Best Fighter Plane Games for Android

Best Fighter Plane Games for Android
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Best Fighter Plane Games for Android

Nowadays, games have taken on a new look, for example, console, touch, and VR games. These kinds of games have become a part of our lives. They fulfill our amusing desires in our free time. But in modern gaming, we see more than enough different categories of online games on the internet for both Android and PC. And up to 2 billion users worldwide play these games online.

While trying to utilize time by playing interesting online games, some users find it hard to select a specific game to play in their leisure time. To help you comfort your thoughts and choose something that suits your tastes in online gaming, we have assembled a list of some of the best fighter plane games for android. In this article, you will find almost every taste of plane games and, it would help make your decision about a good plane game better than before.  

  • Merge Plane 

Marge plane is a game where you need to assemble a fleet of planes to create a commercial airline with better and faster planes. Your goal is to increase sales as much as possible. Initially, there are few gaps available for creating airplane combos, but as you level up, they grow larger.

Therefore, the ability to create larger, more complex combinations and release some newer, faster planes will bring even more benefits. The gameplay is very similar to the Merge Cakes gameplay. And TrainMerger can thrive your business and invest your income directly in better planes thanks to the combinations you combine, some with coins and others with diamonds reducing merger times.

       2. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

Starting with the number one game, Sky Gamblers is one of the few good 3D air combat titles to grace the Android platform. It is a game based on the theme of World War I. This game gives you a good taste of plane flying also allows you to fly deadly air fighters like Fokker DR1 and several other historic combat planes. You can play it using your device’s touch-screen and several controlling configurations. The game offers its players a worth enjoying combat simulation experience.

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While playing this game, you can engage in dogfights against rival planes or bomb ground defenses in challenging air-to-ground scenarios in the screenplay. The full version of this game has more than a hundred dogfight missions. It also has a game design mode, which allows you to create the scenarios of your choice to play. This game also offers multiplayer aerial dogfights to its players: you can go against seven other players in intense air-to-air combat, all in real-time. The paid version features include many well-known multiplayer modes such as Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. However, we recommend you use the light version (free) before purchasing the full version.

      3. Winds of Steel

Winds of Steel (sometimes called Wings of Steel, which is confusing) is an immersive 3D aerial warfare game that simulates World War II in the Pacific Ocean. In the beginning, the cockpit of Japanese fighters and bombers attacking Pearl Harbor and the other part of the game will play the role of the United States by flying US Air Force fighters over the mainland. 

Join enemy aircraft and battle stations in both campaigns. In dogfights, square targets help break through the defenses of enemy aerial fighters. But the real fun lies in dropping bombs on islands and battleships. The aiming system of the game is user-friendly. I have never seen such an easy-to-use targeting system. It makes dogfights exciting. 

Graphically, Winds of Steel provides excellent 3D graphics. It features a fierce mission centered on the attack on Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Some of the campaign missions are a bit repetitive, but there are many historic aerial battles. Overall, this game offers a rich air simulation experience.

      4. Kirtland Patriots

The Air Patriot adds a new twist to the aerial combat genre by combining tower defense gameplay with Kirtland combat. Instead of installing fixed units to protect the terrain, steer colorful groups of cartoon airstrikes into bomb tanks and other land units. Mobile units can be hard to use, as you need to develop a strategy to destroy your enemies. To do this, you should always draw the path for each air fighter. You can also draw some patterns for each aircraft to prevent enemy units from escaping to the other side of the site. The Patriots have a lot of missions to play. There are over ten unlockable planes, each with skill and firepower. The variety of cards makes the gameplay more interesting, like in 3D animation plane games like Merge plane. The complexity of each terrain adds more fun and challenge to the overall gameplay. The Air Patriots is a bold experiment that adds an airy twist to the tower defense genre, showing a fascinating Kirtland battle by combining two different genres in this game.

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      5. Steambirds

Steambirds brings turn-based strategies to the aerial combat game mechanics. This unique combination makes things interesting throughout the game and, it is on the list of best fighter plane games for android. To see how it works, players draw the path of their plane and wait for their opponents to do the same. All of this takes Kirtlandturns, with each player defeating the other players and achieving their goals correctly. 

This game features a simplified top-down map view ideal for turn-based dogfight games. You feel like you are commanding a squadron of aerial fighters in the war room. The control is limited to drawing paths for maneuvering the aircraft. All the fighting players in the game will automatically attack as soon as an enemy aircraft comes into view. That doesn’t mean the game is easy. You will have to draw the correct pattern. Remember to press the pause button and plan a combat exercise before the enemy plane turns your plane into a toast.

Steambirds is in another story with a steampunk theme. Zeppelin and the Spitfire have discovered super steam power that is gaining momentum. The firepower is powerful and, the bomb can destroy the island in seconds. The angle of alternate history gives a great twist in the era of World War II. This game is not as breakneck as other Android dogfight games, but it’s engaging to strategic fans.

      6. Dogfight

Dogfight is another addictive dogfight simulation game set up during World War I. It features a great dogfight in various environments. Fly a World War I fighter in snow-covered deserts, oceans, and lush fields to fight rival aircraft in aerial skirmishes. The game is free to download, but the full version has to be paid in-game. The free version includes several training levels and a single plane. The full version consists of many missions to play with numerous historic aircraft from World War I. The best gameplay feature of the Dogfight is the multiplayer mode. Join battles with other players in large dogfights. The developers have created a unique community where players can share their experiences and tips on combat simulation.

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This game came into the gaming world after real-life events that happened in the early 20th century. A dogfight was a dogfight between fighters fought at close range on the territory of the United States. The aerial war first occurred in Mexico, South America, in 1913, shortly after the invention of the first plane. Before 1992, after World War II, it was part of all great warfare, despite the belief that faster and longer-range weapons would make aerial war obsolete.


So here is the list we brought to you to comfort your decision-making process while choosing the suitable and best fighter plan game for android. But if you would ask me to mention only one among all of the above, I would name Merge Plane because it is a game you can play without any good specifications on your device. Moreover, it possesses user-friendly graphics that would prove quite compatible with your device and, you will be having fun throughout the gameplay. But, if you find some helpful material for the same article, please let us know in the comment section. So we may write better quality content for you because our users are our number one priority. I will appreciate your suggestions for the article that we wrote for your help in finding the best fighter plane games for android.

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