How much does it cost to outsource website development?

How much does it cost to outsource website development?
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In this day and age, when having a strong online presence is no longer a luxury but a must, companies all over the globe are scrambling to create websites that really communicate with their target audiences. Whether or not to have a website is no longer the question; rather, the challenge is in creating one that is both effective and affordable.

Outsourcing enters as a modern solution that might give reasonably priced specialist assistance. But how much does it typically cost to have a professional web development company create your site?

If this is a thought that has crossed your mind, you may put it to rest. If you own a small business and are considering expanding internationally, or if you run a startup attempting to make a reputation for yourself, this article can help you calculate the actual costs of outsourcing website development. We’ll dive into the factors that impact price, so you can learn the truths, the misconceptions, and the must-knows that might make or break your digital journey. 

When Do You Need To Outsource Website Design?

  1. Not enough web development experts

You will certainly need their assistance if you want to create a website of professional quality. It’s also not enough to have just one employee that knows their way around site design and development. If your company does not have enough skilled developers in-house, it may choose to hire an outside firm.

  • Seeking a fresh point of view

You may find it beneficial to work with an agency even if you already have sufficient resources at your disposal, such as money and personnel. They may provide a fresh viewpoint on the current state of affairs or an innovative approach to website development. Using this strategy, you can easily keep your edge.

  • Not Enough Time

Building a website is a lengthy process. The problem may be easily fixed by contracting with a web design company. They’ve got the manpower and the machinery to get your site up and running in record time.

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Cost of Web Design and Development Outsourcing

The eventual cost of contracting a third party to build a website from scratch is very variable and dependent on a number of elements. It’s only human to question how much money you’ll need when thinking about hiring a third party to develop your website. 

  • Location 

The location of the outsourced company’s assets is the most important consideration. It will have a major impact on prices.

In most companies in North America, an hourly rate of between $150 and $200 is the norm. Businesses generally pay an hourly wage of €70 to €190 in Europe. In Eastern Europe, hourly wages might be anything from $20 to $60. Hourly rates in Southeast Asia are very cheap, averaging just $10 to $40.

You should know that this disparity has nothing to do with the quality or reputation of the company. Because the expense of living changes from place to place, so do prices.

  • Developmental Phase

The development time and ultimate cost are highly correlated. Based on your requirements and the projected timeline, they will provide you with an approximate completion date for the project.

Agencies often pay hourly fees. You may avoid making time an issue by agreeing to get paid only when jobs are finished.

  • Complexity of the Task at Hand

The complexity of a project directly correlates to its final cost. If you commission an ambitious project like this, the agency you choose will have to devote more resources to building your website. These additional programmers often consist of highly-qualified industry specialists. As a consequence, they’re bringing in a lot higher revenue.

Remember that the time required for such initiatives to come to fruition might be substantial. Designers at that time will be swamped with work and will need to multitask well.

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In addition, such sites often need cutting-edge technology to display elaborate and appealing features. Because of this, complexity has a major effect on overall expenditures.

  • Category of Business

Real estate-related websites tend to be the most expensive. This item typically costs between $45,000 and $66,150. There are other pages devoted to fashion and medicine. 

Preparing such sites for public release requires a funding range of $35,000. After then, the typical cost of an online schooling system rises to $62,000 per year. However, the average online storefront only costs around $15,000.

Outsourcing Web Development: 4 Easy Steps

Starting your own outsourcing venture from the beginning might be a scary prospect. How to outsource web development? If you want to set yourself up for success and avoid being disappointed, here are the four measures recommended by the web development services firm:

  1. Figure out what you want

Before reaching out to a web outsourcing company, it is important to define your requirements and the overall scope of the project. Having upfront clear criteria is half the fight in the tech industry, therefore attempt to put your demands and preferences into as many words as possible.

  • Be ready for outsourcing

Opportunities and advantages, such as cost reduction and faster development speed, abound when it comes to outsourcing web development. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead for whatever wounds your outsourced services will help bandage.

Lack of qualified people? No, programming staff? Scarce resources? Or maybe you just don’t have the manpower in-house to produce a product quickly. If you want to turn in a good project, you need to know where you can improve.

  • Look for a partner 

The next stage is to locate a web dev outsourcing partner when you have clearly outlined your commercial and technical requirements. Based on physical location, outsourcing might be onshore, offshore, or nearshore. 

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When compared to offshore and nearshore outsourcing, onshore outsourcing makes communication and collaboration a breeze while saving money. Communicate with many web development firms before deciding on one to work with. Examining a vendor’s previous work, area of technical expertise, and scope of services is essential. 

  • Build strong lines of contact with the group you’re outsourcing to

After you get your team together, it is essential that you maintain constant communication with your professionals. In particular, you need to identify the person who will serve as the Project Manager (this might be you, an internal employee, or a third-party vendor). Team members’ roles and duties must be defined, a suitable methodology must be selected, and someone must be made responsible for establishing timelines and priorities.

Is It Reasonable to Hire a Web Design Company?

  • Having less stress

If you’re working with a reputable firm, your main job will be to monitor their performance and assess the results. This time savings will let you concentrate on more pressing business concerns.

  • You’ll end up saving money

You may discover that outsourcing has far-reaching benefits for your business. If you promote from the inside, you’ll be responsible for paying your employees’ wages forever. 

However, the same fundamental tools are required for dealing with freelancers as they would be for working with an agency. In addition, you’ll have to gather your own sizable team if you want to develop a website from scratch.


Clearly, the decision to outsource web development and its associated costs is a personal one. If you start saving early and choose an affordable theme, you may just need a few hundred dollars. The price, however, is commensurate with the product’s quality. Carefully consider the present state of your business while making a decision. 

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