Exploring Google Workspace Security: A Quick Guide

Exploring Google Workspace Security: A Quick Guide
May 21, 2023 No Comments Information Technology, Sponsored, Trends Sarthi Lam

From the beginning, Google has made security its utmost priority, as a cloud-based platform. It’s highly likely that your team is already utilizing a range of Google services to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration. These include popular products like Google Drive, Gmail, and more.

Google is committed to continuous innovation in order to enhance the security of its products, including Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite). Google Workspace enables seamless optimisation of enterprise’s operations in multiple ways. Google boasts an array of features that empower you to take charge of your organization’s data, optimizing and securing it to the fullest extent. With Google Workspace and google storage plans, you can eliminate information silos and optimize your team’s productivity, efficiency, and knowledge with the power of AI.

Workspace Security

Although each enterprise possesses its distinctiveness, security necessities are essentially uniform across the board. With Google Workspace, you can effortlessly access your documents from any location and device, while collaborating with your team members in real-time on the same files.

This helps to improve efficiency and saves money and time by avoiding unnecessary expenses. However, the convenience of accessibility is also a significant reason why businesses are concerned about safety and security. They have a responsibility to protect their own and their customers’ data.

What method does Google Workplace use to achieve this goal? Let’s take a closer look at what makes Google Workspace so safe for business use.

i) Robust security

Google Workspace employs robust security measures to ensure the utmost protection of your valuable data. The system has successfully undergone audits and adheres to the most rigorous security protocols within the industry.

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The security features of Google Workspace enable you to achieve your objectives while safeguarding essential information. The advanced security measures incorporated in Google Workspace ensure secure communication and enable administrators to exercise more control and oversight over their organizations. 

Data protection reports provide valuable insights that can aid administrators in identifying sensitive information. This, in turn, enables them to make informed decisions regarding the most effective measures to safeguard the organization’s data.

ii) Better Privacy

The Google Cloud Platform has been granted an official ISO/IEC 27701 (Ref: ISO/IEC 27701:2019 – Security techniques — Extension to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 for privacy information management — Requirements and guidelines) certification as a data processor by the relevant authorities. Google Workspace security has become the first productivity suite to receive this certification, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to providing top-notch security measures.

The ISO/IEC 27701 accreditation standard has been specifically developed to assist businesses in conforming to global privacy laws and frameworks. It tells how the Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) should be set up, kept up, and always getting better. Also, both data processors and data owners can use it, which is important for companies that need to be GDPR compliant. Users get the best protection and safety from these certifications.

iii) Security Principles

Google Workspace offers users well-defined security principles that are crucial in the face of advancing technology and evolving privacy requirements. The following principles are essential in ensuring the privacy, security, and safety of your data.

  1. Respect users. Be discreet. These concepts overlap. They reflect the assumption that Google will always secure your data. Google knows how you utilize your data and secures it.
  2. Google simplifies the data collection method to help people choose its products. Their transparent solution makes this data accessible, reliable, and actionable.
  3. Google optimizes Maps and Search with your info. It also tailors adverts to your interests. These ads fund their services, but they never sell personal information.
  4. Each Google account includes data on/off buttons to modify privacy settings. Google improves privacy protections as technology develops to protect users.
  5. Google helps you access your shared personal data anytime, anywhere. This simplifies reviewing, exporting, transferring, and deleting data.
  6. Google uses cutting-edge security to protect their products and services. Google regularly improves its built-in security to recognise and safeguard data from developing cyber threats before they reach you.
  7. Google pioneered many security standards we use today and share security knowledge, tools, and experiences with organizations, rivals, and partners globally. Internet protection requires industry-wide cooperation!
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iv) Strict Compliance

Google’s products and services receive attestations, certifications, or audit reports based on global privacy, security, and compliance standards. Google continuously enhances its compliance coverage. It assesses regulatory guidelines and leading standards and modifies privacy and security programs to meet compliance requirements.

G Suite Security Tips

  • 2-Step Verification: When 2-Step verification is turned on, users will need to sign in to their Google Workspace account using a second way to prove they are who they say they are. This could be a Security Key, a Google Prompt, a Google Authenticator, or something else.
  • Malware Protection: Protect yourself from malicious emails and attachments sent by unknown senders with the help of sophisticated phishing and malware detection and prevention tools. Google is starting to use ML models to enhance their phishing and malware detection and response processes.
  • Security Guidance: Google Workspace will keep an eye out for spam and malware attacks on your business by tracking trends in your account activity related to the storage and sharing of data. The Security Centre is where you’ll find suggestions for improving your security.
  • Mobile Management: Google also has an advanced mobile management system with a lot of extra features, like the ability to remotely wipe a device, enforce a strong passcode, set security policies, and more. As you might think, Business Starter, Standard, Essentials, and Cloud Identity Free don’t have all the features.

The Bottom Line

Businesses care most about keeping user info private and safe. People who are thinking about using Google Workspace for their organizations are also interested in these things. Now Digital Easy has experts who can help you figure out how to use the Google Workspace and answer any questions you might have about privacy or security.

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