips
November 30, 2021 Art, Business, Fashion, Life FondMart

Nowadays, with the trend of B2B e-commerce and the influence of coronavirus, more people try to sell wholesale clothing online, so we write the article to help you solve the problem of how to sell wholesale clothing online with 4 best ways to expand your wholesale business. According to statistics published in 2019, the United States is one of the largest and

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Trendy E-Commerce Websites for Online Shopping in India
August 2, 2021 Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Fashion, Information Technology Sarthi Lam

A comprehensive directory for the geeky e-shopper TitThere are literally hundreds of shopping sites out there and it’s really difficult to cut through the clutter. There are sites that cater to everyone – the all-encompassing jack-of-all-trades providers and then others that are super niche – selling only flowers or lingerie. We doubt flowers are of

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How to Wear a Baseball Jersey This Summer
July 29, 2021 Fashion, Sports Scott

Every pro athlete knows that having the right baseball jersey can make a big difference in their success on the field. From the beginning of a professional career up to the end, a player’s baseball jersey represents their true identity and what makes them different from anyone else. Unlike other products that are mass produced,

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Best Motorcycle Leather Vest Reviews & Recommendations 2021-2022
May 21, 2021 Business, Fashion, Other, Sports Custom Leather Vests

“Style is permanent, everything is temporary” Leather Vest: The leather vest is the best product which is highly recommended by European people. It is basically an outwear which is sleeveless, worn and covers the body of the wearer. It has been used in the fashion industry for the last decade with the demand for leather.

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Top 10 UK Footwear Brands in 2022
April 19, 2021 Beauty, Fashion, International, Other, Sports Suraj Kumar

The fashion industry is one of the most prominent industries in the world and it including multiple categories including apparel, cosmetics, footwear, etc. The footwear industry is itself quite huge and comprises hundreds of the world’s famous brands. Most of these brands are of European descent and a few are from the UK too. Top

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How to Clear Bad Credit Scores in Australia
April 7, 2021 Business, Fashion, Other Priya Saha

There are several things to consider when you are considering clearing bad credit scores in Australia. Your credit scores tell many things about you as a consumer and your financial situation in general. There are many tips for clearing bad credit scores in Australia that can be used to fix your score. This article will

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Men’s Fashion Ideas for Guys Who Love the Color Blue
April 5, 2021 Fashion, Life Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Blue is a primary color in between green and violet in the spectrum of visible light. It is the color of the sea and the sky. Often associated with harmony, confidence, imagination in some cultures, it is the color most associated with masculinity. In western culture, polls have shown that it is the favorite color

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Coil vs Rotary – Which Is The Right Tattoo Machine For Beginners?
April 1, 2021 Fashion Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Tattoos, the age-old body art that was once considered taboo by society, is gaining immense popularity continuously from the 20th century. It was once done on the body of the criminals, outcastes, and socially irresponsible people to segregate them from others. However, as time passed, it became one of the most sought-after body art and

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How To Make Yourself Look Beautiful
March 9, 2021 Beauty, Fashion, Life, Other Priya Saha

Regardless of your skin color, nationality or height, you can look absolutely stunning and breathtakingly beautiful. When you have that radiant glow, you walk into a room confidently and feel all eyes on you; you can light up a room with just your mere presence. Many people struggle with their weight or appearance; this dissatisfaction

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Tips for best Gift Items For Your Male Friends In 2021
February 26, 2021 Beauty, Fashion, Life Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Choosing the best gifts to buy for your guy friends can be daunting. That’s because, unlike ladies, most men aren’t usually over-enthusiastic about what they love or want. But still, getting them a thoughtful gift will put that warm and broad smile on their faces. After all, whatever is worth doing at all is worth

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Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo to Avoid Getting an Infection
February 26, 2021 Beauty, Fashion, Hobbies & Leisure, Life Ritika Ghost Content Writer

If you are a self-confessed tattoo addict and enthusiast like Lil Peep Tattoos, then we are sure that for you, there is nothing more exciting than getting a new tattoo. Whether you are a first-timer or you are adding a new tattoo to your collection, you must always remember that getting a tattoo is a

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5 Must-Have Couples Outfits (and When To Wear Them)
February 26, 2021 Fashion Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Whether you’re going to a big party together or just enjoying a night in, there’s something about matching your bae that just feels right. While you don’t have to be too matchy-matchy to make this happen, a little intentionality in coordinating with your sweetheart goes a long way in making memories and connecting together. Check

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4 Ways To Make Your Clothing Habits Eco-Friendly
February 26, 2021 Beauty, Fashion Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Building and maintaining a wardrobe can be exhilarating, particularly for those that love fashion. However, general clothing practices have proven to be harmful to the environment. If this is something that you want to work on, here are four ways to make your clothing habits eco-friendly. Look for the Materials A major thing you should

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Best Brands To Buy Skirts
February 24, 2021 Beauty, Business, Fashion Ritika Ghost Content Writer

Are you a skirt lover? And always in search of new skirts? – I know skirts have their charm because they can lit up your boring shirt or top into a stunning outfit, so why say no to the skirts? As an online stylist in UK, I love skirts because I can wear them at

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How to Choose the Best Designer Glasses Frames for Your Face
February 13, 2021 Beauty, Fashion, Life Priya Saha

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of designer glasses frames, you don’t want to find out that you look more like a bee than a human being, with the frames overpowering your features. After all, you’ll be paying a pretty penny for those beautiful frames, so you’ll want to pick the right ones

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How to make money by Guest Posting?
February 3, 2021 Animal & Creatures, Art, Beauty, Blogs, Books, Business, City, Comics, Culture, Digital Marketing, Education, Electrical and Electronics, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Family & Community, Fashion, Finance, Food, Gaming, Health, History, Hobbies & Leisure, Home & Garden, Information Technology, International, Jobs & Education, Law & Government, Life, Medical, Movie, Music, Nature, Other, Politics, Programming, Real Estate, Relationship, Religious, Science, SEO, Shopping, Social Media, Spiritual, Sports, Startup, Technology, Travel, Trends Andrea Micheal

Guest posting is a great way to easily make money as a writer by writing online guest posts. Many people need talented writers who help them to write and publish guest posts on their blog site. There are many reasons people may need to post a guest for you. Some of them require traffic to

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Skin Care Trends for 2021
January 29, 2021 Beauty, Business, Fashion, Health, Hobbies & Leisure, International, Other Priya Saha

2020 was the year when ‘skin care’ was transformed into ‘self-care’ and this year we’re expecting that this trend will continue. From DMK enzyme therapy to self soothe creams and serums, last year was a marvel in the skincare line-up. However, the experts are predicting better, smarter, and more innovative discoveries this year.   On this note,

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How To Attract Customers And Increase Your Store Sales Using Cosmetic Display Boxes
January 29, 2021 Art, Beauty, Business, Fashion, Life, Other Priya Saha

Cosmetic Display Boxes: Engaging the buyers by presenting the product unique to them is essential for the manufacturers and suppliers. This is because this is an excellent strategy to increase sales and survive the market competition. Cosmetic manufacturing companies and suppliers can use custom cosmetic display boxes in this regard. This is because these outstanding packages have multiple

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Long-Distance Partner
January 29, 2021 Art, Beauty, Culture, Family & Community, Fashion, Life, Other, Trends Priya Saha

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I realized that it’s the first Valentine’s Day I have had with my boyfriend that we’re more than 6,000 miles apart. Despite the distance though, my mind has been reeling over what to get him, as one of my main love languages is gift-giving. So here are some ideas that I’ve

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Beauty Products Under ₹500 That Go Easy On Both Your Skin And Your Pocket
January 8, 2021 Beauty, Fashion, Life, Other Priya Saha

1. This Aloe Vera gel that soothes and moisturises the skin without making it oily. You can use it in lieu of a regular moisturiser if your skin is sensitive and prone to acne – ₹405 2. This Morning Nectar skin lotion from Biotique for all skin types that will give you long-lasting moisturization and hydration without leaving a greasy film behind

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