Maximizing your energy during a pandemic crisis

Maximizing your energy during a pandemic crisis
June 7, 2020 No Comments Life, Other Shanna Lee

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a high level of vulnerability globally. Absence of consistency in our everyday plans and unanswered questions have animated tension, which is intensified by the bewildering insights being continually introduced to us through media or people around us. 

People working either from home or on-site, experience a complex combination of emotions. Anxiety, fear, burnout, feeling as if you are not doing enough, fear of losing your job, and the sky’s the limit from there – all of which drains your energy and fills you with negativity. And in difficult & challenging times like these, we need to keep up with our positive energy or convert our negative energy into positive

So, to make this time fruitful, focusing on the practices, attitudes and mindsets that foster success will be beneficial. During this incredibly challenging time here are some activities you can do to sustain your energies. 

Practise Gratitude: 

Make use of the feeling of gratitude. Being in lockdown, or being a coronavirus warrior, you tend to grow to the negative side, but always remember that there are still things to be grateful for. For individuals who have a job, be thankful for that. For individuals who don’t, they have individuals around them to care for them. For instance, you might offer thanks for the old memories of a trip you’ve made with your friends or a time when your family visited you. There are numerous things to be appreciative for. Keep an eye on the positives and don’t forget to show gratitude. 

Start your day on a positive note: 

Morning schedules are critical in any case, however significantly more so during times of a crisis. Try not to go after your phone to check the news when you wake up or while you’re still in bed. Take a couple of moments to be grateful for the day and smile. You’d be amazed at how fantastically ground-breaking a morning smile can be in helping you start your day on a positive note.

Work out: 

Exercise should be a part of your daily routine schedule even more so now. If you are an active individual, chances are you’ve made necessary changes to keep exercising at home rather than your gym or yoga club which is likely under lockdown right now. In case you aren’t that type of a person, focus on practising and fuse it into your daily routine. Try out yoga, Zumba and other different kinds of exercises. Besides its physical advantages, working out releases endorphins in your body which triggers good feelings, so ensure to incorporate an activity routine into your day. 

Add some humour and laughter to your days: 

This is a crucial ingredient to keep up with your energies. Humour and laughter boost your positivity and provide you with a positive approach towards different things. Various studies and researches have proved the positive effects of laughter on the human body and mind. From stimulating your organs, to bringing down your feelings of anxiety, improving your blood flow, calming you down, laughter and humour are the best medicines. 

Say no to negative news or conversations: 

In the present profoundly upsetting pandemic condition, it is anything but difficult to get manoeuvred into negative conversations and experiences that can leave us feeling depressed, startled, unreliable and critical. Perceiving these experiences right off the bat and moving away from these circumstances can assist us in dealing with our pressure and add to our inspiration. This additionally incorporates obsessiveness over news reports and updates about the spread of the infection. Remaining educated and mindful of what’s going on locally and worldwide are significant, and we should all ensure we are as trained and prepared as expected under the circumstances. But it is also about maintaining a healthy balance between news consumption and our everyday routines for our emotional well-being. 

Focus on your senses: 

Concentrating on your senses is one simple approach to remain positive in the face of a pandemic. Find something new to look at that will bring you happiness. It could be a piece of art in your home, for example, or an amusing video from memory.

Enjoy an aroma that you love. It can be a lavender candle or just a few eucalyptus branches—some like the smell of bakery products when baked. Although you’re at home, scents can change your environmental factors and how you feel.

Build a playlist of songs that you love hearing or love dancing to. Hear some great podcasts. 

Make the most of your senses that ultimately will help you sustain your positive energies and attract you to positive frequencies.

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