Telehealth Features that Improve the Patient Experience

Telehealth Features that Improve the Patient Experience
June 3, 2022 Comments Off on Telehealth Features that Improve the Patient Experience Health, Medical Sierra Powell

Today’s society is heavily influenced by technology. We can access many of the products or services we need online instead of having to pick them up from a physical location. The healthcare industry has been incorporating more technology into the way specialists and physicians interact with patients, and telemedicine is a prime example of this.

Telemedicine allows clinicians and doctors to have virtual appointments with their patients. Doctors can assess and diagnose conditions while consulting with patients to come up with a treatment plan. The appointment is usually conducted via video call so patients can complete the visit in the comfort of their own homes. This feature can enhance the patient experience, but there are additional advantages. Here are some of the ways telemedicine can improve the other healthcare experience for patients.

Patient Care Is Accessible and Efficient

A recent global survey indicates that 74% of patients say they’d rather have easy access to the healthcare services they need. This means they prefer to have appointments at home instead of going to the hospital if possible. If a patient is unable to go to the doctor in person, the physician can more effectively treat patients on a one-on-one basis instead of having to sort through the paperwork that often comes with traditional visits. Virtual appointments can also give patients an explanation for their health issues within minutes. With telehealth, patients can also research online health insurance quotes to determine their eligibility before seeing a doctor virtually. They can easily find a policy that works for them and select a physician who accepts virtual appointments.

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Visits Are Budget-Friendly

Whether you’re a doctor or a patient, telemedicine can save you significant time and money. Telemedicine allows for the electronic collection of data and can lower the cost of healthcare services. This means patients who use telemedicine likely won’t have to pay as much for regular check-ups and non-emergency visits to the hospital. Telemedicine can also make it easier for healthcare providers to boost their revenue by ensuring that on-call hours for physicians are considered billable time. This limits no-shows and makes it easier for physicians to engage with more patients in a day.

Specialists May Be More Available

Since telemedicine eliminates the need for patients and doctors to drive to a physical location for the appointment, specialists are more available to their patients. If a general physician is conducting a virtual appointment and encounters a health issue they are not familiar with, they can easily refer the patient to a specialist. This improves the overall patient experience since many individuals will feel more at ease if they receive a diagnosis from a medical specialist.

Medical Staff Can Work More Efficiently

When appointments are handled remotely, hospital and clinic staff can work more efficiently. The staff will likely have more time to deal with administrative duties such as data entry, billing, and scheduling appointments for patients. Telemedicine also lowers the chances that medical staff will be exposed to contagious viruses and diseases when patients are not being seen in person.

There are also situations in which telemedicine is a more practical choice when it comes to healthcare. For instance, if you’re experiencing cold or flu symptoms, or think you may have a viral infection, you can receive a diagnosis at home and avoid spreading the sickness to others. Telemedicine also allows you to book a surgeon online. While you have surgery virtually, you consult with your doctor online after the procedure to receive aftercare instructions. Telemedicine also increases the chances that you can see a doctor during the holidays, during inclement weather, or in the late night/early morning hours. If you receive a prescription from your doctor during your virtual appointment, you can request to pick it up at the nearest pharmacy to make your physician’s visit even more convenient.

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