Basics of Writing an Effective Essay

Basics of Writing an Effective Essay
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Have no idea how to write effective essays? Are you not sure what its structure should be? Let’s look for answers together.

What is an essay?

An essay is a short essay on a specific issue, which is presented in the author’s manner and written in a freestyle. Sometimes, the student receives one or more catchphrases of famous people with which he or she works: explains, gives real evidence. This form of writing is most widespread in social science, politics, and sociology within the framework of which they reason, express an opinion, and argue their position.

In the text, students formulate reflections based on the knowledge of the course they have taken. The student’s position, the arguments presented are supported by facts from history or social life. But if you do not know how to correctly present your position on the issue, then it is better to ask for help. Services like EssayShark can help with this by providing an essay sample on your topic. Such a sample will help you figure out which arguments to use. If you want to know more about this service, read this EssayShark review.

How to write effective essays correctly?

You need to adhere to certain rules:

  • observe semantic unity
  • use proven facts and understandable terms
  • write according to a given topic
  • make sure that the answer is meaningful and the material presented is accurate
  • provide clear, correct, and evidence-based main provisions
  • reason judgments and conclusions
  • ensure the truthfulness and literacy of argumentation
  • freely quote and provide examples that would support what was written
  • give relevant analogies.
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The teacher pays attention to all this when checking. Before starting writing your essay, carefully study the select topic and determine the area to which it relates. From this area, you must take a few terms and write them correctly.

Criteria for evaluation

There are three main criteria that the teacher uses to evaluate:

  1. How fully the meaning is revealed. This should follow from the text. Write sticking to the topic and consistently. Superficial reformulation is not allowed.
  2. How well the structure is thought out. It should follow the logic of the narrative, use clear terminology. In the end, conclusions are required.
  3. Number and quality of arguments. Remember that they must be relevant to the topic and validate the author’s position.

The first criterion is the most important. If the reviewer assesses it positively, then the paper is credited.

How to make an essay-writing plan?

Many people focus on what should be included in the text and forget about what not to write. Don’t include:

  • relevance. If you get a prompt from your teacher, then it is a priori relevant, do not pay attention to it again.
  • biography. A teacher knows who owns the catchphrase. Do not indicate biographical information: years of life, publishing information of works, etc.
  • specific indication of the problem. Describe the content of the quote or prompt since it is the problem.

Don’t count the number of words and symbols if there is no specific minimum and maximum in the requirements. Finish the paper when the topic is fully disclosed. Keep in mind that spelling mistakes are not as important as content. Do not think about how to spell this or that word and where to put the comma.

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The plan is simple and minimal:

  • introduction. It contains a general statement of the problem.
  • disclosure of meaning. Two or three sentences are enough.
  • theoretical part. Include three or four sentences confirming or refuting the author’s point of view using special terminology.
  • actual part. Write four-six sentences, where examples are given and confirm the theses of the theoretical component.
  • conclusion. Write one or two sentences summarizing.

Structure of the effective essay

The whole structure is built on four main criteria:

  • content. It is important to reveal the meaning in two-three sentences to explain what the author had in mind.
  • theory. Write out important concepts, give them definitions, name their signs (explain). Develop each of the definitions.
  • reasoning. The “If yes, if not” technique works. Imagine what will or will not happen: “if the quote works, then …”, “if the quote does not work, then …”. Be sure to add conclusions.
  • examples. You can and should take any sources: books, TV shows, movies, newspapers, the Internet, etc. The minimum number is two. But there is no maximum limit. But this does not mean that they should cover half of the paper. The ideal number is three (if one of them turns out to be unsuitable, you will still receive the required number of points for that part).

Thinking about writing assignments such as an essay, a research paper, and others, students imagine sleepless nights and struggling. But this stereotype is not quite true, because you can get a good result not only with writing but with other challenges of your study if you read useful guides. For example, you can find out how to succeed in high school and forget about your challenges forever.

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