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You have already decided to launch a strategy to climb the top of the results on Google, with a view to impressing the presence of your business online, but you do not yet know which SEO agency you will rely on. There are many companies you have already contacted, but you still have very confused ideas because each promises something different, at completely different costs. The choice is particularly difficult and, at the same time, important: starting an SEO strategy is an investment for the future of your business. So: which SEO agency to choose among the thousands? Let’s find out in this article!


Sometimes companies find themselves faced with a crossroads from which they cannot get out: this involves a waste of time, and, in the meantime, the competitors who have already moved in an SEO perspective will tear you up on search engines. In this guide, you will be able to understand which way to go and clarify your ideas to hire dedicated resources to meet your needs and make your dreams come true.

The knowledge phase

The “knowledge” phase, that is, the first appointments, the first consultations, is fundamental in order to fully understand each other and, subsequently, understand if there will be a future. When you are faced with a crossroads, try to understand which of the SEO agencies you have consulted has shown you greater openness and has understood who you are, what you do, and, above all, why you need its contribution.

An SEO agency that cares about your business will be able to say“ no ” if they know they can’t help you or are not the best solution for you. Furthermore, he will also be able to advise you to contact other professionals of a web agency (for example, the web developer or the SEM specialist) if they are more suitable for your business.

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The analysis phase

In addition to the consultations and preliminary meetings to get to know each other and to allow the SEO agency to understand what are the goals you want to achieve, at some point, it is necessary to go further. That is, getting to the heart of the matter. The SEO agency must have a comprehensive overview of what your internet business is to give you the ability to build a solid web presence. It is at this point that it will probably ask you for your Google Analytics login details.

Therefore, we can say that it is necessary to hire dedicated SEO agencies that present you clearly:

  • Gaps and inaccuracies in your site, which do not lead to an improvement in the ranking ;
  • The relative solutions and the strategy to be pursued.

The verification phase

During the verification phase, therefore, you will eliminate from your very long list all those SEO agencies that have not presented their case studies to you (do they have something to hide or do not have them at all?) And that does not have a section dedicated to them inside. of the site. By reading the case studies of the SEO agencies that sent them to you, you will be able to understand which ones are true and, above all, effective and suitable for your business.

The “context” phase

You have now come to take the “big step.” In short, when you decide which path to take and which SEO agency represents the best solution for your needs, pay attention to the fact that you do not have to pay other agencies in the future to carry out specific activities. Make the SEO agency a 360 ° structure, able to satisfy all your needs without too much difficulty.

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The dialogue phase

At this stage, therefore, evaluate whether the partner you will lean towards can detect the right one, the one who, even when things do not go in the best way, will be able to answer your calls and be honest with you. It is the fundamental basis of any relationship, both personal and sentimental, as well as work.

When it comes to signing the contract, check if, indeed, points are specified within it, such as:

  • A constant dialogue between company and service provider.
  • Periodic consultations or meetings.
  • Monthly or bi-monthly reports.


In this guide, we have seen the requirements that an SEO agency should possess and how to choose it among the thousands present. Here are the questions that you should ask yourself when making your final decision:

  • Did the SEO agency fully understand your needs?
  • Has the SEO agency thoroughly analyzed your site?
  • Has the SEO agency presented its success stories to you?
  • Does the SEO agency have important figures in the field of online marketing in it?
  • Did the SEO agency promise you constant dialogue, periodic meetings, and monthly or bi-monthly reports?

By taking into account the answers to these questions, you can make the best decision for the future of your business. 

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