How can TURF improve your WELLBEING?

How can TURF improve your WELLBEING?
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How can TURF improve your WELLBEING?

 We all know how good it feels to walk barefoot on soft grass, but are you aware of the potential health benefits this can bring? Considered of high importance in aiding good health, the simple act of putting your hands or bare feet on the ground, or sitting or lying on it, is known as Grounding and is said, in short, to be good for you.

For centuries people have noted the many benefits of grounding – from assisting the body’s anti-oxidant levels and neutralising free radical toxins, to reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, improving mental clarity, and much more.

The importance of grounding is something that should not be overlooked, nor underestimated. Surrounded as we are these days by electronic devices and their emissions, it is not just indulgence but necessity to connect to the Earth’s natural electron sources, and ground ourselves daily, and clear off excess toxic energies.

In practical terms, and especially when movement or travel is restricted, it can be harder these days to just kick your shoes off and take a walk in the grass. So, it’s great, where possible, to create a suitable space at home, where you can go barefoot safely, and connect and replenish your vitality.

Now, as the months are quickly warming, and new growth is stimulated, it’s the perfect time to take action to create your private lawn area or garden, or spruce up your existing yard, to make it more welcoming and enjoyable, AND improve your wellbeing.

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At Turtle Nursery, we can help with all the practicalities and advice you might need, to take advantage of the rapid growth of the spring season and create your green sanctuary.

When you’re ready to lay new turf, Sydney turf and topsoil supplier Turtle Nursery has turf underlay and turf supplies in Windsor and Rouse Hill, ready for you to work with, and get yourself grounded!

We source these popular, quality varieties of lawn grass: 

  • Kikuyu
  • Nullarbor Couch
  • Sir Walter Buffalo
  • Tiftuf
  • Sir Grange

Step by (barefoot) step: Creating your new lawn sanctuary

Laying turf need not be a daunting experience. The steps are quite simple and straightforward:


  • Generally, it helps to divide up the area into smaller squares or rectangular sections, and measure each section separately. Multiply the length X width, then add those totals together. If you need a hand calculating the area to be covered, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team.
  • For turf underlay, calculate at a rate of 1 cubic metre of soil per 10 square metres of area PLUS an extra 10% to deal with any shortfall. The turf underlay can also be used as top dressing.
  • For the turf, add another 5% to the total area you measure, so you can keep the pieces that are laid large and continuous as much as possible. It also gives you some allowance for smaller pieces to fill bare spots and odd-shaped corners. Please call us to check your calculations BEFORE you order.
  • Our turf is cut to order and we’ll arrange to deliver it on the day it is to be laid, so when you’re ready, ordering ahead is necessary.
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  • Once you’ve decided what area you want to cover, start by clearing it of existing weeds, grass and growth. If using weed poison, allow 7 to 10 days for it to work and dry out.
  • Next, remove rocks, stones, sticks and other objects in the area.
  • Break up and turn the soil to loosen and aerate it. If your soil base contains clay that needs breaking down, you can spread gypsum to help this process along.
  • If needed, apply extra turf underlay to a depth of up to 150mm, then rake it over, and level off the soil.
  • Apply your preferred fertiliser or essential nutrients to enrich the soil base, but be careful not to overdo these nutrients. You don’t want to overwhelm the young grass roots before they are ready. If you intend to use water crystals to help retain moisture, be sure to put them UNDER the turf, not above it, for best results. Feel free to talk to us if you need advice on fertilisers and nutrients for your turf.

Laying the turf 

  • Remember that watering plays a vital part in this stage of the process. Pre-watering the soil the night before and again the morning of laying the grass will help keep the soil and roots moist. In hot sunny conditions an early start is best, so the soil doesn’t dry out before the turf is delivered.
  • Keeping the rolls squarely aligned in your yard space, unroll them, side by side, making sure to join the edges together closely, but without overlapping. Use garden trimmers to cut and fit as required. Try to stagger the end-of-roll joins, (like brickwork), to avoid obvious seams in the lawn’s appearance.
  • Water when it is all laid, and use a roller over the area to press, smooth and flatten out bumps or air pockets. If you don’t have a roller, then firm down the grass methodically with your feet, to help it settle in snugly.
  • Keep your new lawn well-watered, especially as it adjusts to its new home and takes root.
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Enjoy the benefits!

The benefits are immediate and you can literally be cooling your heels the same day, and feeling the soft, green, welcoming lawn under your feet. By finding time each day to visit, enjoy and connect with your lawn in bare feet you’ll be making a space for calm to return, toxins to be expelled, and good health to flourish. It’s often such simple things that bring the many practical paybacks, that modern life sometimes lets us forget.

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