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their homes for long-term globetrotting. Especially with remote work becoming the new normal, it’s more likely you’ll find people eager to leave their office jobs and go exploring. Here is everything you need to think about before you embark on long-term travels.

Home Safety

Just how long is a long-term traveling trip? There isn’t a clear-cut definition for it but typically any trip longer than 2 months is considered one. More often than not, long-term trips last for around a year on average. What should you do with your permanent or temporary residence in the meantime? If you were renting the place, the simplest solution is to wait for your lease to end and then not renew it. If you own a house, then consider installing some form of security such as CCTV to ensure you don’t face any inconvenient surprises upon returning home.

Income and Budgeting

Before heading out to travel to every corner of the world, it’s crucial to think about your source of income for this time. Will you be working remotely in a permanent (full-time or part-time) position or picking up freelance projects along the way? Does your employer know that you may be working from a variety of different time zones and are they okay with it? Will you be only traveling with a fixed budget from your savings? All of these questions should be addressed by you and your partner, family member, friends, or anyone else joining you on the travels. While now there are cost-effective ways to travel from country to country, it still doesn’t mean you’re cutting down on all the costs of living that you had at home. 

Where and How

Make a list of every city or country you plan to visit during your travels as specific as possible, especially if you are planning to travel on a budget. Unplanned destinations will lead to uncalled-for expenses quite quickly if you don’t have an idea of the local prices and expenditures of the places you are headed. 

Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time to think about how you’re going to get there. There are 3 common ways people travel and here’s a detailed breakdown of each:

By car — This is by far the most preferred mode of transportation for cross-country travel or within the same continent. If you pair this with an RV or any vehicle that will be comfortable enough for you to temporarily live in, you’ll save a lot of money on hotel and motel fees. You will need to account for gasoline needs in the case of car travel since you’ll need a lot of it. You can also opt for mobile auto repair in Canada before leaving to ensure your car is ready for the roads ahead. 

By plane — If you plan on hopping from one country to another from all corners of the world, you certainly can’t manage that by car only. You’ll need to include a few plane rides or even base your entire journey on aviary travel if you have the means to do so. Traveling by plane gives you more opportunities about the locations you can travel to, especially if you’re going international. It certainly is a comfortable, yet pricey, mode of transportation. 

By public transportation — Trains, buses, metros, joint cab rides, and any other modes of transportation are another way to get around on your travels. However, you rely heavily on time-sensitive schedules and it requires a lot of effort to get around unless you have it all planned out in advance. In general, many opt for public transportation when traveling in the city or to nearby cities, but for longer distances plane or personal car is preferred. 

Living and Accommodation

You arrived at one of your destinations, where are you going to get a well-earned night of rest? Just like any other vacation, your options are endless — anything from camping under the stars, staying at a hotel or motel, and sleeping in your van is an option. You just need to know which one you are settling within which locations. If your long-term vacation is a road trip in a comfy van or RV, then you’re most likely thinking of spending the nights in it as well. But you could also have a flexible budget and decide to opt for a hotel room at one or more locations. 

We hope this gives a little more insight into everything you need to know if you’re considering long-term traveling!

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