The birth of react native and its revolution in the mobile industry

The birth of react native and its revolution in the mobile industry
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Over the past few years, we have seen enormous progress when it comes to innovation. However, there are a couple of areas where one has witnessed phenomenal growth; and one among them is the mobile app development industry.

As per Statista, by the year 2023, it is estimated that the mobile apps will generate a revenue of  935 billion U.S. dollars via advertising from the apps and paid downloads.

Since the users look for mobile apps that have flawless performance, aesthetic appeal, and seamless navigation.  So, it is necessary to develop an app that is innovative and has the potential to meet the requirement. React Native can easily adapt to fulfil the requirement of the fast-paced world. In short, this marvelous technology has emerged as the solutions that are viable to develop the app and rapidly transform the world of mobiles.

Over a period of time, it has been quite a hot topic. The reason being it has taken the world of technology by storm because one can easily develop apps for both Android and iOS.

One Framework That Dominates All: React Native

This framework has been adopted successfully by many businesses all across the globe, which includes Facebook, Microsoft, Uber and is utilized all across the industry range. 

React Native got to attain market share, massive prominence, and community support rapidly since its launch. According to statistics shared by Github, 1002 contributors with 124 releases in 45 branches have committed 7971 times. Moreover, it is positioned number 14th on Github.

Jeff Meyerson, Founder of Software Engineering Daily, shares “React Native will surely endure the cut-throat niche of app development. It will continue to withstand the candid percentage of the mobile ecosystem”. He further speculated that the leading social networking platform, Facebook may introduce their own smartphone, which will be specifically developed for the support of apps crafted with React Native. 

As per the data shared in the medium, 78.1% of people search for React Native app developers. As a source, we are using Indeed as per 60, 000 job offers.

So, What is React Native?

React Native (otherwise called RN) is a famous JavaScript-based framework of an app that permits you to develop natively-rendered mobile apps for the operating system of Android and iOS. The framework has the potentiality to develop the apps for variant stages by employing the codebase that is equivalent. 

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It was first launched by Facebook in the year 2015. In only a few years, it has attained the position of being the top solutions. Skype, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the common examples of React Native.

The Chronicles of React Native

When the team from Facebook made plans to make their service accessible on smartphones, they first decided to launch a webpage of mobile-based on HTML5. However, it did not survive because it left room for performance improvement and UI. Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive officer admitted that it was one of the biggest mistakes that they as a company made. They were focussing too much on the HTML rather than native. 

Soon in the year 2013, Jordan Walke, the developer of Facebook made a discovery that was groundbreaking. He came up with the method to generate elements of the user interface for the iPhone apps by using the programming language JavaScript. This sparked the fire totally and an exceptional Hackathon was formulated for further discovery. 

Initially, it was just developed for the iPhone operating system and later Facebook swiftly followed it for the support of Android. And this whole happened in the year 2015, way before they took this framework in public. 

By 2018, this platform was the second massive project on GitHub. In 2019, it came out as strong and positioned as number sixth with more than 9100 contributors.

How React Native Revolutionised The Mobile Industry?

Below mentioned are the top reasons that highlight how this framework transformed the mobile industry:-

1. Compatibility With Cross-Platform

Originally, React Native was proposed for iOS. By looking into its attributes related to astounding features and capacities, Facebook concentrated on developing this framework for Android support as well (as mentioned above). 

The professionals without any challenge can easily develop Android and iOS apps via React Native through a single codebase.

Besides, now one can conveniently insert native code, when important, to grant more credibility to your app. This diminishes the cost of development extensively. Moreover, it can also save your time that you can otherwise spend on composing the two codes. 

React offers file extensions that are purely platform-specific and Platform modules. The Platform module can identify the Operating System that supports the app, and use it to characterize implementation (that is platform-specific). With a Platform-specific file, React can get the right document dependent on the Operating System the application is functioning on.

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2. Native Functionality

With regards to ease of use, the behavior of keywords, scroll accelerations, and animation, this framework can play a characterizing role in the prominence of the application.

The UI created with React Native comprises native widgets that perform impeccably. React Native alongside JavaScript runs the most unpredictable and complex applications easily. It will outperform even the genuine native applications, without WebView. Thus, building mobile applications using React Native is definitely a competing solution for the development of robust apps. 

Note: A leading React Native Development company can build you amazing app with adept features and functionalities. Since they would be having the experience they can help you to develop an app using the right strategies. And thus, you can earn great ROI for your business.

3. Live Updates

Live Updates is one of the major benefits of utilizing React Native. With the broad utilization of JavaScript, the professionals will have the feasibility of pushing the updates straightforwardly to the client’s phones as opposed to going through the application store update cycle. 

Thus, it guarantees that the clients can appreciate the updated version of the mobile apps promptly and you don’t need to manage the issues related to the old version. Additionally, with this framework, the whole methodology is incredibly simple and streamlined.

You can utilize CodePush SDK. It is the service of a live update of Microsoft. This will further incorporate with your React Native application for notifications.

4. Easy to Learn

This framework is exceptionally readable and simple to learn since it depends on language basic. This tool is ideal for novice professionals, who are taking their baby steps to JavaScript, as it gives a scope of components that includes filters and maps.

5. Great Development Experience

React Native gives an extraordinary environment for development. For naive, it permits the implementations and modifications changes and executions to occur while the application is running, dispensing with the need to restart. Hot reloading invigorates the UI when you make the changes in the document. Thus, it improves on the iteration cycle by eliminating the tedious deploying step and re-building. 

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Additionally, React Native utilizes a flexbox engine of layout design to generate an application layout for both, iOS, and Android. Subsequently, you can learn only one layout engine to create on the two stages and the web. You can likewise utilize the tools of Chrome developer to embed React Native with the browser. Therefore, you can acquire easy access to profiling tools and debuggers.

6. Simple UI/UX

The apps that are created utilizing React Native deliver an awesome user experience and don’t take a long loading time. A decent and simple UI/UX consistently satisfies the users.

React Native permits an exceptional and improvised UI. Applications that are created on React Native have an extremely responsive design thus the loading time is incredibly reduced. Integrating the codes of Native with JavaScript smoothens the user interface of platform-specific Native and furthermore helps in the performance of the app.

Single Coding

As mentioned above you only need one codebase for React Native. It goes comparatively well with Swift codes and Native Java.  It develops a bridge-like mechanism both for Android and iOS. This mechanism allows communicating in both the direction between the components of Native and UI. you do not need to have a synchronized feature and layout, and thus the development process is much quicker.

Wrapping it up!!

React Native is a flourishing community that provides a vibrant yet energetic environment for the sector of mobile app development. It has transformed into a go-to-structure for those who are looking for competitive and innovative mobile apps.

Besides, since it gives simple access to plugins and libraries, experienced React Native developers can develop a mobile app that attains its position quickly in the market.

The applications will enjoy conspicuous features of native applications without settling on the performance, all within the reduced costing, resources, and timeframe.

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