How can nursing homes implement a telemedicine program to help seniors receive care at any time?

How can nursing homes implement a telemedicine program to help seniors receive care at any time?
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How Can Nursing Homes Implement a Telemedicine Program to Help Seniors Receive Care at Any Time? 

Telemedicine is a radical e-health tool, in today’s COVID-19 self-distancing this technology has eased life out from the pandemic challenges. The remote provision of medical treatment and medical expertise has made telemedicine a most acceptable tool.

Advanced technology in the medical field is highly rising, not just in the technical or surgical department, but also from the end-user perspective. No matter how efficient the development is, if not used rightly and its benefits are not reaching the target audience, the technology will not be much help. The acceptance of information technology by the seniors to get benefits and support from telemedicine was a hard but convincible process. 

Telemedicine and technology hand in hand is at good raise. According to the study senior citizens were given priority considering the requirements of the time. It is challenging to gain health-related trust in seniors and give them the comfort they wish to have, the process was slow but significant to adopt the new change.

The old-age health-related issues and the rise of incurable and ceaseless diseases make it very difficult to come up with accessible solutions for the end-user. Keeping in mind the users thought process and basic requirements the functionality of telemedicine is designed, gradually it’s in a progressive stage and reaching the seniors in all the right ways. Seniors especially those with chronic disorders or the ones having less or dependable mobility are given particular attention by developing applications that can be of best use. 

How Telemedicine is Significant Support for the Nursing Homes?

The nursing home caregivers who are efficiently and effectively providing care services to the seniors by giving them the most required attention and time can now do the duty with some ease. Telemedicine has positively been an advantage not for the seniors but also for the nursing staff as its a time-saving technology. Plenty of time is now in hand as the travel time is reduced. The patient-doctor visits, where seniors would require caretakers for support are now in relaxed mode and attending to more patients happily.

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Telemedicine offers support to senior adults by providing online guidance and counseling in sensitive cases like chronic disorders. The medical monitoring gives complete patient reports to the physician to provide online prescriptions and treatment. The patient can receive personalized care, support, and guidance through electronic mediums by a registered nurse. Facilities like personalized counseling sessions boost the seniors and thus helping the process of recovery.

How virtual care is a huge benefit?

COVID-19 pandemic concerns and awareness reduced the huge ratio of doctor-patient direct visits. There was an almost 45% rise in online consultancy. At first, it was a slow catching up but with telemedicine facilities and proper information, there was a good increase in the online treatment process.

The direct interaction with the doctor, hassle-free appointments, and reduced travel time has been playing a very vital role in the increase of the use of telemedicine in the senior population.

For the follow-ups or post-surgery guideline sessions, many prefer telemedicine features on the phone or their computers.

Online health monitoring connects doctor-patient directly and updates the health report.

What are the Protocols of Telemedicine?

  • Define the problem
  • Design a strategy and set a goal.
    Assign a dedicated team for the cases.
  • Telemedicine services are to be used only for routine check-ups, follow-ups, consultancy, and inconsequential health issues.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the telehealth guidelines without exploitation.
  • Collaboration with IT-support firm for regular updates in the application and security system.
  • Online prescription and bill payments can only be provided after confirming patients’ age as per the rules.
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 Step by Step E-guidance to the Seniors

The core purpose of telemedicine is to provide in-hand health facilities to the end-user remotely, in a more precise and simplest method. Easy applications that are simple and user-friendly with an interactive interface. frequent updates for accurate report generation. Important features like privacy are a good add-on. It is made sure that the patient’s report can only be accessible by the doctor and patient, to keep track of the case history. The data is stored safely on the network platforms. With high-speed internet service, the technical functionalities become smooth to run. The security measures are taken care and all protocols are maintained as per the telemedicine technical guidelines. The patient is allocated a registered nursing home authority to communicate and get the online treatment accurately.

Security is a very essential and significant factor, with registration and verification of patients’ data, all factors proceed as per the company norms. It is taken care that patients’ age is given higher preference, as on the age factor the treatment is designed with keeping track on medical history. Access to use the telemedicine features are often given to family members or caretaker of patients with their permission.

The billing and other payments are handled online and e-bills are generated. Data security is a high priority.

The seniors are well informed on how to use the telemedicine application on electronic mediums. features like helpdesk or instant chat in messenger are provided for all doubts or query solving purposes. It gives confidence and a satisfactory outlook to the much-needed new technology for senior adults.

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It is observed that more seniors are willingly opting for online consultations since 2019 and there is constant growth in the old adults choosing the telemedicine facility.

Nursing homes have experienced a great enhancement in the health care service provision areas. The well-managed coordination between doctors, patients, and hospitals has saved a lot of revenue on transportation. Nursing homes provide proper training sessions for the seniors to get the best of online facilities.

The collaboration of the nursing homes with the IT-security and application development firms keeps all the systems up to date. Telehealth for Seniors has very effectively been a positive step towards providing the best of health services to the most needed senior adults in society. The 24/7 care line gives seniors and their caretakers the security assurance of reaching the doctors in case of an emergency.

Though telemarketing further needs to explore more room in the rural areas where this service is not widespread, due to technical insufficient facilities. In the coming time we must experience good growth in nursing homes providing the best of care services through telemedicine to the most meaningful citizens of society

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