Products For Anyone Whose 2021 Goal Is To Not Wreck The Kitchen

Products For Anyone Whose 2021 Goal Is To Not Wreck The Kitchen
January 8, 2021 No Comments Home & Garden, International, Life, Other Priya Saha

1. This compact air-fryer with an automatic shut-off function that requires only a smidge of grease because sometimes a meal is you and your frozen smileys – ₹5,499

2. This multi-purpose microwave cooking tool from Tupperware that you can cook rice, dal, or khichdi in. It also comes with a strainer and an idli tray so you can boil veggies and get delicious microwaved idlis in just 10 minutes. This is a personal favourite kitchen tool in our house – from ₹899

3. This smart peeler so you can peel carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and fruits without any bloodshed – ₹249

4. This silicone dough rolling mat that is not only a gazillion times lighter than a regular wood/marble chakla, but also has markings so you can roll in between the lines – ₹321

5. This garlic crusher because despite what the recipe says, you HAVE to double up on the amount of garlic and chopping tiny cloves can get frustrating. Also, good luck trying to get rid of that smell from your hands – ₹359

6. This watermelon slicer so you can quickly and easily cut that hunk of a fruit into smaller pieces without making your kitchen look like a crime scene – ₹499

7. This pair of silicone oven mitts that will make holding pots and lifting lids so much easier than just using a cloth rag. These are super sturdy too so they will last you longer than regular mitts – ₹291

8. This compact chopper – a hit amongst BuzzFeed India readers – is a pull a string and chop ANYTHING device that will ~cut~ your prep time drastically – ₹235

9. This 15-in-1 chopper, cutter, dicer that will do literally EVERYTHING you can do to a vegetable or a fruit with a knife, except faster and with more precision – ₹739

10. This genius knife with spring-action and a built-in chopping board that will make cutting vegetables the most hassle-free job in the world and bring prep time down to half – ₹199

11. This pair of cut-resistant gloves that will keep your delicate Bambi-like hands safe from your own actions – ₹349

12. No Indian meal is complete without curd and while you may have not perfected your mom’s home-made dahi technique, this automatic yoghurt maker will solve all your woes – ₹649

13. These silicone egg poaching pods (Blue; pack of 2) for super-quick stove-top or microwaved poached eggs. You can also these for making mini quiches, cheesecakes or for melting chocolate – ₹299

14. This silicone flat spatula so you can flip your pancakes and dosa without ripping them to shreds – ₹349

15. And these silicone stretch lids in different sizes that will easily cover most bowls and mugs and keep your leftovers fresh for the next day – ₹240

16. This set of 3 stainless steel pourers so you can pour oil like a professional chef 👩🏽‍🍳 or just serve wine without spilling half of it – ₹189

17. This vegetable holder and slicer to help you hold your veggies in place and to make sure that each slice is uniform so you can get restaurant-worthy burger toppings without slicing your finger off – ₹299

18. This extremely loved bowl colander that makes draining water from rice, peas, pasta or lentils SO MUCH EASIER –₹139

19. This handheld power blender with a heavy-duty gear system is extremely nifty for brewing up quick frappes, whipping lassi or whisking eggs – ₹190

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