What Is a Basic Health Check-Up?

What Is a Basic Health Check-Up?
December 1, 2020 1 Comment Health, Medical, Other Priya Saha

For every individual, a healthy body is fundamental if you wish to lead a happy and thriving lifestyle. Often, people fail to recognize the significance of a healthy lifestyle until and unless they contract some disease that compromises the quality of their life. Nowadays, people have become more susceptible to diseases because of their taxing and sedentary lifestyles combined with unhealthy eating habits.

Therefore, to support your endeavor towards good health, leading healthcare service providers bring you compassionate quality care. They intend to make quality healthcare easily accessible as well as affordable. It offers first-class medical care to its patients who can receive this care from the comfort of their own homes.

These companies hire doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists only after they qualify for the meticulous hiring requirements. The entire medical team is approved by senior doctors and experts which leaves no scope for any compromise on the healthcare of the patients.They deliver excellent home healthcare with techniques developed in consultation with prominent home healthcare specialists throughout multiple cities as well.

Top players are mostly affiliated with the leading NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certified laboratories in India. A highly skilled and qualified team of phlebotomists deliver quality care with your convenience in mind. They collect samples from your home and send them to their NABL certified laboratories for testing. You can get a complete blood test at home and simply wait for your reports which will be delivered to you at your convenience.  

They also offer complete body health check-up packages from the comfort of your homes. An annual health check-up is extremely important for you and your family. It is especially essential for children and senior citizens as they are more prone to diseases because of their lower immunity against them. A complete body health check is vital so that you can be aware of any health problems and take steps to address them before they become serious or terminal.

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They also offer several options for the various medical tests that you may require. They offer specific health tests like diabetes check-up packages, exclusive tests for men, exclusives health tests for women, various health check-ups for senior citizens, etc.

Having a healthy body is a crucial part of growing up. Having a healthy lifestyle impacts both your body and your mind. Having optimal health supports you in dealing with the day to day stress and demands of your lives. It helps you cope with your everyday requirements whether it is work or school or any other stressful activities. Taking proper care of your health also helps you deal with any diseases that you may contract and even assists you in getting cured faster.

Some simple tips that you should keep in mind regarding your health:

  1. First and foremost, you should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Not getting enough sleep negatively affects your health.
  2. You should try and maintain a healthy eating habit. A healthy diet will give your body a proper balance and prepare it to deal with any inconvenient illnesses.
  3. Getting regular exercise is one of the most important ways of keeping your health at an optimal level.
  4. You should make it a habit to drink plenty of water. Fluids will keep your body hydrated and healthy and help in fighting off unwanted diseases and infections.
  5. Another important thing you should remember is to avoid unhealthy habits that can compromise your health and impact it negatively.
  6. Last but not least, you need to keep track of your health by conducting medical tests and health check-ups which tell you about your health in detail and allows you to figure out what you should focus on.
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    Meet us at Dr Jolly diagnostic Centre for health screening packages. We have many packages to offer including an executive health check-up. Regular health screenings can help detect early indicators of diseases including diabetes, cancer, and other consequences. Check-ups enable us to identify unhealthy living patterns and other risk factors, allowing us to alter our lifestyle.


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