Unity Learn Premium, a learning platform for professionals to master real-time 3D development

Unity Learn Premium, a learning platform for professionals to master real-time 3D development
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Unity has announced a new learning platform for professionals and hobbyists to advance their Unity knowledge and skills within their industry. The Unity Learn Premium, builds upon the launch of the free Unity Learn platform. The Unity Learn, platform hosts hundreds of free projects and tutorials, including two new beginner projects. Users can search learning materials by topic, content type, and level of expertise. Tutorials comes with  how-to instructions, video clips, and code snippets, making it easier to switch between Unity Learn and the Unity Editor.

The Unity Learn Premium service allows creators to get immediate answers, feedback, and guidance directly from experts with Learn Live, biweekly interactive sessions with Unity-certified instructors. Learners can also track progress on guided learning paths, work through shared challenges with peers, and access an exclusive library of resources updated every month with the latest Unity releases. The premium version will offer live access to Unity experts, and learning content across industries, including architecture, engineering, and construction, automotive, transportation, and manufacturing), media and entertainment, and gaming.

The Unity Learn Premium announcement comes on the heels of the launch of the Unity Academic Alliance. With this membership program,  educators and institutions can incorporate Unity into their curriculum.

Jessica Lindl, VP and Global Head of Education, Unity Technologies wrote to us in a statement, “Until now, there wasn’t a definitive learning resource for learning intermediate to advanced Unity skills, particularly for professionals in industries beyond gaming. The workplace of today and tomorrow is fast-paced and driven by innovation, meaning workers need to become lifelong learners, using new technologies to upskill and ultimately advance their careers. We hope that Unity Learn Premium will be the perfect tool for professionals to continue on this learning path.

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She further wrote to us, “Through our work to enable the success of creators around the world, we discovered there is no definitive source for advancing from beginner to expert across all industries, which is why we’re excited to launch the Unity Learn Platform. The workplace of today and tomorrow is fast-paced and driven by innovation, forcing professionals to constantly be reskilling and upskilling in order to succeed. We hope the Unity Learn Platform enables these professionals to excel in their respective industries.

Unity Learn Premium will be available at no additional cost for Plus and Pro subscribers and offered as a standalone subscription for $15/month. You can access more information here.

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