How Do You Take Care of a Newborn Baby?

How Do You Take Care of a Newborn Baby?
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Taking care of a newborn baby can be a difficult task if you become a parent the first time. There are so many baby care products, newborn baby care products available. You should invest in a soft and most usable product for your baby’s skincare. Also, you must follow some baby care tips like washing your hand before handling the baby, give support to their neck by a soft cushion. Along with this, some other tips, precautions, and more to take care of a newborn baby. We will discuss them thoroughly through reading this article.

Which are the best baby care products?

The best baby care products to soothe, clean, and nurture are–

VIVAIODAYS – This is a certified baby care product brand that provides balm gels, shampoo, oil, body lotion, hair care essentials, and more.

Aquaphor healing ointment – It is the most useful ointment for a baby’s dry skin, diaper rashes, irritated skin. Doctors also suggest Aquaphor to the parents for drool rash treatment & other types of baby skin rashes.

EcoCentric Mom – If you are looking for eco-friendly and healthy products, so EcoCentric mom is best for your baby. It provides a chemical-free product that also can use in pregnancy, bath, wellness, beauty. All the products are made from organic and natural ingredients, non-toxic, cruelty-free.

Alaffia – Alaffia also provides natural and safe products that are best for hair and body lotion.

California Baby – another product that you can add for your baby care is diaper area wash. It helps in soothing irritated skin. Apart from all this, you should also invest in a baby care grooming kit. Here below we have suggested some of the best grooming kits for your newborn baby. let’s read

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Establish visiting rules

Friends and loved ones might come out of the woodwork to admire your newborn. Let them know which days work best and how much time you have for a visit.Insist that visitors wash their hands before holding the baby, and ask anyone who’s ill to stay home.Let trusted visitors care for the baby while you get some much needed rest.

Nurture other relationships

Your newborn needs your love and attention, but you won’t let your baby down by spending time with others.

If you have other children, set aside one-on-one time with each of them. Schedule dates with your partner. Meet a friend for lunch or a movie.

The best baby care, grooming kits

  1. Safety 1st
  2. Fridababy
  3. Honest
  4. Noodle & Boo
  5. American Red Cross
  6. Barbara Sturm

Basic tips to take care of a newborn baby

Wash your hands – As you must be aware that the immune system of newborn babies is very weak, so to protect them from infection, you should wash your hands thoroughly before holding them.

Give support to your baby – It is also very important to support your child. Whenever you pick him up in your lap, support him with your hands on his head. And pillow should also be used to support their head and neck.

Avoid shaking your baby – Always keep in mind that never shake the baby because it can cause bleeding in the brain.

Bonding – Although there is no need to tell about it, it is necessary to tell some parents who do not have time to take care of their child. Building a bond with your newborn baby is very important as it helps soothe them.

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Diaper – It is also important to pay attention to the fact that your baby’s diaper is clean and should be changed immediately if it becomes dirty. If you leave your child without clothes for some time then it will be beneficial for him. His body will feel the air and if he has a problem with red rashes, then it will bring a lot of relief.

Here, are some ways that will help to soothe your crying baby

If your baby cries, there can be many reasons for this. Do you know whether he is feeling hungry or gas has formed in his stomach? It may also be that he is sick and tired. He is getting irritated because of his wet napkin. There can be many other reasons like this.

Ways to Soothe your crying baby

  • Always try to entertain your baby with sound toys
  • If you sing a song so your baby can stop crying
  • You can put your baby in the bathtub and put some soft toys in it and let them play for some time.
  • Give your baby a body massage before bathing, which will help him to relax. Use massage oil or body lotion.
  • If you have some machine that produces white noise so turn on them. Such sound helps them to stop cry.
  • But if your baby does not stop crying after trying all the ways so must consult the pediatrician.

Precautions to take care of your newborn baby

  • Always carry your baby in the back seat of a car, while traveling.
  • Never leave your baby alone
  • Keep an eye on your baby when you leave him to bathe
  • You should use restraints on the journey
  • Keep your baby always in a safe environment
  • Avoid the use of a pacifier, if possible
  • Do take care of your baby more in monsoons
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Feeding & Burping your baby

Being the first mother it is most important to feed your baby on demand. A baby can cry if he feels hungry so note such few things or sign. Always breastfeed your baby after 1 hour. If you do not breastfeed, then feed after 2 or 3 hours. After feeding the next essential thing to consider is to burp your baby. If you are a new mom, so chances that you may not know how to burp a baby.

Here, are some tips to burp a baby

Hold baby on your shoulder and patting with your hand on his/her back.

You can try another way by holding your baby on your lap and pat back.

Final thought

Being a new mother taking care of your baby can be a little difficult for you. But if you take care of the small things, then you can take good care of the child. You should not expect from your baby that he/she sleeps overnight. Usually, babies sleep 2-3 hours, then awake because their digestive system is not large. You must not ignore if your baby cry. If he cries, so soothe him by doing some activities or feed them. Give a full body massage before bathing with massage oil and follow the basic tips which we discussed above.

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