Fastest YouTube Telugu Songs Videos to Reach 100 Million Views

Fastest YouTube Telugu Songs Videos to Reach 100 Million Views
March 4, 2021 No Comments Entertainment, Hobbies & Leisure, Life, Music Priya Saha

I know that almost all the peoples have known about Telugu songs, and Telugu songs have great significance in almost all countries. Now Telugu songs get much fame by using the song in Telugu films. As a result, there are many songs are get the highest views from Youtube. This article will explore the fastest growing Telugu songs that you want to listen to together from naa songs.

So keep focus and follow below for songs details:

1. Ramuloo Ramulaa

The song is the best romantic, and party type song enlisted as the best Telugu song repeatedly. It is also the most viewed Telugu song, which has gained immense fame from viewers, and the song has been taken from Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo super hit movie. Anurag Kulkarni and Mangli sang this song, and Thaman S was the music director of the song also Kasarla Shyam wrote the lyrics of the song. Even the song has gained 341 million views on Youtube.

2. Vachinde

It is also the fastest viewed Telugu song, which is taken from the Fidaa. The song has already garnered 288 million views on Youtube, and it’s got 100 million views in 20 days. Shakthikanth Karthick was the music director of the song which lyric writer was Suddala Ashok Teja. Madhu Priya and Ramky sang this romantic fastest viewed growing song on Youtube.

3. Pilla Ra

Anurag Kulkarni sang this most viewed song, which has gained much popularity from many websites. The song has gained 189 million views, and it gains 100 million views within 26 days. Chaitanya Prasad wrote the lyrics of the song, which was on trending on Youtube in 4 days. Chaitan Bharadwaj was the music director of the song, which has gained many people’s attention.

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4. Choosi Chudangane

If you are looking for a beautifully lyrical song, it is the best song for listening to you. This romantic and beautiful lyrical song is from the movie name Chalo. It is also the fastest increasing Telugu song, which was sung by Anurag Kulkarni, and Sagar, and the song has gained 164 million views.

Mahati Swara Sagar was the music director of the song which lyrics writer was Bhaskarabhatla. Undoubtedly it is an interesting lyrical song that has won many awards for its best tune. So listen to this fastest growing Telugu song and justify your mood.

5. Jigelu Rani

Informing to all that it is the song that elevates our mood instantly. Also, it is the fast viewed song in Telugu which lyric writer was Chandrabose. It’s the only party song that gains 144 million views. Rela Kumar and Ganta Venkata Lakshmi sang this item hit Telugu song, which has earned 100 million views in 35 days. Ram Charan was also the song’s vocalist from the Rangasthalam movie, and Devi Sri Prasad was the music director of the song.

In Conclusion:

In the article, the songs that we mentioned the fastest viewed songs on Youtube, and all these mentioned songs are the highest viewed songs on Youtube. So if you want to listen to the Telugu movie’s highest viewed songs, then follow this essay and download.

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