What is the market of skill-based real money games in India?

What is the market of skill-based real money games in India?
August 18, 2021 No Comments Gaming Dinesh Kumar

Skill-based real money games are a great way to win money. However, in years when thousands of gamers were winning money with these games, there were only a few in India. However, it is not the case anymore.

Today the Indian market is well aware of the fun of online earning via skill-based games and the industry is on the boom. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you can earn quite handsomely by playing these skill-based real money games in India.

There are many official Indian websites which allows serious gamers to take benefit of their skills and make money to earn some extra while also enjoying the thrill. Video games like Poker and Rummy are at their boom. Ludo League, the online Ludo game, has also entered the market of skill-based real money games with an aim to take the online earning to the next level.

Is making money through skill-based real money games Legal in India?

The good news is that the Indian government has officially announced these real money games legal. It is a general concept that Poker and Rummy is a kind of gambling, but the Supreme Court exempts skill-based games from the same.

A report in July 2018 argues that the real money games require skills to win and make money, so these shall not be concluded under the bracket of gambling. The companies deal legally in the Indian currency. The gamer who wins receives prize money in Indian currency, and if he loses, he has to pay.

This transfer of money is done through Debit and credit cards.  A person can earn from a few hundred rupees to lakhs, and if the gamer has a good grip, he can earn more than that too.

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Electronic Sports or eSports

eSports are skill-based games played in “video game” formats; these are conducted in both online and/or offline formats as tournaments or competitions. These include electronic forms of sports like cricket, football, shooting etc. that can be live telecasted and may or may not involve participation fee or cash prizes.

eSports is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Council of Asia, with India winning a medal in Asian Games 2018. The next Asian Games in 2022 may also have eSports as a medal event.

Online Fantasy Sports or (OFS)

In OFS, participants create their own virtual teams on online platforms that comprise of actual real players and are fully dependent on their performance and play statistics in real life. These are, therefore, completely different from all other forms of online games. Multiple legal rulings have held certain formats as a predominantly game of skill and the NITI Aayog even issued draft guidelines for this sector.

OFS can be played for free or real money, which is usually small in value per player. These platforms currently follow certain codes of conduct and principles based on legal positions. They also adhere to the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) guidelines on responsible real-money gaming advertising.

Online Skill Based Casual Games and Sports (OSCGS)

OSCGS comprise a vast number of online games that require a combination of physical skills such as quick responsiveness, dexterity, and mental skills such as attention, logic, knowledge of the game, quick thinking etc.

OSCGS may be derivates of real-world games that are recognised as sports such as carrom, chess, billiards, snooker, pool, or may be a derivate of real-world indoor games such as ludo, snakes & ladder, scrabble etc. They also involve significant knowledge-based games such as quizzes similar to a KBC or even educational/competitive subject-based quiz formats.

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OSCGS may also consist of games with no real-world linkages like Candy Crush and Temple Run. There also exist online card-based games such as Call Break, Game of Spades etc. Some OSCGS games such as ludo can become skill-based with necessary tweaks in rules and format.

Money in OSCGS is usually small in value per player. OSCGS also have their own code of conduct and adhere to ASCI guidelines on responsible real-money gaming advertising.

Online Rummy

A very popular card game, rummy is also considered a game of skill as it depends on memorising discarded cards and calculating the probability of getting the winnable cards from the undistributed deck. Rummy can be played for free or for money; the stakes can be low to high, depending on what the platform permits.

Online Poker

This online form of the offline game involves a combination of some skill and luck wherein players may play with real money. In poker, a player must still fundamentally call the bet, raise the bet, or concede. It is usually played at homes, clubs, and casinos and online over the internet with real monies and stakes, which can be low to high depending on what the platform permits.

While most governments are of the view that they are not against any form of skill-based games and also ones that do not involve money, it however appears that their primary focus is to crack down on illegal gambling and betting. However, in this process they end up punishing every online platform where some form of money is involved – this is unfair to this legitimately emerging startup ecosystem.

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The NITI Aayog’s final guidelines are awaited eagerly by the OFS industry and the OSCGS industry is equally eager to have guidelines that will grant them much-needed regulatory clarity, and consistency across India when adopted by all states. It is important that authorities understand the differences and take an informed approach while pursuing their endeavour to target gambling and betting.

What aids in the boom of skill-based real money games?

The Indian market has gained the boom in the skill-based real money games because of the following factors:

  • Introduction of smartphones in the market:

The Indian market is constantly experiencing the introduction of the latest mobile phones and tablets.  It is now easy to play video games anywhere and anytime rather than the traditional PC at home. It means a pool of serious gamers is available at the time of the grand tournament.

  • Cheap internet data:

The Indian market is now entertained with cheap internet data bundles which allow gamers to get connected on the gaming websites at any time. The factor has contributed significantly to the success of the Indian online gaming world.

  • Digital wallets:

With the availability of digital wallets, it is now easy to transfer and save money online. The winning amount comes in the digital wallet of the gamer, and he can withdraw the money after the deduction of tax.

  • Desire to earn online:

Who will not want to play game and earn money by just playing a video game on his own easily? This factor has inclined the Indian youth to play real money games.

So, when are you playing real Money Ludo game to earn some extra cash?

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