Health Trends That We Expect to See in 2021

Health Trends That We Expect to See in 2021
April 7, 2021 No Comments Health, Life, Medical, Other Priya Saha

With the hope that nationwide lockdowns to be a distant memory, many people are taking the added awareness of their physical and mental wellbeing and hoping to kickstart their health in 2021. Let’s take a look at 3 health trends we expect to see.

Healthy Eating

During lockdown many upskilled their cooking skills and paid extra attention towards their food wastage. With these skills and a considered movement transitioning back to basic healthy and simple eats and on the rise. Many people saw the relationship between the food they ate and their overall wellbeing. An increasing number of trends have transitioned from quick fads to holistic practices focussed on overall health and wellbeing. With an increasing attention being paid to food, many individuals are putting their dietary requirements at the forefront of their priorities and restaurants and supermarkets are responding with an increasing range of products catering to various eating preferences.

Individuals Are Embracing Surgical Intervention

For those that require extra help on their health kick, many are embracing the benefits of surgical intervention. With surgeries being less and invasive and recovery times reducing it is becoming more accessible and accepted to go under the knife. Procedures such as Gastric sleeve cost much less than they used to do and have been evidenced to change some people’s lives for the better.

Increase Adoption of Technology for Health

With the increased utility of data for personal health, wearable technology and fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular. Apple and Samsung are consistently innovating their industry leading smart watches to cater for our increased awareness to health.  Even clothing has started to see smart sensors and patches to track various physical behaviours. Sleep trackers can now be installed on smart devices to track a whole number of factors.

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Working out from home

With an increasing amount of online training, free resources and lessons learnt from lockdown many individuals are embracing homestyle workout with minimal equipment. Gyms took a massive hit as citizens became health conscious and chose to sweat it out in the safety of their own homes. Simplified workout routines are showing that all it takes to get in shape is your own body and consistent dedication.

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