Simple Ways to Make Extra Money in Retirement

Simple Ways to Make Extra Money in Retirement
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So, you’re retired and looking for ways to earn extra money? No problem with that. You have some free time and what better way than to make money?

Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you must stop making money. For the first time in your life, your retirement years might be the first time you can make money doing what you love! These part-time ideas can help you earn extra income to supplement your monthly retirement benefits or even to remain active in the community. Just make sure you don’t make these common money mistakes in retirement or you will have to keep earning extra money!

Answer Online Surveys

Online surveys are an activity that only requires 15 minutes a day in many instances. Although, you can take as many surveys as you want every week and get paid in cash. Survey Junkie is one of the best survey sites that will allow you to influence consumer brands you use daily.

Freelance Write

To unleash the author within yourself, market your skills online at freelance platforms like Upwork. Whether you want to write blog posts related to a particular niche, publish an ebook, or even proofread others’ work, freelancing allows you to work from home or while you travel as a “digital nomad.”

You can even check out this course or this one to learn how to break into the lucrative freelance writing market.

Start a Blog

In addition to getting paid by writing for others, you can also make money by starting your own blog.

What can you write about? Anything you want. Maybe you plan on visiting every 50 states with an RV and plan on chronicling your journey. Or, you might write about managing your money in retirement. As visitors purchase products you recommend and advertise, you will earn a small royalty payment.

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It only takes a few minutes to begin blogging and you don’t have to be a computer expert. Reading this “How to Start a Blog” guide will help you painlessly build a blog from scratch.

Become a Proofreader

Online proofreading is another lucrative work-from-home job. You can get paid to proofread ebooks, legal transcripts, and blog posts. As an online proofreader, you can select how many hours you work each week making it a flexible income opportunity.

Sell Your Photos Online

If you have a skill for standing behind a camera, sell your photos online at sites like Shutterstock. This can be an excellent way to share moments as you travel across the country and the world and capture events that the regular working person can only view with a photograph. By selling your photos and videos on stock photo websites, you will earn a royalty for each image sold.


Students of all ages are looking for tutors to help them with complex course material. Creating an account on Studypool will allow you to connect with other students online. You can also tutor locally by advertising at your local schools and library to name a few places.

Teach a Class

If you have a skill like painting, gardening, or exercising, you can make money by teaching a class at your local community center, senior centers, and craft stores. If you’re willing to drive, you can provide private lessons by consulting at a client’s house.

Rent a Grandma

Put your grandmotherly wisdom to use. With Rent a Grandma, you can babysit children and pets, cook for a family, or take care of other seniors. There are franchises all across the country that allow you to connect with other families. Or, you can always start your own if you have held the dream of starting your own business.

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Become a Pet Sitter

If you would rather just stick with our furry friends, can help you look after dogs and cats. Some full-time pet sitters and dog walkers make a six-figure income, so there’s a lot of earning potential even if you are only a part-time sitter.

Rent a Room on Airbnb

If you are an empty nester or own a second home, you can make some money by renting your spare room (or house) as an Airbnb host. This online booking has taken the travel lodging industry by storm in recent years as travelers thumb their noses at the stiff fees and staleness of a typical hotel room.

Become a Paid Camp Host

For those that enjoy the great outdoors, you can become a paid camp host. Some campgrounds require you to bring your own camper while others might provide lodging. This can be a fun seasonal job that lets you interact with people from all over the map and allows you to get paid to travel.

Be a Personal Shopper

Go shopping for busy professionals or the homebound. This can be a fun task if shopping is your favorite pastime and now you can get paid to shop ‘til you drop.

Disguise Yourself as a Mystery Shopper

Another way to make money shopping is to mystery shop. Research companies will pay you to visit restaurants and stores in exchange for providing your opinion on the experience. Just don’t tell any of the store clerks or it won’t be a mystery.

Sell Handmade Goods and Secondhand Products

You can also make money by selling handmade crafts and secondhand goods online and in-person. Four places to consider selling online include Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist.

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For bulky items or additional exposure, you can also host a yard sale to attract local customers. This extra income idea can be a great way to monetize a hobby like woodworking or handicrafts. And, it can also be a good way to profit from finding bargains at thrift stores and garage sales.

Drive for Uber and Lyft

By owning a 4-door vehicle, you can make money as an independent driver for Uber and Lyft. You get paid for each gig as you drive passengers across town. You can also set your own hours and drive when you want.

The Income Options Are Unlimited

You don’t have to get a job as a cashier at your local restaurant or retail store to make extra money. These jobs aren’t scams, and real people make money from them every day. Whether you only want to work a few minutes a day or several hours a week, you can make money from any task.

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