Difference between wallpaper versus paint

Difference between wallpaper versus paint
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The discussion on wallpaper versus paint has gone extreme in the previous decade. While some can’t quit discussing the numerous benefits of the new-age wallpapers as the best choice to enhance and secure walls, others intensely contradict any inquiries presented on the decency of the traditional paint. While it is altogether an individual decision which contention you side with, it is critical to be the target when you are picking a possibility for your home. Your requirements must assume the conclusive job, whether you pick wallpaper or divider paint to embellish your four walls.

Wallpaper vs Painting

Presently, let us see what meets your requirements the best.

Cost Prospective

Everything, huge or little, boils down to your spending limit. This makes it important to do a cost analysis previously, your inclination for wallpaper to paint, or the other path round in any case.

Between the two, wallpapers are costlier.

In India, you could discover wallpapers in standard 56- 60 square foot (sqft) and 74- 80 sqft rolls. The cost of one roll could be a range anyplace between Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000, contingent upon the assortment you pick. The installation charge could shift between Rs 200 to Rs 500 for every job, contingent upon the contractor you are employing to carry out the responsibility.

On the off chance that you choose to go for a paint job by Master Painters, the cost would decrease fundamentally.

Contingent upon the paint brand and the contractor one picks, it would cost the owners between Rs 10 and Rs 20 to get a square foot of room painted. This incorporates the clay and preliminary job, as well. Regardless of whether you pick simply the best, all things considered, it ought not to cost you over Rs 35,000 to get a 1,000-sqft home painted.

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Time Prospective

Let us accept you won’t carry out the responsibility yourself, and a gifted laborer would be employed to do it for you. Let us additionally accept you are beginning an uncovered divider.

It would not take more than a few days to get a room painted. Introducing wallpapers then again is a job that must be done exceptionally cautiously for the item to give you the best outcomes. It might take in any event seven days to take care of business in a comparable room.

Do note here that if the divider isn’t uncovered and needs renovation or scratching of the old wallpaper, the procedure would expand any longer.

Strength Prospective

On the off chance that you are somebody who gets exhausted effectively, wallpapers probably won’t be perfect for you since they would keep going you up to 10 years and a half on the off chance that they are of fine quality and the installation has been magnificent. Regardless of whether you have picked the best of the paint, you should get your home painted in five years ─ that on the off chance that you hold up till walls start to look dull. Since wallpapers are progressively solid, they are more cost viable over the long haul as the arrival of speculation is higher than painting.

Variety Prospective

There is the same number of assortments of paint accessible in the market today, as you could consider in your psyche. They likewise come in various base sorts — water and oil-base paints. They come in multiple completions, as well, including matte completion, semi-gloss and gloss finish, eggshell finish, and glossy silk finish. The sky is, in reality, the cutoff on the off chance that you go for painting.


The equivalent is valid if you pick wallpapers. Among the most popular sorts of wallpapers are vinyl, vinyl-covered texture, strong sheet vinyl, non-woven, pre-stuck, grasscloth, and so on.

The universe of 3D printing has additionally altered this space. You can get any picture you wanted painted on the wallpaper and have it introduced in your home.


Wallpapers are glued on your walls utilizing glue. Any introduction to moisture and stickiness implies the paper strips off. Likewise, introduction to warmth could harm the wallpaper. This is the reason wallpapers are an exacting no-no in areas, for example, a bathroom, kitchen, and outside walls. These could just be utilized in specific areas, for example, rooms, sitting areas, and feasting areas. Paint, as well, would not remain its standard course in areas where there is a consistent introduction to moisture and warmth. It is consequently that tiles are become a well-known choice to fix bathroom and kitchen walls instead of paint.

Maintenance Prospective

Paint tends to chip, and wallpaper tends to strip off. If you put resources into fine quality stuff, they would bear the mileage bearably well. Contingent upon the quality, you may likewise have the option to clean them off if you youthful one chose to utilize the divider for doodling purposes or your pet liked hopping it here and there. Notwithstanding, to apply that nature of the material, you should contribute intensely, as well. Right now, carefully get what you pay for in an ideal situation.

Different perspectives

Since we have a general thought and may have decided to pick one, let us take a gander at what else you should consider before settling on an ultimate choice. It may not be fitting to carry out the responsibility yourself if you are searching for perfection.

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If piece of the wallpaper is harmed, you may think that its hard to get a substitution as plan and examples continue evolving. Thus, you should get the whole wallpaper changed. On the off chance that you begin thinking again about the plan you pick, you should apply a decent arrangement of muscle to do the scrapping.

It is a piece of cake to pick the shading plans. Paint organizations offer a million instant alternatives to pick from. In case you don’t see the shading doing something amazing, you could get it repainted soon without much hassle. In case you choose to do-it-without anyone else’s help, you would secure the painting position simple.

Do you truly need to pick one?

Of course not! Most home buyers nowadays are utilizing wallpapers one divider to make it the feature point while painting the rest of the walls. At that point, there are texture wallpapers that you could paint. In the realm of divider covering, you may go to the extent that your imagination takes you.

After that Wallpaper specification & need have different and Paints as well! Both are the strongest need according to budget, features, session, Usability, costing, and of-coerce like hood also important matter as well, That’s why ColourDrive Painting Services have here, we love to help you to provide Painting Services, Wallpaper consultations, Texture Painting, Painting Cost Estimation, Color Consultancy, Wood Polish, Professional House Painting Services and more.

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