Top Ideas to Make a Small Room Look Bigger With a Mirror

Top Ideas to Make a Small Room Look Bigger With a Mirror
April 24, 2020 2 Comments Family & Community, Life Ronald Hornsby

Do you have a cozy little room and you wish to make it appear spacious? You don’t want to remove your favorite things and still want your space to look bigger? If your answer is yes, then a mirror can solve all your problems. Yes, a Mirror, apart from its basic purpose, can help you in making any space better, brighter and bigger. A mirror can transform different portions of your house and can make your tiny space look better altogether. Let’s look at some of the ways to make it happen:

Go for Bigger and Floor length mirrors:  An oversized or tall mirror is the simplest way to make your room look bigger. Large mirrors not only add to the décor but make the space look seamless and large. Similarly, a tall or floor length mirror can make your space look taller. Their longer length gives a feeling of depth to the room. These mirrors need not be hanged necessarily but can be neatly placed in some corner or just rested on a wall.

Try creating a window effect:  If you have a room with no windows, placing a mirror to create a window feel works the best. You may get a mirror cut and framed so that it looks like an actual window, and place it accordingly. This gives a sense of openness to the room and prevents any feeling of anxiety/discomfort in closed spaces.

Mirrored Closet doors: In a small compact bedroom, adding mirrored closets can enhance the looks and feeling of space. Also, they prove handy when you just want to check out your looks.

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Consider redoing your hallway: A hallway is generally the most narrow and neglected part of the house during renovation. You may look for a Tall hallway mirror or a cluster of a small shabby chic mirror for sale. This can illuminate and effectively transform, otherwise dull part of your house.


Transform your Kitchen: If you having a dull time in the kitchen due to narrow space consider getting a mirror for your kitchen. It will create an illusion of space that will turn your dull time into a delightful experience. A large wooden mirror UK will be a great choice for kitchens. It will also help you to track the activities in the dining area behind you, while you are busy cooking. Also, you can try getting glue mirrored tiles at the front of your cabinets to get the reflection of your surroundings.

Mirrors in layers: Instead of placing or hanging one large mirror, you can also opt for multiple small-sized mirrors covering the entire wall. This will not only enhance the grace but gives the feeling of increased space and depth in the room. You can go for mirrors from Antique, Rustic or traditional style to place in layers.

Add sparkle to your dining area: A mirror in your dining area with a chandelier hanging in front of it will work perfectly together. The mirror reflects the light and makes the room appear spacious and more formal. A round wooden mirror UK can be a great choice for your dining area.

Try Minimalist mirrors: These mirrors have gained popularity in recent times only. It helps to create a simple yet sophisticated and modern look to your space. Also, they aim to bring out the clean and uncluttered look of any room and hence give a sense of larger space. A variety of minimalist mirror are available to cater to your requirements.

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Two mirrored walls in a room: To radically enhance the space feel of any room, try getting adjoining walls mirrored. This will be an exciting way to add reflections and glamorous look to your room.

These are just a few of the ways to use mirrors to increase the feeling of space in any area. With your creativity and experimentation, mirrors can be installed in different ways at different places to boost the look and feel of any area. You just need to study your space, your requirements and the various options of mirrors available, to pick the best one for you.

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