Harmful Effects Of Smoking Cannabis

Harmful Effects Of Smoking Cannabis
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When we talk about drugs, what common drug name comes into your mind that you think most people do despite being illegal in most countries. Well, it is cannabis; people know this drug by different names. Some call it weed, pot, marijuana, etc. if you know about cannabis, then either you are aware of the topic or else you are on those who consume it. It might seem cool to do these things, but they have some serious harmful effects. So in this article, we will understand what cannabis is and its harmful effects if you are smoking or consuming it.      

What Do You Understand By Cannabis? 

Cannabis is basically a group of three plants with psychoactive properties, known as Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. After harvesting, the flowers of these plants get dried, and that’s how you get cannabis. Cannabis is legal in some states because it is used in some medical conditions such as glaucoma, pain, poor appetite, etc. There are more than 120 components called cannabinoids. Although they are considered natural, they have their own strong side effects and harmful effects when one takes them without medical concern. 

Some Short Term Side Effects

Before discussing the harmful effects of cannabis, let’s know about the short-term side effects that a person feels during or after consuming cannabis.

  • After smoking cannabis, some feel the feeling of relaxation in their entire body.
  • Feeling of dizziness
  • You will feel the sights and sounds in your surroundings a bit intensely.
  • After smoking cannabis, you will feel hungry, which leads to increased appetite in regular consumption.
  • It alters your sense which results in you losing track of time and events.
  • You will sometimes get the feeling of nausea.
  • It will increase your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure, which is not good for your body in the long run.
  • After consuming cannabis, your eyes will be bloodshot red.
  • Your mouth will get dry, which is also known as cottonmouth, after consumption of cannabis.
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Some Harmful Effects Of Smoking Cannabis

If you think it is natural and can’t be severe or deathly, how can you forget that tobacco is also natural, but it causes a deadly disease called cancer. For educational purposes and general awareness, you should know about the harmful effects of smoking cannabis. Although there are legal and medicinal uses of cannabis which you can easily take from any dispensaries in Arizona near you with a doctor’s concern, it is advised not to take it unnecessarily. So here are some of the severe to fatal harmful effects of smoking cannabis. 

Can Affects Your Mental Health:

With the ever-growing talk about mental health, it should not be neglected. People often smoke it for a good trip, but not everyone feels the same way. It can give you the feeling of anxiety, panic, and fear; in the worst cases, you can also feel paranoid. If you are consuming marijuana on a regular basis, then it can increase your chances of clinical depression, which can also make your current situation of mental disorder even worse. In the case of high doses of it, cases have shown that people often complain about feeling paranoid and hearing and seeing things that aren’t real.   

Your Lungs Will Suffer:

Smoking regular cannabis can inflame and cause irritation in your lungs. Smokin often can give you the same breathing difficulties that people feel after smoking cigarettes. It also can make your cough along with your mucus colored. It can also infect your lungs and which is because THC sometimes weakens consumers’ immune systems.  

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Can Harm Your Heart:

Cannabis makes the heartbeat pr work harder and faster. Generally, the heart beats about 70 to 72 times per minute, but after cannabis, it jumps from 70 to 120 beats per minute. This effect stays for 3 hours after the effects kick in. when you smoke pot or weed, which includes other chemicals which actually increase the chances of heart attack or stroke. People of the older age group who are already suffering from heart problems have alarming conditions in that case.    

Relation With Alcohol:

If you mix consumption of alcohol with marijuana or take it at a time, it worsens the situation. You will feel the short-term effects of both at a time which makes it stronger sometimes that a person can not control the feeling of nausea and dizziness and ends up puking and fainting. If it continues, then your chances of every effect will get accelerated in the long run. 


Statistics say 1 out of 10 people who consume marijuana have become addicted. The addiction can kill a person because you won’t be able to discontinue or stop your consumption regarding it. People often mess up their job, health, and personal life because the more you will use them, the more their harmful effects will kill you. Sometimes people make resolutions about quitting it, but then they suffer from the withdrawal symptoms, which make them restart it again. 

Can Harm Newborns:

Mothers who, while conceiving, smoke pot face major risks of giving birth to underweight, premature babies. When these babies grow up, there are always chances that they will either be like other normal kids or suffer in their future lives due to their poor health or mental development.

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What Are The Ways Of Consuming Cannabis

There are many ways of smoking and eating marijuana; people consume it in different ways like:

  • Generally, the easiest and quickest way of consuming it is to roll it just like cigarettes and smoke it by lighting it roll-up.
  • People also consume it in water pipes which are famous by the name bong.
  • People sometimes make blunt and smoke it, which is made after emptying a cigar and refilling it with marijuana.
  • People also consume it by mixing it up with brownies, candies, cookies, tea, and other foods. It delays the high when you eat cannabis because it needs time to travel through your digestive system and reach your bloodstream. 

In Short: 

Cannabis is accepted in medical practices in some states where it is legal, although it is illegal in most of the states across the globe. Anything you are talking about can harm you, and knowing the facts about it is stupidity. If you know someone who does all these or you yourself reading this article, do it. Then take our advice and discontinue it because it won’t only affect you and your health, but people close to you will suffer too. 

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